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rulli fined for Sutil incident

18/10/09 22:46

Photo F1-Live.com

Under-pressure Trulli triggers lap one smash
Jarno Trulli has been fined US $10,000 and officially reprimanded for his behaviour after a first-lap incident with Adrian Sutil at Interlagos on Sunday. The Italian crashed mid-way through the first lap in Brazil after losing control of his Toyota whilst trying to pass Sutil's Force India.

Trulli was seen running from the site of his crash to Sutil's similarly stricken car, before the pair almost came to blows. The stewards ruled that the clash had been a "racing incident", but took a dim view of veteran Trulli ignoring marshals' instructions to leave the track and instead "aggressively confronting" Sutil.

“I got hit in the rear and lost control of the car,” said Sutil. “Trulli was there on the outside trying to go round. It was a really stupid manoeuvre as there was no space and I couldn't see him at all.

“At that point it wasn't worth it and it ended my race far too early on as I went over into the gravel. Jarno was furious and said it was my mistake but I just told him what had happened to me.
But it's over and now he's just got to deal with it.”

McLaren were also fined and must pay a $50,000 penalty for unsafely releasing Heikki Kovalainen with his fuel hose still attached during a pitstop. Kovalainen was also given a 25 second race time penalty, but the Finn did not finish in the points so it is largely academic.

Driving behind the McLaren at the time was Kimi Raikkonen, whose Ferrari was splashed with fuel and briefly engulfed in flames.

"I ended up with some drops of petrol in my eyes and even now they are still burning, but I'm alright," he said.

E.A. © CAPSIS International
Source: GMM

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