Lostock : Wills & Inventories from ‘Cheshire Wills & Inventories’ & One Marriage (1697),  preserved at Chester.

[Note: There is at least one other Lostock in England, eg. Lancashire; records for ‘Lostock’ have been included whether or not ‘Cheshire’ is also stated.]



Hyde, John, of Lostock, Chesh. Dep.  1586


1681 - 1700

Anderton, Sir Charles, of Lostock, Bart.  1693

Barlow, Edmund, of Lostock, yeoman  1693

Crompton, Ellis, of Lostock  1691

Deakin, Hannah, of Lostock  1684

Dean, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam Admon with Inv  1686

Green, John, of Lostock Admon  1691

Holford, Mary, of Lostock Gralam  1691

Hughson, William, of Lostock Gralam, gentleman  1700

Kirkham, Philip, of Lostock Gralam Admon with Inv  1685

Lever, James, of Lostock, gentleman  1687

Littler, Richard, of Lostock Gralam Admon  1698

Olton, Thomas, of Lostock Admon  1686

Sudlow, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam Admon  1684

Witter, William, of Lostock Gralam Admon with Inv  1683


Infra Wills (ie those whose personality was under £40)

Chaddock, Richard, of Lostock, husbandman Admon with Inv  1693

Collier, Isabel, of Lostock Admon with Inv  1683

Hamson, James, of Lostock Inv  1681

Hilton, John, of Lostock Admon with Inv  1698

Leigh, John, of Lostock Admon with Inv  1691

Morris, James, of Lostock, husbandman  1695

Priestner, John, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1696

Seddon, Alice, of Lostock, F. C. Admon  1693

Seddon, George, of Lostock, yeoman  1685

Whilton, Ralph, of Lostock Gralam, weaver  1695

Wright, Peter, of Lostock Gralam  1689


1697: Marriage

19 Oct 1697 James Emson, of Lostock, Parish of Great Budworth, co. Chester, and Ann Darlington, of Plimley, Parish aforesaid, Spinster.

Bondsman Robert Irish, of Northwich, co. Chester, Yeoman. At Witton, or Peever, Parish of Great Budworth aforesaid.



1701 – 1720

Aldcroft, George, of Lostock Gralam  1717

Bramhall, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam  1702

Briggs, Thomas, of Lostock Admon  1704

Forrest, Robert, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman  1716

Foxley, John, of Lostock Gralam  1703

France, Robert, of Lostock, yeoman Admon  1712

Holford, Robert, of Lostock Graham, gentleman  1705

Kay, Edmund, of Lostock, husbandman  1711

Kellett, Robert, of Lostock, gentleman  1717

Kinsey, Edward, of Lostock Gralam Admon with Inv  1703

Locker, Thomas, of Lostock, weaver Admon  1713

Lunn, Jane, of Lostock, widow  1713

Manley, William, of Lostock, yeoman  1712

Newport, Frances, of Lostock, widow  1714

Pristnor, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam  1719

Sudlow, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman Admon  1717


Infra Wills

France, Robert, of Lostock, husbandman  1702

Man, Thomas, of Lostock, husbandman Admon  1708

Walkden, Peter, of Lostock, yeoman  1717


1741 – 1760

Acton, Hannah, of Lostock Gralam, widow  1746

Antrobus, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1760

Bancroft, Elizabeth, of Lostock Gralam, widow Admon and Inv  1751

Barlow, Thomas, of Lostock, yeoman Admon  1742

Brammall, Jacob, of Lostock Graham, yeoman  1741

Green, George, of Lostock Gralam  1755

Hart, James, of Lostock, fustian weaver  1750

Marten, Ralph, of Lostock Gralam, innholder  1748

Morris, Mary, of Lostock, spinster  1758

Norcott, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1744

Pendlebury, John, of Lostock, yeoman  1757

Rushton, Henry, of Lostock, chapman Admon  1753

Throp, Thomas, of Lostock, husbandman Admon  1758

Warburton, James, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1743

Widders, George, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman Admon  1760

