Listed below for your enjoyment, some of the actual Google Searches logged on my sites.
(, the SchmucksDotCom and the fledgling Crab Chips site.)

Reader discretion is advised.
(As I seem to attract the freaks of the internet at times...)

First off, the search that inspired me to start my collection:

Lord of the anal ring toss!
(UPDATE: I now know what this means... but kinda wish I didn't. Thanks for the picture anyway, man. *shudder*)

UPDATED UPDATE: I just recieved this e-mail from "ChesterMolestHer.Com" regarding "Anal Ring Toss".

Hello Skeeter! We just found your link and thought that we should advise you that Anal Ring Toss is a registered trademark, owned by CM Enterprises, and Kat and I personally. The girls were on Howard Stern's Show, playing our trademarked game that the girls play at Bachelor parties that they do in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. We are exclusive with Stern. We just finished making a video of Anal Ring Toss, which we will be distributing soon. If you would like a copy please let me know. Thank you for your time. Chester

Uhh, thanks Chester for you kind offer. Hoewever, please don't send me the video. I would like to be able to have nightmare-free sleep sometime this decade. Say hi to Howard from me...

Anyway, on with the Searches!

big boobie contest: Man, I should just change the sites name to "BOOB wrestling" and be done with it...

bar fight physics of: Could I get a grant to study this?

crack en espaol del speaking naturally: Ummm.. oui?

picture of dog dragging its butt: For the love of God, WHY do you want this picture?

xxx sex wham banger: Yeah, whammer, banger, thank you ma'am... er?

what caused david bowie's left eye to change color: I honestly have no idea. Any other questions?

sponge bob belly ring: Man, that little square guy is EVERYWHERE these days!

north carolina drag stips: They have stipulations for dressing in womens clothing in Nth. Carolina?

sumo wrestling costume pa: Pa, put on the sumo suit for us one more time, okay?

belly punching cheerleaders: You sick, sad little man...

wrestling stage of two naked fighting girls: I think we could make a fortune here... any volunteers for a little bare-ass boxing, ladies?

barbados square-dance: Yee-haw, mon!

america undercover salad toss: That's GOT to have a double meaning...

dolph lundgren thumb wrestling: Dolph Lundgren and Slyvester Stallone in "Over The Top II: Thumb Wars!"

naked laotian girls: WHERE? Man, home-grown smut just isn't exotic enough for some people...

naked lady mudflap: Something to do with naked motorbiking, perhaps?

love doll mask suit story: This one is too wierd for me to make a cheap pun about... how bad is THAT?

make you kiss my butt: The hell you will, sir...

humped by a +gallery: it's National Art Gallery porn! Right in the ol' Reubens!

wedgie fag: Your cigarette is NOT supposed to go there, mate...

female wrestling chloroformed: Sounds like a snoozer of a match.

munk and nun porn: That's the most disturbing fetish yet...

cowboys humping: No, once more I'm standing corrected...

bash his balls: Anyone in particular, or can we vote on it? As always, my pick would be Tom Green...

did wrestling is feck: Sorry, what the feck does that mean?

joe millionaire actually is a millionaire: And I'm actually Osama Bin Laden...

someone's barfing: Yep, me at the thought of "cowboys humping".

gaijin lolita: Ahh, a RACIST underage-ist...

women private wrestler squeezing boobs: This guy needs to get out more...

male vs male apartment wrestling: Okay, confused now. Does he means two guys wrestling FOR an apartment? IN an apartment? Or just two apartment blocks wrestling each other?

girls wrestling wearing spandex: As opposed to the potato sacks they wear on the WWE...

hamster wheeeee: I'm glad SOMEONE's having fun. Hopefully not WITH the hamster.

red assed baboons: At least he didn't preface it with "spank me like a..."

hamster wrestling: Man, cross this with midget retard wrestling and we've got a winner!

i wish i were a little bit taller: And I wish I was boffing Alyson Hannigan... what's your point?

underwater wrestling: Next week on ESPN 2!

sponge bob words for theme tune: Look, Spongebob doesn't even feature on my site! Leave me alone!

how to make a wrestling ting: *ting*! There you go. Any*ting* else?

cattle prod and testicles: Thanks, lovely image there...

yo bitch full dans le dash com: Is this a search or lyrics to French gangsta rap?

