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Beam® Central Vacuum Systems
Whole-house cleaning convenience...
and proven allergy relief!

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners that may recirculate dust, a Beam Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dust, dirt, mites, pollen and other allergens to a central canister located away from living areas — helping to improve air quality by as much as 52%!*

Powerful deep cleaning

A Beam Central Vacuum System is up to five times more powerful than a regular vacuum cleaner, deep cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, tile, upholstery and draperies.

Easy whole-house cleaning.
Why lug a vac, when you can plug in a Beam? With conveniently located vacuum inlets, you simply plug in the central vacuum hose, and the versatile cleaning attachments let you clean floors, ceilings, stairs — even your car and garage — everywhere you want to clean, with ease!

Clinically proven allergy relief

A new University of California at Davis clinical study proves that a Beam Central Vacuum System reduces allergy symptoms by as much as 61%. Learn more about the research study.

Quiet cleaninG

Beam Power UnitWith the central vacuum power unit located away from living areas, your vacuuming will be a lot quieter. You will be able to vacuum while kids are sleeping or even listening to music. The noise level is further reduced with the patented sound reduction package featured on Beam Serenity® power units.

The central vacuum power unit with attached dirt collection canister is mounted in garage, basement or utility room - away from living areas - and can be vented to the outside.

House Location Map

  • Tubing installed through interior walls, attic, basement and crawlspaces connects vacuum inlets to the central vacuum power unit, which is also the dirt collector.

  • Each strategically located inlet lets you vacuum approximately 40-60 square meters.

  • A Beam system can be installed in virtually any home: a single family home, row home, town home, condominium or apartmen.
Manufactured by Beam Industries, a division of AB Electrolux, the world's largest supplier of floor care appliances.

Beam Features & Benefits

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Power Unit Specifications
Model 33S 167 2087
& 187
& 199
& 397
Water Lift (mm @ S/Vac) 2502 2465 2946 3482 3700 3482
Airflow (litres/Sec) 50.9 56.5 44.0 44.7 49.7 89.4
Watts (max. input) 1200 1500 1350 1700 1750 3200
Motor Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amps (approx.) 4.4 5.7 5.2 7.0 7.4 13.9
P.C. Board No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vacuum Turbine Dual Fan Dual Fan Treble Fan Treble Fan Treble Fan Treble Fan
Service Distance 5M 25M 30M 50M 90M 120M
Debris Capacity 8.5L 12L 15L 15L 25L 31L
Height (mm) 254 635 890 1067 1067 1143
Diameter (mm) 370 305 305 305 356 356
Utility Inlet No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filtration Paper Paper Double Double Double Double
Bag & Rayon Bag & Cloth Cloth Moving Cloth Moving Cloth Moving Cloth Moving
Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter

5 Year Warranty


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