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JACK LORD (December 20, 1920 -- January 21, 1998)

McGarrett and Danno, back in the days
May you rest in peace, and god bless your soul. You're another legend like Kamehameha I and John F. Kennedy, and we will all miss you. No one else like Jack will have the same charisma, and there is no other. Never a goodbye, always Aloha.

Jack as Felix Leiter, with Sean Connery as 007

Scene from Morgan's Reef, Kingston, Jamaica, from the set of Dr. No, Copyright 1962, Danjaq S.A., and Eon Productions.

The episode list has been based on the various episodes that I have seen, and this will apply to the vehicles that are seen on the series. The majority of the vehicles were provided by the Ford Motor Company, which was the sole provider of the vehicles on the show. (To add a disclaimer, later in the 1975-80 season {at the end of Episode 181}, Ford wanted to keep up its appearance of its vehicles provided.) Since this episode list was evolving, the only Ford vehicles that I referenced are the ones used by the Five-O team, a few "picture" cars, and the Honolulu Police Department, with some exceptions.

The episode list will have references to certain vehicles used, like the Chevrolet vehicles, and I would include some non-Chevy vehicles used, which belong to the other GM divisions. I have referenced some imports, like VWs. Most of the vehicles that have been compiled were based on the background scenery, and from overall analysis from slow motion scenes taken from a VCR. Sorry, there are no Mustang 5.0s here, since this web page does not specialise in 1979-96 Ford Mustangs!

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This list will grow as long as The Family Channel/(WGN after March 1999) continues to air the digitally remastered episodes of Hawai'i Five-O. Since the car page was established, this might be an alternative source in which "golden oldies" are seen, immortalized on screen. If there are any other episodes that might have a vehicle not used by FoMoCo, but a GM vehicle, please feel free to e-mail me at

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*Image courtesy of Leonard Freeman Productions and CBS Television, 1968. (Featured in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin article, "The Title Sequence Of Hawaii Five-O", 10/21/96, hyperlink courtesy of Mike Quigley, author of the official Hawai'i Five-O homepage.)

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