Icarus to Juniper


How high is the reach of a father/
as high as the brilliant sun?
If a child could touch the face/
of such a beloved one?
If my love had wings of fire/
I would do what I have done

-Excerpt from Khoryphos' song composed inn Icarus' memory

Son of Ikaris and a human female. Phastos and Makkari designed a flight harness for Icarus so that he could soar like his father, but when Ikaris disappeared for a time in his battles with the Deviants, Icarus flew out looking for him. He flew too high, and lost oxygen, passing out. When the harness ran out of power, he fell to the earth and was killed. It was then that Ikaris adopted his current name, in memory of his son. -Eternals (v.2)#5, New Eternals#1

Ice-Gun Deviant weapon that fires extreme cold. -Thor#284

Ice-Runner Vehicle used by the Polar Eternals for navigating icy horizons. Druig used one to enter the Pyramid of the Winds. -Eternals (v.1)#19

"Iceberg" Ikaris' nickname as Unlimited Class Wrestler "Ike Harris", from the wilds of Wisconsin. -Eternals (v.2)#1

Id Offspring of Tantalus and Nirvana. Id is apparently an uncontrolable Deviant, and has often destroyed areas of Lyonesse and killed other Deviants. Id also destroyed the star-drive in Tantalus' vessel the Vimana. -Blackwulf#2, 6. Id has never appeared on-panel.

Ignatz Small, winged Deviant who served in Kro's rebellion, and was offered to Ant-Man as a steed. Ultimately, he was used by Ant-Man for some time. Ignatz can communicate with Ant-Man via his special helmet. -Heroes For Hire#6-7, 12, 15-16, 19, Quicksilver#11-12

Ikaris A Polar Eternal, son of Virako and Tulayn, father of Icarus. Ikaris is a 2nd-Level adept at matter control, and a 4th-Level adept at Cosmic Energy. Ikaris' mother died when he was only 300 years old, and his father, when he was 1010, which resulted in his uncle Valkin adopting him. It is not known what Ikaris' birth-name was; he adopted the name "Ikaris" after his son Icarus was killed. During the 2nd Host, after the Great Flood, Ikaris led the surviving humans to safety, who mistook him for a bird. At some point, several centuries ago, Ikaris and Thena fought Apocalypse as En Sabah Nur, and believed that he died. Until recent events, Ikaris and Aurelle had not seen each other for 200 years. In 1823, at the request of Zuras, Ikaris first assumed the identity of "Ike Harris", and prepared himself for the coming of the 4th Host. He also made contact with the Inhumans during this period, and helped them relocate their city of Attilan to the Himalayas, and aided his "cousin" Pixie in helping the time-displaced super-hero the Yankee Clipper find a home.

When the time for the 4th Host arrived, as Ike Harris, he led Dr. Daniel Damian and his daughter Margo to the City of the Space Gods, where he released Ajak to greet the coming Host. The return of the Celestials soon resulted in the Deviants attacking humanity again, and Ikaris led many battles against them, including an attack on New Lemuria, where he met Thor. Ikaris and Thena have long had a strong dislike for each other, and found themselves coming to conflict when she was appointed Prime Eternal. Questioning her worth as Prime Eternal, Ikaris faced her in the Hall of Eternal Judgement and defeated her, becoming the new Prime Eternal. Ikaris retains the title of Prime Eternal today, and under the alias of "Sovereign" has introduced the Eternals to the world as a team of super-heroes called the "New Breed", and has had to deal with the return of his father Virako to life. -Eternals (v.1)#1-4, 6, 8-12, 14-19, Thor#284-289, 291-292, 301, What If (v.1)#29, Contest of Champions#1, Iron Man Annual#6, Iron Man#179, Avengers#246-248, Eternals (v.2)#1-12, Silver Surfer Annual#1, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Avengers#308, 310, Eternals: The Herod Factor, Quasar#29, Avengers#361, Quasar#54-58, Starblast#1-4, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Heroes For Hire #5, Inhumans (v.3)#1, New Eternals#1, X-Force#97, Marvel: The Lost Generation#1, X-Men: The Hidden Years#21. One of the party-goers at Max Power's "Power-Rave" in Iron Man (v.3)#34 was dressed as Ikaris.

