Transcribed from the paper "Southern Cross"

List of Passengers Per Ida Zeigler

Mr. Decosta, Mr. Storey, G Wardell, wife and child, T. G. Wilson and wife, Mr Smyth, Major Muluch and wife, Mr Rowles, Mr Hickson, wife and two children, Mr Parsons, Dr Nesbit, Mr Fox wife and sister, John Grimes, William Smith, wife, mother, three children and two servants, Mrs Eliza Ormiston and four children, Alfred Jakins, Mrs Wilson, John L Harper, W.C Walker, Mary Lincoln, Robt. White,
Hannah Foley and two children, Alfred Cornes and brother, G.T. Sharpe, Mr Billing wife and nine children, William Coles, William Harford, Noah Mortimer, G. Morton wife and four children, Sarah McCatchen and son, William Spear Lean, John L Clarke wife and infant, Geo. Godkin, John Andrews and wife, Sam. C. Smith wife and infant, Fredk Millechamp, Chas. Benbow and brother, Alex. Southan, Mary Ryan, Bridget Toole.

The ship" Ida Zeigler" 860 tons, register , Captain Reynolds, arrived here on Wednesday, from London, having made a most successful voyage from land to land of only 82 days. She cleared at the port of London on May 21st; and, having rather a tedious passage down the Channel, took her final departure from the Lizards on the 28th. She crossed the equater in long. 30 degrees, and reports having experienced bad S.E. trades. She then had fair but light breezes to the Cape, which she rounded in 43 degree S. lat, and ran down her easting between the parrallels of 46 degree and 49 degree S., passing to the south of Tasmania at a distance of about 120 miles, and finally sighted the Three Kings on the 82nd day. The best idea of the comfort of the voyage, and the good feeling existing on board, will be formed from the perusal of the following testimonial addressed to Captain Reynolds;-

Ship 'Ida Zeigler', August 20 1861
Dear Sir,- At this, the end of our voyage, we cannot seperate without expressing our great and sincere thanks for all your kindness and attention to our comfort and amusement during the passage, also our appreciation of the skill and judgement displayed in handling the fine vessel under your command, and bringing to so successful a close one of the finest passages on record,- 82 days from land to land; and we beg of your acceptance of the accompanying gift, as a mark of our esteem and in king rememberance.
(signed) EDWD. MULDOCH, Major 70th Regt.,
and nine other cabin passengers.

She brings a total of 63 passengers, and a large miscellaneous cargo.
Messrs. D. Nathan and Co. are her agents.
Ida Zeigler
Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand from London Thursday 22nd August 1861
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