+sheep costume +material: tell me he's not going to make what I THINKhe's going to make?

chubby boys backyard wrestling: Hmmm, half-naked sweaty, flabby teens... Anyone else feel like a shower about now?

austin want boobs: There's a boob shortage in texas? Who knew!

even colder wrestling: Anchorage Pro Wrestling poresents "Brass Monkeys 2002" on Pay-Per-View!

seex: I'm guessing this is how this guy talks. "Want seeeex. Need seeex! Wo-man! Pretty."

scooby rut row sound: Jinkies!

white trash wrestling dummy: I love how he slipped that subtle insult in at the last second.

antique midget wrestling: Performed by antique midgets, of course.

keeeeeeeeeen: This search is niffffffffty!

wherehouse wrestling: There house wrestling. There wolf. There castle.

zilla porn: The King of the Monsters career hits a new low...

executioner's song arquette breasts: That better be Patricia, not David he's looking for...

memphis jello wrestling: Jerry "The King" Lawlers' latest brainwave...

obese man fat no shirt: WHY? WHY? Get away from my site, you freak!

fukingroovin: Boo-yeah! Damnfunkalicious!

jennifer aniston's breasts: Which gained a staggering NINTY-FOUR percent of hits on one page. In case you're wondering, Ms Anistons boobies do NOT feature in any way.

i wish i was in tijuana eating bar-b-qued iguana: Is this a pop-culture reference, or an idea for Fear Factor?

free porn muve: I'm wondering... how did this person even managed to start his computer, let alone surf the 'net? "muve"? Does he also watch his "tvee"?

how much is the doggie in the window: $12.99, today only!

heavyweight gay bear wrestling video: Gentle Ben's secret shame revealed...

testicular claw pictures: Okay, OUCH!

raggge: Close, but no cee-gar, mon...

flying zamboni: Now THAT would make me attend a Kings game!

wet willy williams: The vicar dropped him in the font during his christening...

uo doom lamp post: Hmmm. Ultima Online, Doom and a lampost. One of things is not like the other....

marcel marceu in spanish: Multi-ligual Mime? " "... and now in Spanish! " "

original song i'm a little teapot being sung: Man, the things i do for ratings. *ahem* "I'm a little teapot, short and stout! Here is my handle, here is my other handle... Oh, bugger, I'm a sugarbowl!"

tupac gross head crushed: Tupac was that dude in "The Omen II"?

poontang pancakes: Mmmm... Poontangy!

elvish presley: So I'm not the only one who's made this excruciating pun?

elvish pussy: THIS was a tad unexpected, though...

bob's glorious past: Dude, BOB hasn't HAD a glorious past... Trust me.

the whistles go woooooooooooo: If you say so...

orgasm brain damage aneurysm blackout:: Great, another reason women can use to avoid having sex with me....

orgasm suplex:: Someone's enjoying his sport WAY too much.

trish status opening her bras:: BraS? What's with the plural? Has she had extra boobies grafted on?

tazzmission on hair taka michinoku:: "Ow! Not my hair! I submit! I give! I'm tapping like Gene Kelly here!"

a womans hotspot:: Awww, this smut-surfer came over all coy...

salvaged hummers for sale:: Thanks, but I never buy cars from site-to-site salesmen.

miller light beer catfight:: "Tatses great! *slap* "No, less filling, bitch!"

porn star who look isricky martin look alike:: Hmm, that brings a new meaning to "She Bangs", alright.

jack on crack:: See Jack take crack. And some smack. I'll be right back.

hooty hoo lyrics bitch get off me:: Did this guys girlfriend jump on him while he was typing?

how to become sak amputee:: Try streaking through a pit-bull kennel, you sick freak.

bicycle shorts +rape:: Okay, now I REALLY don't want a job as a bycycle courier.

bum fighting krew videos:: Yo, yo, we da bum Fightin' Krew! Bum-fightin' in the houwse, y'all! Word.

wierd al backward:: Wierd Al IS the Antichrist! Incidently, try playing a Spice Girls album backwards. They sound better that way.

achy break heart mid:: You WANT a MIDI file of Billy Ray Cyrus? And I thought the bike short rape guy was a freak.

erik +look +where +i +am:: I'm in my parents basement typing random phrase into Google!

biggest boobs of america:: Yep, that pretty much sums up my sites visitors.

slavic boy porn:: What, domestic illeagal smut isn't good enough for you? Where's your patriotism, pal?