Ikarus Misspelling of Ikaris' name that appears on the covers to Eternals (v.1)#4, 16-17, 19

I.L.V. An Inertia-Less Vehicle, Makkari's favorite form of mechanical transit. -Eternals: The Herod Factor

Image-Translator Device used by Eternals for recording information. An Image-Translator was used to record the attack of the 2nd Host on the golden Celestial (Dreaming Celestial), and was the only record the Eternals kept of the event. -Eternals (v.1)#18

Implosion Device Powerful bomb used by Kro to destroy New Lemuria after its location was found by Thor and the Eternals. Brother Tode left Kro behind in the explosion. -Thor#286

Odysseus Indigo Deviant founder of the Damocles Foundation, and older brother of Ulysses Dragonblood. Odysseus possesses the ability to cancel out all superhuman powers within his vicinity, and to hypnotize others. Odysseus is at least a 1000 years old, and has overseen most of the Damocles Foundation's campaigns, including their attempts to possess the Gatherers, experimenting with Mutant and Deviant DNA on the children of Almost Reno, New Mexico, and the attempted capture of Arcadia Deville. Odysseus speaks modern English, and usually dresses in fine business suits. He also wears sunglasses, similiar to those worn by Warlord Kro. His skin is colored light gray. -X-Force#83-84, 86, 93, 96-97

Infra-Sonic Cannon Weapon of mass destruction created by Llyra to defend the outpost held by her, Ghaur, and their Deviant/Lemurian army. The Sub-Mariner destroyed the Infra-Sonic Cannon before Llyra could use it to destroy the invading horde of super-heroes outside their base. -Fantastic Four Annual#22

Princess Ingar Member of the Gortokian race, wife of Grotesk. Princess Ingar was slain when human scientists tested an atomic device above the Gortokian kingdom. -X-Men (v.1)#41

Inhumans Sub-race of humanity developed by the Kree, after examining the corpse of Arlok. By use of the Terrigan Mist, a process invented by the Inhuman Randac, infant Inhumans are endowed with superhuman abilities. Ikaris has encountered them, and helped them move their home city of Attilan from the Pacific Ocean to the Himalayas. The rogue Inhuman Phaedar, an enemy of the Inhumans' ruler Agon, mated with the Deviant Morga to produce Maelstrom. -What If (v.1)#29-30, Marvel Two-In-One#71-72

Interloper Polar Eternal who normally lives in seclusion in a cabin in Siberia. The only fellow Eternal that the Interloper has truly befriended is the Forgotten One, who has also lived a life consisting mainly of solitude. Over the centuries, the Interloper has devoted himself to battling the Dragon of the Moon, a demonic entity from Titan. His first known battle with the creature occured on Titan, alongside the Eternals there, and he also battled it in Camelot alongside King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. At the end of this battle, the Interloper exiled the Dragon to outer space, and believed the threat to be over. At some point, he was sought out by Roger Loomis, the assassin called Manslaughter, and, impressed by his psychic potential, which allowed him to evade the Interloper's own powers, taught him how to further develop his psychic powers. Manslaughter and the Interloper later fought the Dragon of the Moon alongside the Defenders, when the Dragon was revealed to have corrupted Moondragon's soul, turning her into it's new host. Though the Interloper appeared to die in this battle, transferring his life energies with the other Defenders, he was later resurrected by possessing the body of student Will Fanshaw, and transforming it into a replica of his own form. -Defenders#147, 149, 151-152, Strange Tales (v.2)#5-7, Dr. Strange (v.3)#3-4

ISAAC Integral Synaptic Anti-Anionic Computer. The computer-being which is the core of Titan, and handles all electronic systems. Though ISAAC typically appears only as a voice or image from monitors, it can create holographic bodies for itself which can extend all the way to earth. ISAAC uses this for analysis, as during the time Thanos gained the Cosmic Cube. Following the death of Thanos, ISAAC was overcome by a computer virus Thanos had left on Titan, and conquered the planet, creating its agents Elysius, Lord Gaea, Chaos, Stellarax and Tartarus to aid him. Ultimately, Captain Mar-Vell and Drax defeated ISAAC and its minions. During that time, ISAAC used a powerful android body, but has since abandoned it. Later, when the Avengers' member the Vision was shut down in battle, Starfox linked the Vision to ISAAC in order to aid him in repair. But while in contact with ISAAC, the Vision became convinced that to establish peace on the earth, he should develop a system similiar to that of ISAAC's on Titan, and ISAAC aided him in developing this plan, but ultimately, the Vision abandoned his idea. -Iron Man#55, Captain Marvel#27, 32-33, 58-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1- 3, Avengers#230, 238, 243, 249, 253, Solo Avengers#16, 18, Infinity Gauntlet#1-2, Silver Surfer#52, Quasar#59, Cosmic Powers#4 Ka-Zar (v.4)#10, Thunderbolts#46-47

