Acton, Margaret ; a beerhouse keeper in Leicester Street, 1839-1841

Battams, GL

Bratherton, Thomas : A beerhouse keeper on Cross Street in 1844.

Adams, Elizabeth

Baxter, William

Brelsford, Joseph

Adams, Humphrey

Beacroft, William : Licensee of an unknown Alehouse, in 1753.

Brelsford, Sarah

Alcock, George: Yorkshire Buildings, 1891: a beerhouse which became licensed to him (probably)

Note: ‘The beerhouse in Yorkshire Buildings, run by Richard Buckley (see later) in 1877, and Fred Duff (see later) in 1902, is probably to be identified with that in Whalley Road owned by the Altrincham brewers, Siddeley & Kent, and licensed to George Alcock in 1891. It was subsequently bought by Greenall, Whitley & Co.’

Bebbington, John : Licensee 1763 ; location N/K.

Brent, Edward

Alcock, John

Beckett, Abel

Bressey, Richard : 1767-63, Northwich, location N/K.

Aldcroft, Paul

Beckett, James

Bright, David : Beerhouse, Leicester Street, 1834.

Aldridge, William

Beesley, R

Briscall, Mary : 1744, Northwich, location N/K.

Allen, Edward

Behan, Dennis

Briscall, Samuel : 1769, Northwich, location N/K.

Allen, William : beerhouse keeper, 1871, Mill Street.

Bell, Arthur

Briscoe, Charles : Alehouse keeper, Northwich area, 1757.

Anderson, Jabez

Bell, George

Briscoe, J

Anderson, Joseph

Bell, JG : Licensee, the Pillar of Salt

Brogden, Mary

Anderson, Mary..(1).. (2)

Bennet, Sarah

Brogden, William

Anderson, William

Berry, Brian

Bromiley, John

Andrews, Colin

Birch, Clara

Bromley, Edward :1773, Witton, location N/K.

Antrobus, John : 1763-1769. A licensee not yet identified with a particular house.

Birkenhead, Eliz. 1773-1775. Licensee, location N/K.

Brooke, JR

Appleton, WJ

Birkenhead, John(i)..(1) (2, 1749-53, Witton)

& (3, 1772): locations 2 & 3 N/K.

Brookes, WD

Archer, John : 1767-69, Northwich.

Birkenhead, John (ii)

Broome, John

Ardern, James : beerhouse keeper, 1853, Timber Lane.

Birkenhead, Mary (i)

Broster, JT : a licensee at the Pillar of Salt.

Armstrong, Catherine

Birkenhead, Mary (ii)

Brown, Anthony : a beerhouse keeper on Church Street, 1857.

Armstrong, James

Birkenhead, Ralph

Brown, George

Arrowsmith, James

Birkenhead, Richard

Brown, John…(1).. (2)

Ashley, Job

Birkenhead, Thomas

Buckley, G

Ashley, Lavinia

Birkenhead, William, 1772, Northwich, location N/K.

Buckley, James (i)

Ashley, William.(1) ..(2)

Birtwistle, Samuel ran a licensed establishment between 1850 and 1860 at 47 Castle St. Following a varied history, it is now a picture framing shop. Between it and the Freemasons, was a tailor’s shop.

Buckley, James (ii)

Ashmore, M . : A licensee at the Woodpecker

Birtwistle, Thomas

Buckley, John

Ashton, Elizabeth

Bishop, Charles

Buckley, Richard…(1) (2 Yorkshire Buildings, 1877 – then a beerhouse. See, Richard Buckley.)

Ashton, Philip

Bishop, Benjamin

Buckley, Sarah

Ashworth, Thomas

Black, DM

Bull, John

Astom, Wm

Blackshaw, Mary : beerhouse keeper, Cross St., 1844.

Bull, Thomas

Aston, Elizabeth

Blackshaw, Samuel : beerhouse keeper, Cross St., 1834.

Budds, Benjamin…(1 ). (2)

Aston, Margaret

Blain, John

Bull, William

Atherton, Isaiah..(1) (2 “?Isaac? Mill Street, 1864 and 1865”)

Bland, Thomas (1) (2)

Burgess, Benjamin(i)

Atherton, John : beerhouse keeper, Castle, 1876.

Blease, Dorothy , 1763, Leftwich licensee, location N/K.

Burgess, Benjamin(ii)

Atkinson, George

Blease, Frank : a Licensee at the Ring o’Bells (1), 15 Warrington Road

Burgess, EAR ?Evelyn Burgess?

Atkinson, Thomas.. (1 )....(2)

Blinstone, Thomas ; 1845, The Wincham Beerhouse. Junction of Chapel St. with Ollershaw Lane, (later, ‘Providence House’.

Burgess, David

Baguley, Joseph

Bloor, George

Burgess, Eliza

Bailey, Francis

Bloor, Mary

Burgess, George (i)

Bailey, Henry

Blower, Richard

Burgess, George (ii)…(1). (2)

Baker, Richard..(1) .. (2)

Blower/Bloor, William

Burgess, John (i) 1767-73 ; Northwich licensee, location N/K.

Baker, William

Boardman, Frank

Burgess, John (ii)

Baldwin, Terence

Boden, Mary

Burgess, John (iii)

Bankes, John

Boden, Sarah : The Black Dog, (? 1845-1850.)

Burgess, John, (iv)

Banks, James : beerhouse keeper, Applemarket Street, 1834.

Boden, William

Burgess, John, (v)

Bannister, GW

Bohanna, Samuel ( 1 ) ( 2 )

Burgess, Margaret (i)

Barber, Jessie

Bond, Anthony : a Licensee at the Pillar of Salt.

Burgess, Margaret (ii)

Barber, Walter

Boodle, Patrick

Burgess, Samuel (1).. (2)

Barker, Edwin

Booth, Mathilda

Burgess, Thomas

Barker, James,(i) (1).. ( 2

Boscow, Richard

Burgess, Thomas A

Barker, James.(ii)

Boss, Anthony

Burgess, William (i)

Barker, Thomas

Boss, Robert

Burgess, William, (ii)

Barlow Thomas..(1)..(2)

Bostock, George

Burgess, William (iii) : beerhouse keeper on Castle, in 1853.

Barlow, Alice : 1763-73, Northwich licensee, location N/K.

Bostock, Annie

Burrows, TM

Barlow, James..(1).. (2)

Bostock, Christopher

Butterworth, Ann

Barlow, TD

Bostock, James (i)

Butterworth, Edward…(1).. (2)

Barnes, Elizabeth

Bostock, James (ii)…(1).... (2)

Byram, Edwin

Barnes, John

Bostock, Joseph (1).. (2)

Byron, Joseph

Barnes, Robert

Bostock, Robert


Barnes, William

Bostock, Thomas


Barratt, Margaret

Bottoms, Robert


Barratt, William

Bowden, Grace


Barrow, Peter

Bowden, Samuel


Barton, John

Bowden, Thomas


Barton, John Snr

Bowyer, John


Barton, Joseph (i)

Bowyer, William


Barton, Joseph (ii)

Boyd, James


Barton, Sarah

Boyd, Mary


Barton, William

Bracegirdle, Samuel

More Licensees names:-

Basnett, Thomas : 1763 – Leftwich licensee, (Location N/K).

Bradburn, John


Bate, Peter

Bradburn, Samuel


Bates, Eli

Bradley, William


Bates, Emily

Brain, Harriet


Bates, Henry..(1).. (2)

Brain, James (i)…(1).. (2).. (3)


Bates, Joseph

Brain, James (ii)


Bates, William

Brain, John (ii)


Batherton, John

Bratherton, Mary