Hargreaves Services acquired Maltby Colliery in South Yorkshire from UK Coal plc in February 2007.

The colliery has been producing high quality coal for almost 100 years, and is now one of the few remaining deep mines in the UK. Maltby Colliery is also one of the most modern deep pits; it produces more than 1.2 million tonnes of coal per year, with around 500 people employed there.

About 60% of Maltby’s total output is supplied under a long-term secure contract with Drax Power Station, Europe’s largest coal-fired power plant.

Much of the remaining Maltby production (some 30%) is supplied exclusively to our Monckton Coke Works near Barnsley.

Maltby coal – with low phosphorous, low moisture and ash levels and a very high calorific value – is ideal for producing coke to a consistently high quality, making it ideal for use by a wide range of industrial customers, both in the UK and in Europe.