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This page is dedicated to the comparison of Early Christianity and Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The LDS Church claims to be neither Protestant nor Catholic, but a restoration of the early Christian Church, as it existed under the direction of the Apostles. We believe this restoration was necessary because the original Church lapsed into apostasy - Christians rebelled against the Apostles and other authorities established by Christ, so God's authority was taken from the earth for a time.

The Prophet Joseph Smith is the one through whom God chose to restore His Church. However, the historical study of early Christianity was really in its infancy at the time Smith claimed to receive his revelations, so merely copying what was known about the early Church at that time to set up his own church would have been pointless. The purpose of the information presented here is to make the case that Joseph Smith restored many doctrines and practices now known to have been part of the early Church, and that at a time when not much was known about it. This, I believe, is valuable evidence for his calling as a prophet.

Disclaimer: This site is not officially connected with the LDS Church or any other organization in any way. The views presented here are those of the site owner, and anyone else he chooses to publish here.

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"Barry Bickmore makes a clear case for the proposition that, in the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we really do, as claimed, have a restoration of ancient Christian teachings lost from the churches of the so-called 'mainstream.' This is an admirable book, based upon extensive reading in both the early Christian sources and secondary scholarship. I wish for it wide circulation among Latter-day Saints and beyond. I also wish I had written it."

Daniel C. Peterson, Ph.D., Brigham Young University

"An excellent and much needed study of the apostasy, I highly recommend it for accuracy, clarity and easy reading."No. I would go further. This is truly the quintessential book on the Apostasy. I could not recommend a better book for gaining a complete understanding of that monumental event in Christian history, as well as the next monumental event--the restoration of all things."

Richard R. Hopkins

"I have been interested in the comparison of Mormonism and early Christianity for many years, and I've been waiting for a book like this for just as long. This is by far the best book out there on the subject; in fact, nothing else even comes close! Barry Bickmore has done a superb job, giving literally hundreds of quotes from early Christian sources, meticulously documenting each and every subject."

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"Studying early Christianity has clarified my understanding of the apostasy and deepened my appreciation for the latter-day restoration. Anyone wishing to undertake such a study will find Restoring the Ancient Church to be a tremendous resource. I look forward to owning this book and wearing out its pages, and I look forward to reading more from Barry Bickmore."

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