Cuddington Wills 1590-1837

[Note: There is of course a Cuddington (Heath) near Malpas. Unless the record actually stated ‘Malpas’ or ‘Weaverham’ parish, in its entry, I have been unable to distinguish between the two.]



John, Roger ap, of Cuddington, Chesh. Admon  1590

Shone, Roger of Cuddington, Chesh. Inv.  1590

Infra Wills

Blower, Ralph, of Cuddington Admon.  1610

Merrick, John, of Cuddington Will  1628



Done, John, of Cuddington  1671

*Dutton, John, of Cuddington  1670 [?Infra]

*Dutton, Peter, of Cuddington  1670 [?Infra]

Gill, Gilbert, of Cuddington  1679

Johnson, Mary, of Cuddington  1670

Johnson, William, of Cuddington  1672

Nicholas, Randle, of Cuddington, co. Chester, mason  1669

Stringer, Peter, of Cuddington Admon  1670

Walker, Edward, of Cuddington  1673

Woodier, Catherine, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1670

Woodier, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, of Cuddington  1671

Infra Wills 1660-1680

Probin, Thomas, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1668


Wills 1681-1700

Betteley, William, of Cuddington, husbandman  1694

Done, Elizabeth, of Cuddington, widow  1694

Done, William, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1684

Fletcher, Joan, of Cuddington, widow  1700

Griffith, John, of Cuddington  1686

Harris, William, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1685

Heavill, Samuel, of Cuddington Admon  1697

Kirkman, Samuel, of Cuddington Admon  1699

Meredith, George, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1690

Merrick, Alice, of Cuddington Nunc Will  1681

Morgan, David, of Cuddington  1688

Morgan, Margaret, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1699

Shone, William, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon with Inv  1698

Greene, Randle, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1688



Carter, John, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon with Inv  1707

Comberbach, Roger, of Cuddington, yeoman  1709

Done, John, of Cuddington Admon with Inv  1701

Dutton, John, of Cuddington, yeoman  1709

Edge, John, of Cuddington, yeoman  1705

Jameson, William, of Cuddington, yeoman  1720

Johnson, William, of Cuddington, yeoman  1714

Meredith, Randle, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon  1713

Shone, Humphrey, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon with Inv  1709

Bankes William, of Cuddington, co. Chester Cit.  1726



Barker, John, of Cuddington, gentleman  1746

Dutton, Peter, of Cuddington, yeoman  1754

Shone, Thomas, of Cuddington, yeoman  1756

Heys, Joseph, of Cuddington, husbandman Admon  1749

Yewd, Thomas, late of Cuddington  1741  and  1742



Barlow, John of Cuddington, farmer  1775

Beovon, Elizabeth, of Cuddington, widow  1770

Bevan, Samuel, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon.  1766

Billington, Samuel, of Cuddington, parish of Weverham, carpenter Admon.  1767

Dutton, Esther, of Cuddington, spinster  1777

Heppard, Robert, of Cuddington, yeoman  1778

Massie, John, of Cuddington, esquire Admon.  1773

Massey, Maria Sobieskie Massie, of Cuddington, spinster Admon.  1766

Massie, Maria Sobieskie, of Cuddington, spinster  1767

Okell, George, the elder, of Cuddington Hall  1766

Palin, Richard, of Beech, in parish of Cuddington, gentleman  1771

Paylin, Ralph, of Cuddington  1767

Phythian, Thomas, of Cuddington, yeoman  1767

Sandbach, Sarah, of Cuddington Admon.  1763

Stones, Charles, of Cuddington, gentleman Admon.  1780

Woolrich, Richard, of Cuddington, husbandman Admon.  1778

Worrall, Thomas, of Cuddington, parish of Weverham, tailor Admon.  1768

Worrall, Thomas, of Cuddington, parish of Weverham  1768 (entered twice)



Cartwright, John, of Cuddington, paper maker  1787

Cartwright, Mary, of Cuddington, widow Admon.  1789

Huxley, John, of Cuddington, gentleman  1786

Seddon, Samuel, of Cuddington, yeoman  1788

Shinglar, James, of Cuddington, farmer Admon.  1782

Shocklidge, Elizabeth, of Cuddington, spinster Admon.  1789

Shocklidge, Elizabeth, of Cuddington, co. Chester, spinster Dep., etc.  1789 (entered twice)

Donn, John, of Cuddington, co. Chester, yeoman Cit.  1790


Infra Wills 1781-1790

Pickering, William, of Cuddington, yeoman  1785



Huxley, John, of Cuddington  1795

Stones, Charles, of Cuddington, gentleman  1800

Tomlinson, Mary, of Cuddington, widow Admon.  1796

Tomlinson, Mary, of Cuddington, co. Chester, widow Proxy  1796

Tomlinson, Thomas, of Cuddington, yeoman Admon. with Will  1796 (entered twice)

Infra Wills 1791-1800

Owen, Elizabeth, of Cuddington (F.C.) Admon.  1792

Pickton, Peter, of Cuddington, yeoman  1797



Beavon, Mary, of Cuddington, widow A.W.  23 Nov 1805



Caldecott, Robert, of Cuddington, gentleman.  29 Apr 1815.

Holland, Thomas, of Cuddington, farmer.  29 Aug 1815

Shone, John, of Cuddington, p. Malpas.  13 Jul 1816.

Shone, Owen, of Cuddington, farmer.  05 Dec 1812.



Barker, Thomas, Cuddington in Tilston, gent.  Jul 1821



Capper, John, Brin, Cuddington, farmer.  Oct 1830

Jones, Thomas, Aldersey, Cuddington.  Jun 1827

Nield, Emanuel, Cuddington, yeoman.  Jun 1830 *



Pickton, John, Cuddington, wheelwright.  Sep 1833

Pickton, Peter, Cuddington, farmer. A  Oct 1833  (later grant  1848 )

Wright, John, Cuddington, gent.  Nov 1831



Artingstall, Samuel, Cuddington p. Weaverham, yeoman. A  Apr 1837

Roberts, John, Cuddington, farmer.  Mar 1834


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