Burials, Wills and Inventories of Salop People, preserved in the City of Chester , (County Town of Cheshire)

Dates are: when the Will was Granted


From Lancashire and Cheshire: Miscellanies: List of Wills & Inventories

Rice, John ap. of Knochin Parish, Salop, Joiner Will  1591


Cheshire: Chester Cathedral Parish Register

1687 – 1812

02 Apr 1748 Anne Briggs, Spr, of St. John's P., Daugr to Sr Hugh Briggs, Bart., of Houghton, in ye Coun: of Salop [buried].


? A Marriage? [Listed in Burials].

12 Jan 1750 William Ford, of Oswestry, Salop, Gent., and Jane Lloyd, of St. Bridget's P., Widow, married p Licence .


28 Apr 1759 Magdalene Briggs, Spr, Youngest Dr of Sr Hugh Briggs, in County of Salop, Bart., buried .


In Cheshire Wills & Inventories, preserved at the Probate Court, Chester

1681 – 1700                                                                                                                              

Morley, Ann, of Oscott, in co. Salop Admon with Inv  1691


1701 – 1720

Matthews, Thomas, of Dudleston, in County Salop, gentleman  1706


1741 – 1760

Cotton, Rowland, of Bellaport, in the county of Salop, esquire  1755

Edwards, John, of Hatton in Shropshire  1752

Griffiths, William, of Teckhill, in county of Salop, yeoman Admon  1755

Leighton, Mary, of Salop, spinster Admon  1754

Robinson, Eleanor, of Whitchurch, co. Salop  1755


1761 – 1780

Forrester, William, of Dottell, county of Salop, esquire  1768

Gawton, William, of Edgmond, county of Shropshire, but late of Chester, yeoman  1771

Lacon, Mary, of Lindley, county of Salop Admon.  1774

Morris, Thomas, the elder, of Calverley Hall, County Salop, yeoman  1766


In Infra Wills (or, those where the personality was less thatn £40 – these were granted/dealt with in the Rural Sessions)

Wild, Sarah, of Brosley, County of Salop (F.C.) Admon.  1779


1781 – 1790

Churton, John, of Whitchurch, Salop, surgeon  1788

Cotton, John, of Mealbrace, County of Salop, clerk Admon.  1783

Gardner, Anne, of Wellington, County of Salop, widow Admon.  1783

Gardner, Lawrence, of High Ereall, County of Salop, clerk Admon. with Will  1783

Harper, George, of Kemples, County of Salop, yeoman  1788

Jenks, Thomas, of Whitchurch, County of Salop, gentleman Admon.  1783

Twiss, John, of Much Wenlock, County of Salop Admon.  1788

Collier, William, of Newport, County of Salop, watchmaker Admon. with Will  1790


1801 – 1810

Coats, John, of Aderley, co. Salop  13 Jan 1806

Davies, Hannah, of Whitchurch, co. Salop C.  03 Apr 1807

Hampton, Ann, of Grinshill, co. Salop Ad.  29 Oct 1806

Perrott, John, of Ellesmere, co. Salop, mercer A.W.  12 Feb 1807

Stubbs, Thomas, of Whitchurch, co. Salop  23 Feb 1803


1811 – 1820 (Infra Wills now indicated by *)

Berwick, the Rt. Hon. Noel Lord, of Altingham, co. Salop.  23 Sep 1814.*

Chetwode, Elizabeth, of Brand, co. Salop, spinster. 3 C's.  19 Dec 1813.

Clarke, Thomas, of Peploe, co. Salop, esquire.  04 Dec 1813.

Corbet, John, of Sundorn, co. Salop, esquire. L.A.w.T. & 3 C's.  09 Jan 1819.

Corser, Alice, of Bletchly, co. Salop, spinster.  10 Nov 1818.

Cotton, William, of Bellaport, co. Salop, esquire. L.A.w. T. & C.  10 Jul 1820.

France, Mary, of Ellesmere, co. Salop, widow.  10 Nov 1820.

Heber, Reginald, rector of Hodnet, co. Salop, clerk. C's.  16 Dec 1813.

Hill, Thomas, of Fern, co. Salop, esquire. A.w.T. & C.  23 Sep 1814.*

Jackson, Richard, of Prees, co. Salop, doctor in Divinity (later grant,  1823 ). A.w.T.  13 Feb 1815.

Price, William, of Stockport, last of Loppington, co. Salop, minister of the gospel.  10 Oct 1816.

Rodenhurst, Thomas, heretofore of Whixall, co. Salop, but late of Whitchurch, yeoman.  07 Jul 1818.