+oil wrestling -turkish -greek -gay:: How do i attract these people? i mean, honestly! You wrestle one oil-covered Greek homosexual, and they hang around your site for months!

soliciting sex for a fee:: I'm taking the Fifth.

shake it break it' mama nine months make it:: When exactly did BOB become the Karaoke Bar of the 'Net?

bloody brawling fighting wrestling:: Bloody stupid friggin' search.

ooooh sweet womens wrestling:: Sho'nuff!! And could someone bring my Pimpmobile around, please?

sexbottom:: Sounds like the next Austin Powers villian.

wino wrestling:: Secure your videotape now, before the cops busts the drunken fratboys who made it.

boner wrestling:: The mind just boggles.

firetruck hooker beer picture:: Dude, stop snorting the baking soda, it's making you all random and stuff.

skeeter and clusterfuck:: I deny any involvement in the aforesaid fustercluck.

mentos advert pussy:: Is that like the Taco Bell Dog?

hhh boobs:: WHY? Why for the love of GOD would you want to see THAT? I call the shower first!

hermaprodite hard core:: Okay, am I the only one surprised that there IS sicker people out there than Bike Short Rape Guy?

sexy low ages big tit child:: Make up your MIND man!

professional wrestling jobbers silent canadian:: "And in this corner, hailing from Toronto... Paul, the Killer Mime!"

contraption goldberg with domino knock down:: Sentance the words ordered wrong with random antelopes.

britney sniff feet:: Get off my planet, Perv-boy!

free nude weed porn:: Dude, that bong is like, naked! Cool.

chips + erik estrada + ponch +you're a fag:: Personal abuse disguised as a search. Man, if I find this guy I am SO gonna go Larry Wilcox on his ass...

jobbers and jobbing the art of getting hurt:: They have a manual for perpetually-losing wrestlers? "Zen and the Art of Staring at the Lights"?

ponch says you're a fag:: Oh, it was YOU, huh Estrada?

screw my drugged wife video clips:: No, screw you, pal. In the ear.

girl wrestle pictures full-nelson:: This guy probably gets a Nelsons Column every time he watches Smackdown.

wrestling gnomes:: Now THERE'S a pay-per-view worth ordering!

stealing womens panties:: Can't say BOB Wrestling doesn't appeal to the all-important Knicker-Knicking demographic.

beer and poontang:: Singing "These are a few of my favourite things"...

foreskin smells:: Dude, I'm not a doctor. Leave me alone.

poontang power:: THE POWER OF POONTANG COMPELLS YOU! THE POWER OF... Oh, wait, we already did this one.

wrestler amatuer what do you grab:: Anything you like, but grab the wrong place and I'll sue.

pictureshow to put tampax inside pussypictures:: You've never had a girlfriend, have you pal?

groin punching bitches:: The latest Girl Band from England... "We're the Groin Punching Bitches and this is our latest single... Poontang Power!"

bongo bananza:: Lorne Greene and Michael Landon get down and funky with an unexpected percussion solo.

led zeplin a fake:: Hey, my classic 70's heavy metal group is a cheap Tahitian-made knock-off! I want my teenage years back!

funky boobs:: A lesser-known Sly and the Family Stone song. (Sly was REALLY high when he wrote it...)

deja boobs:: Haven't I seen those two somewhere else? *slap*

nikki cox nipples interviews:: Here NIPPLES give interviews? "Just between you and me, that guy to my left is a real tit!" *rimshot*

slutty officer:: "Drop your shorts and give me twenty, soldier!"

female death wrestlers:: Man, how embarrasing to be killed by Hair-tosses and Giant Swings.

dam i want free porn clips and no credit card:: More proof of why Rednecks should NOT be allowed to Google. Damn.

funbags:: Direct and to the point, I guess.

gay ups delivery:: "Thign THIS, thweetie!"

womans smiley face panties:: Well, now I know what to get Grandma for Christmas, I guess.

freaky white women in atlanta:: "Hey, where da freaky white women at, y'all?"

meetball:: Ball, meet Skeeter. Skeeter, meetball.

gay lawler's:: The King comes charging out of the closet.

ambercrombie and fitch hair styles for guys:: Isn't A:F a clothing label? Hairstyles? Go away and stop confusing me, man...

answur machine:: "Where is the forwula, Mr. Bwond! Answur me! And stwop lwaughing at my spweech impwediment!"

spandex superman t-shirt:: The search of a freak.. or a geek? Your call.

kamakazie fair ride:: I sense impending lawsuits for that fairground... BANZAI!

head fist porn:: Please tell me he didn't mean "Head FIRST porn"... because that would be DAMN icky.

cabbagepatch wrestling:: The match was declared a DQ after the Smurfs did a run-in and beat down the Garbage Pail Kids.

tall fat ladies of lpwa:: *sigh* 1) Tall or fat? PICK ONE! And 2) "lpwa"? Was I-O-WA really THAT difficult to type? Try using BOTH hands on the keyboard next time.

lads of the ring+wrestling:: "I say Frodo old chap, could you and Samwise pop into the ring for a bit of the old grappling, eh what? Jolly good, lads!"

