Alexisonfire: Exclusive Video Premiere!

10-08-2009 by ShockHound

WATCH: Alexisonfire — "Born and Raised"

"Hello, is Sun Sun Chinese restaurant? Yeah, I'd like to order some Crab Rangoon, General Tso's Chicken, Cream of Sum Yun Gai soup, egg rolls — wait a minute, is that Alexisonfire I hear playing in the background?"
    It is, indeed. In the new video for "Born and Raised" — the second single from Alexisonfire's fourth studio album, Old Crows/Young Cardinals — the Canadian rockers get back to their roots in a big way, kicking out the jams at the same Chinese restaurant they used to play when they were first starting out. Directed by Marc Ricciardelli (whose credits include several other Alexisonfire clips, including "Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama" and "No Transitory"), the video was shot at Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant in the band's hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario, and pays tribute to one of the few local joints that would let them perform in front of a live audience back in the day.
    We're sure the folks at Sun Sun are stoked about the free publicity, but we're just as psyched to announce that you can catch the world premiere of the "Born and Raised" right here on ShockHound. Just click the Chinese dragon up above, and get yerself an MSG-free dose before anyone else does.

— Dan Epstein


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