ISAAC Central Building on Titan where ISAAC interfaces with independent technicians. Visitors are not normally welcomed. -Silver Surfer#52

ISAAC-Prime Name of the robotic body ISAAC used during his conquest of Titan. Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1-2

Iya Word in the Deviant language meaning "mother". It is a word held in common with the Yoruba tribe of Africa. -Black Panther (v.3)#26

Jack the Ripper Assassin of the 19th Century who typically stalked women. His true identity has never been learnt. Zakka summoned Jack the Ripper from the past to serve as one of his "Time-Killers", but Ransak defeated him in combat. -Eternals Annual#1

Jak Member of the alien Chosen who fought against the Rejects. -X-Factor#43

Jammer Term used by the alien Rejects and Chosen to descibe one whose powers can cause another to lose some or all of his memories. The Beast pretended to have been jammed in order to learn more about the Rejects. -X-Factor#43-46, 48-50

Janey Georgie's baby-sitter. Karkas saved her from an attack by Attila the Hun. -Eternals Annual#1

Edwin Jarvis Butler to the Avengers. Jarvis accepted an invitation to Sersi's party, and Sersi danced with him that night. She seemed less taken with him, however, when she later joined the Avengers. -Eternals (v.2)#8

Jemiah the Analyzer Member of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Celestial Hosts on Earth. Jemiah operates the Receiver, and accepts all samples that Gammenon brings to the Host with his Gather-Rod. During the 4th Host, Jemiah fought off the attack of the Uni-Mind. Later, following an impulse generated by Eternity, Jemiah came to the Skrull Empire, to examine them. This unnerved the Skrulls greatly, and the frayed tensions resulted in the second Kree-Skrull War. -Eternals (v.1)#7, Thor#284, 300, Silver Surfer (v.3)#4-5, Fantastic Four Annual#23, X-51#11. A figure identical to Jemiah is seen in the graveyard of alien races in Thor (v.1)#260. Possibly this is a statue of Jemiah.

Jivaro The people of Matto Grosso who, for a time, were conquered by Kro, using his Green Death plague. -Captain America Comics#2

Johnson SHIELD agent disguised as an airplane pilot, sent to learn what happened to agents Tyler, Pakrs and Stevenson, who vanished while investigating the City of the Space Gods. Though Johnson successfully infiltrated the City, he found that the agents were trapped in atomic form, and could not be removed. Thor forced him to leave the City when he rescued the airplane from the Celestials. -Thor#283-285

Jorro Deviant Weapon Maker who lived in an underground laboratory separate from Lemuria. Jorro's lab was found by the alien Terminus, who had him design a suit of armor matching his, and sent him to recover his staff from the Savage Land. While there, Jorro destroyed much of the Savage Land, almost wiping the area off the planet permanently. His rampage was halted by Hercules, who tore open his armor and left him to die in the arctic snow. His armor was later used by Garokk the Petrified Man, and by A.I.M. -Avengers#256-257, Quasar#7

Dr. Segismund Joshua Human scientist who has served both the immortal Mutants called Externals, and the Damocles Foundation. Dr. Joshua was the creator of the villain Reignfire, and aided the Damocles Foundation in using Reignfire's remains to re-power one of the Celestials' Gatherers. -X-Force#13-15, 69, 79-80, 96-97

Juniper Furry alien woman of unknown origins who, along with Katos, serves the Celestials aboard their Mothership, and acts as mentor to the Young Gods. She is the trainer of Daydreamer, Highnote, Mindsinger, Splice, Sea Witch, and Brightsword, and has encouraged them to use their powers defensively, and aid those who need them. -Spectacular Spider-Man Annual#8, Marvel Comics Presents#101-102

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