Yate, Jane, of Lostock, widow Admon  1760

Yates, John, of Lostock, yeoman  1760

Yates, Thomas, of Lostock, yeoman  1744


Infra Wills

Jones, Catherine, late of Lostock  1741  and  1742


1761 – 1780

Banks, Jane, of Lostock Gralam, widow  1766

Banks, Philip, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1763

Barlow, Edmund, of Lostock, wheelwright Will and Inv.  1761

Broady, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, blacksmith  1772

Burgess, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman  1773

Clough, John, of Lostock Gralam, tailor  1769

Clough, Margaret, of Lostock Gralam, widow  1778

Chrimes, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, co. Chester I., etc.  1763

Crimes, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam  1763

Eyres, Benjamin, of Lostock Gralam  1763

Fryer, John, of Lostock Gralam, tailor  1763

Green, Sarah, of Lostock Gralam, widow  1766

Heath, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, innkeeper  1780

Lowe, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1779

Widders, Daniel, of Lostock Gralam, farmer Admon.  1764

Widders, Daniel, of Lostock Gralam, farmer  1765

Widders, William, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1761

Witter, James, of Lostock Gralam, farmer Admon.  1766

Witter, James, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman Admon.  1775

Witter, John, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman (see  1777 )  1775

Witter, John, of Lostock Gralam, husbandman (see  03 Nov 1775 )  1777

Witter, William, of Lostock Gralam, farmer Admon.  1766


Infra Wills

Norbury, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1776


1781 – 1790

Antrobus, Ralph, of Lostock Gralam, cordwainer  1782

Antrobus, Ruth, of Lostock Gralam  1783

Brimelaw, Joseph, of Lostock, husbandman  1789

Chadwick, James, of Lostock, gentleman  1783

Harding, William, of Lostock Gralam, publican Admon.  1782

Winnard, Thomas, of Lostock, fustian weaver  1790

Aynscough, Thomas, of Lostock, fustian weaver  1783

Kenerdale, Peter, of Lostock Gralam  1786


1791 – 1800

Baguley, Peter, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  1799

Bushell, Robert, of Lostock  1798

Miller, James, of Lostock, farmer Admon.  1799

Pendlebury, Roger, of Lostock, yeoman  1799

Shaw, Alice, of Lostock Admon.  1792

Stanway, Randle, of Lostock Gralam, tailor  1792


Infra Wills

Clough, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, tailor  1794


1801 – 1810

Beswick, John, of Lostock Gralam  23 Dec 1808

Eyres, John, of Lostock Gralam, wheelwright  23 Mar 1810

Latham, Richard, of Lostock, farmer  30 Mar 1803

Leigh, William, of Lostock Gralam, co. Chester, yeoman C.  29 Aug 1808

Ormerod, Thomas, of Lostock, farmer Ad.  07 Feb 1801

Ormorid, James, of the township of Lostock, husbandman  27 Apr 1801

Parks, Joseph, of Lostock Gralam, farmer  27 Jan 1807

Pickering, Thomas, of Lostock, farmer  30 Jul 1808

Platt, John, of Lostock Graham, yeoman  22 Oct 1807

Tunnicliff, Walter, of Lostock Gralam  11 Feb 1807

Widders, Samuel, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman  26 May 1801


1811 – 1820 (* = Infra Will)

Bowden, John, of Lostock Gralam, labourer.  13 Mar 1819.

Gaulton, John, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman.  01 May 1812.

Gibson, Thomas, of Lostock Gralam, innkeeper. A.  19 Feb 1820.

Gleave, Joseph, of Lostock Gralam, yeoman. C.  23 Mar 1811.

Markland, Thomas, of Lostock.  16 Nov 1811.*

Seddon, William, of Lostock, yeoman.  20 Sep 1815.

Shaw, James, of Lostock, farmer. C.  10 Oct 1811

Swain, James, of Lostock Gralam, publican. C.  22 Apr 1814.

Swindall, James, of Lostock Gralam, publican.  06 Aug 1819.


1831 – 1833

Antrobus, Sarah, Lostock Gralam, sp.  May 1832

Kinsey, Mary, Lostock Gralam, wid.  Dec 1831


1834  - 1837

Bagaley, William, Lostock Gralam, yeoman.  Aug 1834

Wood, Sarah, Lostock Graylam co. Chester, widow.  Aug 1835


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