Ward, Abraham, of Leighton, co. Salop, gentleman. C.  04 Nov 1816.


From Cheshire: Cheshire & Lancashire Wills, (Infra Wills indicated by *)

Lancashire Wills –

1821 – 1825

Bickerton, Joseph, Sandford Hall, Salop, gent. W  Dec 1822

Broughton, Peter, Market Drayton, Salop. W  Dec 1822

Crowther (Crowthers), Jonathan, Madeley Wood, Salop, Wesleyan Methodist minister. W  Nov 1824

Hill, Thomas, Tern, Salop. A  Nov 1823

Jones, Jane, Whitchurch, Salop, spinster. W  Sep 1823 *

Killmorey, Robert, Lord Viscount, Adderley, Salop. W  Aug 1823

Sneade, Samuel, Winsley, Salop. WApr 1821


Cheshire Wills, 1821 – 1825

Brigges, Sir Hugh, Langton, Salop, Bart. A  Mar 1824

Butters, William, New Woodhouse in Whitchurch, Salop, gent.  May 1822

Faulkner, Robert, Whitchurch, Salop, brazier. A  Dec 1825 *

Gibbons, Charles, Whitchurch, Salop, esq.  Jul 1822


Lancashire Wills –

1826 – 1830

Blantern, Hannah, Wellington, co. Salop, widow.  May 1827

Brassington, Martha, Pool Hall, Muccleton, co. Salop, feme covert.  Apr 1829

Lewis, Henry, Church Stretton, co. Salop, last of Puerto Cabello, S. America, gent. A  Apr 1830

Ruscoe, Daniel, Whitchurch, co. Salop, gent.  Jun 1827


Cheshire Wills –

1826 – 1830

Chidloe, John, Aldersey, Prees, co. Salop, farmer.  Jul 1830 *

Derbyshire, Rebecca, Drayton, co. Salop, spinster. A  Feb 1828

Hayward, Edward, Goldstone, Cheswardine, co. Salop, esq.  Nov 1827

Jameson, David, Oswestry, co. Salop, maltster.  Jan 1827

Mulliner, James, Shocklach, formerly Loppinton, co. Salop. gent. Will & Tuon  May 1827

Sadler, John, Morton Wood, Prees co. Salop, farmer.  Nov 1826

Skrymsher, Elizabeth, Shrewsbury co. Salop, widow. A  May 1830

Woollam, Richard, Whitchurch, co. Salop, feltmaker. A  Jun 1827  (endorsed Flints)


From Cheshire: Cheshire & Lancashire Wills 1831 – 1833:-

Lancashire Wills (Infra Wills indicated by *)

Studley, Edward, Shrewsbury, Salop, gent.  Aug 1831 *

Unett, William, Drayton in Hales, Salop, gent.  Jun 1833


1834 – 1837

Curwen, Christiana Frances, Workington last of Uppington co. Salop, spinster.  Jan 1835

Davis, Ann, Grinshill co. Salop. spinster. A  Dec 1834

Downey, Elizabeth, Whixall co. Salop.  Sep 1834 *

Griffith, John, Darnford Hall co. Salop. A  Jan 1834 *

Highfield, Elizabeth, Pontsbury co. Salop, last of Prescot, spinster.  Nov 1837

Jones, William, Ludlow co. Salop. grocer.  Apr 1835

Lacon, Mary, Linley, Salop, w. Walter Lacon, esq.  Dec 1835

Nunnerley, Richard, Ightfield co. Salop, farmer.  May 1834

Roe, John, Ellesmere co. Salop, gent.  Apr 1834


From Cheshire: Cheshire & Lancashire Wills 1831 – 1833:-

Cheshire Wills (Infra Wills indicated by *)

Gregory, Peter, Whitchurch, co. Salop, gent.  Sep 1833

Longueville, Thomas, Oswestry co Salop, gent.  Nov 1832 *

Owen, George, Dudleston, co. Salop, farmer.  Jul 1832

Piggott, Emariah, Whixall, co. Salop, feme covert. A  Oct 1832

Wilson, Kitty, Alkington, Whitchurch, Salop, w. William Wilson. A  Sep 1833


1834 – 1837

Corbet, Sir Andrew, Acton Reynolds co. Salop, last of Chester, baronet.  Nov 1836

Holland, John the elder, Little Ash, Whitchurch co. Salop, gent.  Apr 1835

Watson, William Hill, Whitechurch co. Salop, gent.  Mar 1834

Owens, Jane, Overton co. Flint, last of St. Martins co. Salop, singlewoman.  Oct 1836



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