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General Information


The Illinois Tollway is a revenue bond financed administrative agency of the State of Illinois. Operations are funded by toll and concession revenues. No state or federal taxes are used in the day to day operations of the Illinois Tollway.

General Information
  • The bond indenture for the Illinois Tollway does not permit a free movement along the system.
  • The average toll rate on the Illinois Tollway is 2.6 cents per mile (for passenger vehicles with I-PASS.)
    • A new rate structure was introduced in 2005 to fund the Tollway�s Congestion-Relief Program
    • Illinois Tollway is still among the lowest average rates compared to similar toll systems
    • Average rate is substantially lower than toll facilities in urbanized areas
    • Typical rate for a passenger vehicle at a mainline toll plaza is $.40 I-PASS/$.80 Cash

How New Toll Rates were Established (PDF)
Complete List of Toll Rates

Toll Collection

I-PASS and E-ZPass users can use any toll collection lane on the system and are encouraged to use the lane most convenient for their route (i.e. direction of travel.) Cash-payers must stay alert and follow the advance signage to ensure they use the proper lanes. Most ramp plazas are unattended so Cash-payers must use coins.

  • Mainline Toll Plazas
    • Advance signage notifies drivers that a toll collection point is ahead.
    • I-PASS Users continue on the mainline to use the Open Road Tolling lanes while Cash-Paying customers merge right to pay at the plaza tollbooths.
  • Toll collectors cannot accept bills larger than $50.00
  • Toll receipts are issued by request in tollbooth lanes only for I-PASS or Cash customers
  • Ramp Plazas
    • Lane configurations at Ramp Plazas are determined by traffic studies. The I-PASS lane is designated based on the most popular direction of travel at that location.
    • Cash-payers must pay close attention to the advance signage when approaching a Ramp Toll Plaza.
    • Ramp Plazas are unattended so Cash-payers must use coins to pay their tolls. Any combination of U.S. coins, including pennies, is accepted.
    • I-PASS users may use any toll lane however they must obey the stop signs posted in the basket/coin lanes.
  • Missed Tolls

    Video surveillance cameras are located at all plazas to record toll violators.

    • Failure to pay a toll risks an immediate $75 moving violation ticket issued on site by State Police.
    • Failure to pay may also result in a Notice of Toll Evasion issued by the Illinois Tollway
      • A $20 fee is charged in addition to the cost of the toll
      • Those who do not follow the due process outlined in the Notice could eventually face loss of license plate or driver�s license through the Secretary of State�s Office.

Pay a Missed Toll
Using I-PASS on the Illinois Tollway
Using I-PASS on E-ZPass Roads