George is now six months post-op and fully recovered from the surgery and has no discogenic pain.  He has suffered recently from a flare-up of spinal facet joint arthritis which is different from the surgical  issue.  With the help of anti-inflammatories and a radiofrequency nerve ablation we hope that he can look forward to many pain free months. George has been able to work, travel and do whatever he feels like without restriction.  We are completely happy with his ADR choice.
George received a 2 level ADR, SB Charite III, on Nov. 28, 2003 in Stenum, Germany.  His surgeons were Dr. Ritter-Lang and Dr. Zechel.
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George's Story
Malte Peterson, George, and Dr. Zechel
Inga (George's favorite nurse), Tom (his Dad), and George. 1 day post op.
George and Tina  in Bremen.