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  • Giants, Jets play at same time 11/1

    The Giants and Jets hadn't played at the same time - other than against each other - for 25 years before it happened Sept. 27 to accommodate fans observing Yom Kippur.

    Now it's going to happen for the second time in five weeks.

    The NFL announced Tuesday that it has flipped the Nov. 1 Giants-Eagles and Vikings-Packers games, with the former moving to 1 and the latter to 4:15. The Jets host the Dolphins at 1 that day.

    (Clarification: Both the Giants and Packers games will be shown in New York.)

    With the Phillies set to host Game 4 of the World Series that night if they win the NLCS, the league said it wanted to move the Eagles game earlier to ease the logistical burden on the area with both stadiums in close proximity.

    But the move also will allow the highly anticipated Vikings-Packers game to be seen by a wider national audience in the late afternoon slot, and thus is a huge break for Fox.

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  • JakeMiller
    BooHoo, you're not paying attention to NY.
    • 10/14/09
  • Jeremy3162
    Jeff, I think because the NFL is already breaking its own rules everything else goes out the window.
    • 10/13/09
    There are several problems here...the NFL has to violate its own television rules on several counts here. The double header that week is on Fox. Since the Jets are home on CBS, NYC market is not entitled to the double header it was scheduled Jets at 1300 on CBS and Giants at 1615 on if the Giant road game is moved to 1300, well how is the NFL going to get around the rule that no game is supposed to conflict with a home game (well they already violated that rule in September I suppose) and technically then NYC is not supposed to get the Fox double header game so there should be no game at 1615 (in September CBS was carrying the double header so this was not a problem, NYC got the 1615 game on CBS).....will NYC then get the Packers-Vikings game in violation of NFL rules?
    • 10/13/09