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On the Road - Other Toll Systems

Let I-PASS Take you Farther!

The Illinois Tollway is working with other agencies so that you can enjoy the benefits of your I-PASS when you travel beyond Illinois. You can use your I-PASS to pay tolls on the Chicago Skyway, Indiana Tollroad and anywhere E-ZPass is accepted.*

If you’re an E-ZPass holder, you too can use the Chicago Skyway as well as the Illinois Tollway System.

*I-PASS is not accepted at airport parking lots and other non-roadway facilities that accept E-ZPass.

Chicago Skyway

Save time traveling to and from the city, use your I-PASS on the Chicago Skyway. The dedicated I-PASS only lanes are to the right and you must “wait for the gate” before proceeding. In addition, I-PASS is now accepted in all toll lanes and I-PASS discounts do not apply on the Skyway (Chicago Skyway Customer Service Number: 773.356.5555)

Indiana Toll Road

I-PASS is now accepted on the Indiana Toll Road! The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company has converted all lanes to “i-Zoom” which is Indiana’s version of electronic tolling. In addition to i-Zoom dedicated lanes, all plazas or lanes are now equipped to accept I-PASS, i-Zoom or E-ZPass. Please follow directional signs on the road and visit the Indiana Toll Road website for more information. 2-axle passenger vehicles with I-PASS will enjoy the same discount as i-Zoom users when rates on the Indiana Toll Road increased April 1, 2008.


E-ZPass is accepted in 14 states by more than 20 different facilities. Rates and discounts are set by individual facilities, please link to their websites through the E-ZPass facilities page for specific information. I-PASS is NOT ACCEPTED at airports and other non-roadway facilities that accept E-ZPass. Participating E-ZPass agencies are listed below with the customer service phone number.

DelDOT (1.888.397.2773)
Delaware River and Bay Authority (1.866.372.2382)
Delaware River Port Authority (856.772.6900)
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (800.363.0049)

Maine Turnpike Authority (1.207.871.7771)

Maryland Transportation Authority (1.888-321-6824)

Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (1.888.525.3278)
Massachusetts Port Authority/Tobin Bridge (1.617.241.2010)

New Hampshire
New Hampshire DOT (1.877.643.9721)

New Jersey
New Jersey Turnpike Authority (1.888.288.6865)
South Jersey Transportation Authority (1.888.288.6865)
Burlington County Bridge Commission (1.888.288.6865)
Garden State Parkway (1.888.288.6865)

New York
New York State Thruway Authority (1.800.333.8655)
New York State Bridge Authority (1.800.333.8655)
MTA Bridges & Tunnels (1.800.333.8655)
Peace Bridge (1.866.522.6080)
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (1.800.333.8655)

Ohio Turnpike Commission

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (1.877.736.6727)

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (1.401.423.0800)

Virginia DOT (VDOT) (1.877.762.7824)

West Virginia
West Virginia Turnpike (1.800.206.6222)

Keep in mind that toll rates on the E-ZPass system tend to be higher than those on the Illinois Tollway. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account and remember to check your balance frequently. If you use auto-replenish to add funds to your I-PASS balance, make sure your credit/debit card information, including the expiration date is accurate. Refer to the Customer Service Chart for ways to check your balance and replenish your account.

You do not need to register with E-ZPass, and E-ZPass users do not need to register with I-PASS in order to use the other system. As always, make sure transponder is properly mounted and your account information is current.

Truckers, Trailers & RV's: If you purchased I-PASS prior to 2004, you may need to swap your transponder for a blue transponder which is compatible with E-ZPass. You can exchange your transponder at no cost at any of the Illinois Tollway Customer Service Centers or by mail (2700 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL, 60515, Attention: IAG Exchange.)

Violations must be resolved with the agency that issued the notice. Please refer to the E-ZPass Facilities Page or call the customer service numbers listed above for more information on paying toll violations occurring outside of Illinois.

Contact your home agency, the agency that issued your transponder, for account services such as adjustments, credits, lost or stolen transponder, and balance inquiries.