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Week 42




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  1. Francis says:

    Channel 10 seem to do well on a Tuesday night…keep it up!

  2. Rutzie says:

    SBS has to move East West 101. It is such a great show and deserves alot more than 193 000 viewers. What were they thinking putting it up against PTTR and NCIS. It should be moved to Monday 8.30pm or pushed back to 9.30pm Tuesday.

  3. Anthony says:

    New simpsons did pretty bad, under a mil

    and spiderman 3 did really bad

  4. Harry says:

    I think the cliffhanger made spectacular viewing and yes, the show has evolved into a more dramatic format – the whole Ziva things coming back in next weeks ep and I think its all resolved! Top show.

  5. angelsgal says:

    Harry so far yes, ive watched it since season 1, and this show has evolved well. Thou only 3 eps in, i think this season has kicked off very well, especially with no ongoin cliffhanger from the previous season still in the backstory (well it is with Ziva) but its not as big as say wen Gibbs lost his memory and quit, or when Cate was shot dead, or Director Shepard getting killed and the new director spilting the teams, and i think thats been postitive for the show, 98% of the cliffhanger was sloved in ep 1 and they moved on. I think this has also aloud new viewers to enter the show, hence the 3 – 4mil boost its having in the US at the moment season to season

  6. Harry says:

    I dont watch TV to be educated, I watch it for entertainment. Which show were you referring to when you said ‘gets less viewers than NCIS?” Dont get me wrong, I heave learnt some new stuff when watching NCIS.. Try it! Its awesome!

  7. Alvin says:

    David, what are the figures for the cricket tournament on one hd. I’m so glad they’re screening it, if only they showed the champions trophy too.

  8. Jerome says:

    abdiaz, not everyone judges shows on how awsomely educational they are.

  9. abdiaz says:

    funny thing is people love NCIS yet a better show then which is way more educational then NCIS gets less viewers will you people try it for once at least, i mean it’s awesome

  10. Goonies says:

    @ MR – I was disgusted at all the Rove love last night – totally unprofessional and completely uninteresting.

  11. MR says:

    Why Did 7PM promote new BL host for tuedays ep and only have Haley Lewis on for best 30 seconds poor form and have the boss wife on for longer. Who Cares?

  12. Harry says:

    Do you reckon this season of NCIS has been the best one yet? I like them all – could never choose – lets hope TEN plays as many eps as they can until the end of the ratings year when they will stop and return when ratings resumes..

  13. Harry says:

    Ten had a pretty good run last night. How does a repeat ep of The Simpsons beat a new ep? That cant be right… Glad to see NCIS back in #2 position, best thing on TV at the moment bar Rush. Lie To Me was a good pick up for TEN, really good number.

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