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I was the editorial director and lead developer for this Plastic Surgery Website

I'm the former editor-in-chief of


The Marriage Syndrome
by Lytton Kavez

The Marriage Syndrome, by Lytton Kavez
"Best Novel of 2001"

Purchase the novel -or- Read a review of the novel

Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art
by Robert Rose-Coutré

Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art, by Robert Rose-Coutre
"This important new study joins the philosophy of language and
phenomenological aesthetics to define the epistemological status
of abstract objects and works of art."

"Provocative new study of the actual, the real, and the aesthetic."
Purchase "Abstract Objects" -or- Read a review of the book


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Here are some of the organizations I enjoy participating in:

One-in-a-Thousand Society (OATHS)
Mega Foundation and Ultranet
Colloquy Society Camp Archimedes Society American Mensa M-Webheads M-Webheads