lizzie borden of wrestling:: I'm guessing giving your opponent forty whacks with an axe MIGHT get you disqualified.

wrestling midgets hire party:: Guess who's appearing at Andrew Borntregers next party?

take a leak ballpark:: Even Wrigley Field has to relieve itself sometimes...

pearl necklace harbor back cover:: Now THAT'S a great porn film name...

hey now let's get retarded now that the party's started:: Now THOSE are the great song lyrics ever written...

gary glitter hockey chant we are gonna beat you:: Hmmm, that's a tricky one. I think the lyrics went something like "HEY!", but I'll have to check to be sure.

pregantn sex:: When Stupid Horny Guys Google.

fukig sex:: When Stupid Horny Guys Google, part 2.

film fukig:: Look, just try banging your head on the keyboard, the spelling might be more accurate that way!

beautifu ladies wrestling:: Okay, no-one move, I dropped an "L'... *crunch*. Damn it!

leprechaun simple macchine:: These guys are now playing backup for Shonen Knife in Osaka...

wrestling women moist crotch:: That is SO much more info that I required!

skirt so short you:: I could WHAT? Don't leave me in suspense! Damn you, Erik Estrada, I know that's you!

yawn falls tryst please:: Bacon yo-yo eskimo hasslehof.

pinned forced to smell feet young men wrestling:: Now available on Amazon, Ultra-Specific Fetishes, Volume III. $11.95, this month only.

sprinkler dance:: Well, that sounds like fun at least.

when do i get my money episode:: The checks in the mail, okay!

poke the hamster:: If that's a sexual euphamism, I'm taking a vow of chasity...

scooby doo customs in nh:: Ahh, the famous "New Hampshire 'Rut Row' Ritual"!

happy a-go-go:: Well, I'm happy a-go-go for you too. Now go-go away.

barry brown tingle fuck:: This sounds like a childrens story gone horribly, horribly wrong.

a picture of a spear that is a wrestling move:: He followed this up with "A picture of a spear that is a wrestling move not a pointed stick y'know like Goldberg does and makes the fans go "GOLDDDD-BERG!" and then he does the jackhammer which is also a wrestling move not something used by a road crew". And then Google imploded.

inflating buster bunny:: Uh, Babs... it may be CALLED a blowjob, but you don't actually...

boa constrictor man wrestling:: I'm calling PETA!

rabbit noises:: Moo. Squeek. Baaaaa. No? I give up.

bull's nads:: Are you looking to buy, or just hire them for a while?

naughty jump rope chants:: "Salt, mustard, vinegar, pepper! I saw Billy Watsons' pecker!"

nude pudding wrestling: Yes, we later used this as an actual match stipulation on BOB wrestling... thanks for the suggestion, freak!

naked wench wrestling: Video comes packaged in plain brown wrapper.

charlies angels sung by elbow: Nope, but my liver belts out Tom Jones numbers on occasion...

www wrestling titl belt com: Someone just never mastered the concept of the "dot" in, huh?

giels and gropes: Someone's groping the J. Geiels Band? Now there's a centerfold for ya...

covered topless: Kinda defeats the purpose, really...

foam rubber suits low budget: Yes, I like to live out a wierd fetish, but I don't want to be extravagent about it...

joke baseball mat foam: I fail to see the humour.

fudgie the whale dance: Go Fud-gie! It's ya birthday! Go Fud-gie...

trashy ladies of wrestling: This fall on FOX!

wrestle jock feet: Jock Feet, toughest man in Glasgow takes on ALL comers!

dude spanking: Dude, I'm like, getting spanked! Gnarly!

masked marauder the claw wrestler: You'd think having a claw would be enough of a gimmick to dispense with the mask...

allintext boys rope jock: stupidtext makes not sense me

what is a retorical question: Do I really need to answer that?

toker hack: I'm only a passive toker, myself..

brawling men cigars boots: Shorts, socks and pink frilly underwear.

3 count bout wrestling video game screen shots: Wow, that query actually makes sense! Too bad I don't have any screen shots, but thanks for playing, dude.

naked mom's wrestling: I'm so glad I moved out of home if THAT'S what she's doing!

inflatable twinkie: Which would probably taste better than the real thing.

axe commercial screech: They want to hack up Dallas Diamond for a commercial? I'd pay to see that...

play bong o matic: It's zany, hallucinogenic fun for the whole family!

female wrestling toe hold toe hold -skiing: I think his brain got stuck in a rut stuck in a rut -ten-pin bowling.

figgy pudding wrestling: Weeee wish you a Merry Christm-SLAM!

sponge bob squire pants: "Squire! My steed and my lance... Good Lord, you're a sponge, man!"

