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Welcome to my World of Warcraft page! It's under construction right now, but going well enough!

Herein you will find some house rules I use for my WoWRPG games. As an official designer, i must put a disclaimer, so here it is:

All work here is done on my own time and should not be considered official. However, as it is under my name, it is copywritten, and subject to the rules and regulations as per Sword and Sorcery Studios. Theft of these rules can cause persecution, so be forewarned. Again, this is not official work, and do not take my house rules as cannon. Not yet, anyhow.

Whew... There you go. Enjoy!!!

What's New
Updated: 7-13-07
As per request, I unveiled the name of the forumite who helped me make the Draenei. Cool.

Updated: 5-07-07
Been a while since I did something here. Sorry guys. Not much updated, though. Just added a new monster for all of you, to correct the problem of no Summon Monster I-worthy critters in the books. Enjoy.

Updated: 12-14-06
Edited the Paladin class quite a bit. Added some new spells, a new limitation to the class (The Holy Book of the Light. IE, those books you always see paladins carrying), and the old dnd Special Mount, which IMHO paladins should have kept.
Furthermore, I edited the druid shapeshift forms for a bit more clarity. I also added modifications to the Totemic Druid variants if you want to use both this and the other. Lastly, I added a new variant just in case you want both this shapeshifting variant and an animal companion.
Lastly, I've uploaded the final version of my Blood Knight variant. Woot!

Updated: 11-18-06
Edited Hunter variant to power it down a little, added a revisted half-ogre hunter variant, and uploaded two new variant classes: the blood elven blood magus and the shadow priest. Lastly, updated the mana points system.

Updated: 11-17-06
Added three new stuff. First up is a quick and easy variant to the magic system, trading spell slots out for mana points. It's pretty rough right now. Two other additions: the orcish blademaster PrC variant, and a quick-n-easy mass combat system inspired from the Savage Worlds game system.

Updated: 10-22-06
Added updated version of the druid variant, as well as new variants for the hunter and paladin classes. Also found out that druids do get a plant form in the game as well. Go precognition!

Updated: 6-8-06
Added a new and massive house rule, changing druids to be more in-line with the mmorpg. I kept the plant form, though, just cuz the idea of shapeshifting into a humongous plant-like mammal is cool.
Also edited the errata a little.

Updated: 5-20-06
Changed the blood elf 3rd level racial ability to Mana Tap, and changed how it works. I got inspired by WotC's Spellthief class, and I wanted to give a racial ability that's useful to even non-arcanist blood elves. Tell me what you think.
Oh and ignore my boss. He's silly, and his Guestbook entry proves it.

Updated: 5-14-06
Some pretty hefty updates, guys. First off, I updated the Blood Elf slot with a new cantrip (Mana Tap) and two racial feats (Arcane Torrent and Recharge). These three should make the race jive with the racial traits for the Burning Crusade.
Next up, I present to you the Draenei race. Remember, this isn't official. You wanted it, though, so you have it.
Lastly, I've updated the Errata. Of note: look through the Core RPG errata. I changed some population errors and added an optional rule about tauren as monstrous humanoids (not humanoids) and gave night elves bonuses to resist poisons and disease. I may have done some other stuff as well. But the biggest thing is adding the Lands of Mystery errata. Enjoy.

Updated: 12-14-05
Sorry for it being so long since my last update. Removed a few creatures, to save them for the new books coming out. Also, I fragged the old ogre race thing and changed the name to Half-Ogre. Ogres are still big and hairy. I may come around with a monster class soon.
Oh and I added the unnofficial WoWRPG Errata. Enjoy.

Updated: 9-30-2005
Added an interview a friend of mine did of me.

Updated: 8-1-2005
Total re-do, to upgrade myself into 2e. Just uploaded new races, got rid of two classes I didn't like, and will be expanding steamtech soon. Keep an eye out for new updates!
Also, just wish to announce that I am now an official game designer for the WoWRPG line! Yay!

New and Updated Races

Warning, most of these races are to be released in official projects. When said official product is coming around the corner, I'm removing them. There's no fluff; these are simply the racial traits. Look elsewhere for the fluff. hope you enjoy.

Class Variants

Other Stuff

  • Vile Familiars: A new, cheap and easy demon for 1st lvl warlocks to enjoy.
  • The Unofficial World of Warcraft RPG Errata (Updated: 5-14-06): be sure to email me if you see something I missed.
  • MP System: It says it all.
  • Mass Combat: Based off the Savage Worlds MCS.
  • An Interview of Me

    Coming Soon

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    Here's my email address: Email me your comments, plz! Alternately, i can be found at the World of Warcraft RPG forums.

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