Single Cover: Amerie – ‘Pretty Brown’

Pretty Brown

Amerie is feeling blue on the cover of her third single “Pretty Brown” from her fourth album In Love & War, releasing November 3. The M-Phazes/Amerie production features R&B man of the moment Trey Songz. Listen below.

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  1. AJ

    lovvveeee this song! they sound good 2gether! thats all i got 2 say lol!


  2. AJ

    i lied lol. love when they both do the yupp and the notes at the end of the song.


  3. vizionwarp

    NOOOOOOOO OMG I Want her to continue and push “Heard Em All” thats song and video is HOTTTTT!


  4. John

    Ew not that closeted flop Trey songz..


  5. mal

    hhhmm nice


  6. 100% Nikehead

    yessssss thank you. This song is a HIT!!!! so glad there releasing this as a single its gonna do very well on radio and the charts!


  7. An0thrDream

    Trey songz is amazing – I love ameries video – heard em all. this song is nice


  8. Robert Loves Ciara

    John…. Trey Songz is far frm a fop, do u know how much his album sold?? apparently not…. I swear these hatas today


    John Reply:

    @Robert Loves Ciara, I’ve never heard of him until like a month ago…..He has NO crossover hits..only just on Urban. That’s a flop.


    LaMont Reply:

    @John, Just because he’s urban does not make him a flop! There’s a lot of pop artist albums that don’t do well.


  9. WOW!

    i can so hear this all over radio!
    do your thing AMERIE and TREY!


  10. Kyle

    Am I the only one sensing another album pushback for Amerie? With less than a month to go and no buzz surrounding her new album, I doubt Def Jam is going to be O.K. with releasing it. For her sake and my sake, I hope she does cause I’ve been an Amerie supporter since day 1.


    bass_man Reply:

    @Kyle, I know… I hope it doesn’t get pushed back though.


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @bass_man, naw its not gonna get pushed back November 3rd is the final release date


    Burmy Reply:

    @100% Nikehead


    If Def Jam could put out Unladylike and Willy Northpole’s albums with no real buzz, I’m sure they’ll have no problem putting out Amerie’s.

    November 3 was her “IDEAL” release date, remember?


  11. bass_man

    I hate that “Heard Em All” didn’t blow up. That song is epic


  12. Alicias a homewrecker

    i haven’t heard this song on the radio


  13. Yan

    it’s time to do some promotion!


  14. hautmess

    whats with all these 2007 style graphics?

    does Amerie have any control? she can do better then this… why r u is still the best , i cant wait to hear the rest of the album


  15. Catie

    Seriously, she needs to promote the singles that she has out rather than prepping for the next one. She needs to go on talk shows, radio shows and interact more with her fans. You can’t expect to have a hit single if your not doing any promo.


  16. tell'em

    They’re doing 2 singles at once. Heard Em’ All is the main single and Pretty Brown will mainly be for urban outlets. They say promotion for the album should be kicking in soon…lets see..


    WOW! Reply:

    @tell’em, the album is coming out in 2 1/2 weeks! i think it is time for promo NOWWWWW! this is why amerie never gets the success she deserves, PROMO SUCKS ASS! she’s doing the twitter and blogging thing. but not everyone tweets or read blogs. she needs to be on TV!!!!! if she performed on a live on a show, her single will become MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL! what is she waiting for? i love amerie but she needs to get out there more!


  17. LaMont

    I love Amerie,but Mint Conditions version (which is the original version) sounds waaaay better!


  18. Sharee

    I agree nothing beats the original!! but this is a nice re-imaging of it with a straight hiphop twist.

    This bangs hard on the speakers too!

    Rapup needs to get their info correct and come full circle with it.

    Amerie is pushing TWO singles “Heard Em All” for pop seeing as though it’s constantly gaining on pop now and “Pretty Brown” for urban seeing as though they are feeling it. If they actually PROMOTE I can see this looking really good for her!


  19. Me and Me

    The song is good but not single worthy. Heard Em’ All was a better song but I just feel nothing from her, it’s like she’s just releasing an album to release an album, there’s no emotion. Idk about her but I like her but she sounds like the cover art, a pretty face with hot dramatization with little soul behind it. She’ll fail, she’s worse than Ciara!


  20. Ankka

    I reallly hope Amerie’s album goes to NR. 1 in US & at least top 10 in the UK she is soooo amazing!!!! she has REAL talent !!!(i realy think that she should be in rihanna’s place, that girl is just talentless….)


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