Fig-eating by Vertebrate Frugivores
Fig-eating by Vertebrate Frugivores: A Global Review

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Shanahan, M., So, S., Compton, S.G. & Corlett, R.T. (2001). Fig-eating by Vertebrate Frugivores: A Global Review. Biological Reviews 76:529-572

Last updated February 23 2001

Ficus stricta, Sarawak
Welcome to the online appendices. Here you can find the known frugivores for 260 'good' Ficus species or the figs in the diets of over 1280 frugivore species. The information is presented in two appendices that can be cross-referenced using the codes for each Ficus and frugivore species.

Appendix 1: Ficus species and their known frugivores
Appendix 2: Fig-eating vertebrates and the Ficus species they consume
Abstract: Fig-frugivore interactions reviewed
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