easter card if you laugh jesus bunny: See, when I laugh I get the Allah frog... I must be doing it wrong.

nude driving beaverton: Does beaverton sound like the setting for a 50's sit-com to anyone ELSE on the board?

batman sound effects: ZAP! BOFF! IDIOTIC SEARCH! CRUNCH!

ytunnel boot smasher 5: That is the BEST Japanese pop group name EVER!

duke blue devil's mascot: Let me guess... pointy head, blue, carries a pitchfork? Am I close?

bears wrestling naked on mat: This could only be more disturbing if it said "CHICAGO bears wrestling naked on mat".

song that begins with i was sitting in the corner: He's got me... BB King or The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band?

pan troglodyte skull pictures: What are these, and why does this guy want to see them?

ecw ppv calender: Hmm.. let me see. January: No PPV, Company out of business. Feburary: See Janurary. March...

munchkin wrestling: We're off to powerslam the Wzard...

rasslin gal womens wrestling: Hey, a bi-lingual Redneck!

the count plays his pipe organ on sesame street 2002: Please tell me "pipe organ" is not a sexual euphamism...

rugrat porno: You sick, sad, twisted little man.

the theme of hbo's autopsy: Never seen it, but I'll make something up for you. "STIFFS! we got 'em! Knives! We'll chop 'em.."

low budget escorts: Our Motto: We'll Fuck for a Buck!

grabum on hold: "Mr Johnson, we've got Grabum on hold, Feelum in the office and Bonkem up against the wall..."

head stuck in the chair: Less of a search, more an online 911 call from a moron.

what is a pile: Stuff put on other stuff... any other questions, Mr Quayle?

harry potter and the green flamed torch: Now that's GOT to be a gay-themed fanfic, right?

sponge bob animated cells: That little guys blood cells lives a more intersting life that I do...

bratty sluts: What, they go down on you, then pout and whine about it afterwards?

c o w cream of wrestling: MOOOOOOOOO-ve away from my site, bozo.

elimidate comments melons: Man, this guy just swallowed EVERYTHING in his medicine cabinet, huh?

machomanrandysavage: OohyeahmeangeneI'mgonnagooutthereandwindiggit?

suck this7: No thanks, i know where that 7's been... I'll stick with my ~ instead. Mmm... lime flavoured!

body solid power cage rack shit weight crap: What the hell did this guy THINK he was going to find?

bought boobs: "Hi Brad, welcome to the party.. oh, wow, you brought boobs! That'll go great with the clam dip!"

insane bloody snowboarding injuries: Now screening on ESPN 2.

twin peaks babelfish: Running Twin Peaks though the babelfish translator could only get it to make MORE sense.

flash birthday card midget sings happy birthday: Hey, I'm 5'7"! I'm not a midget! Oh, you brought boobs? Okay.. *ahem*.. "Happy birthday to you! Happy..."

power boobs: THE POWER OF BOOBS..ahh, the joke is dead.

wwwxiaoxiaocom: Old McDonald had a modem...

walnuts and boobs: Dude, are you hungry or horny? Pick ONE!

whos that boobs: Not quite sure, can I go on to the taste test? (Oh, I am so going to Hell for that one...)

nazi boobs: SIEG, FONDLE!

physics of boobs: Can I get a grant to study this?

gigantic mamas: Mama Cass Appreciation Society?

major dd boobs: "Men, I'm your new CO, Major Dennis D. Boobs... Stop laughing! You will address me as Major Boobs, soldier.. I said STOP LAUGHING!"

jimmy hoffa killed kennedy: Sadly, he disappeared before he got around to Teddy.

powerpuff hazing tape: Well, there goes the innocence of the Powerpuff Girls...

nude wwe girl dives: ...Headfirst into lukewarm pudding! Film at 11.

+appendix +induced hibernation: Nope, I'm stumped, folks.

wwe freemasons: "Freemasons run the country!" Nope, just pro wrestling, apparently.

woman squeezing nads of her brother: Now that's just plain icky.

pictures of the missing jaw of raziel: Couldn't get the picture, sorry... I mean, with it being missing and all.

mentos advert funny: Tom Green silly. Tree pretty.

moron boobs: Yep, that sums you up pretty well, my friend.

farting gundam: Crying freemans' estranged brother, I believe.

i see ma sister nude: Thanks for sharing, Cletus. Yee-haw.

britney sprays: So did the coffee I was drinking when I read this...

free videos of britney spears given blow jobs: is that like "freee-ee... Nelson Mandela (I'm begging you...)"?

in tom and jerry the magic ring tom stole the boy's jerry and tom has to go to jail:: What stands out for me here.. the phrase "tom stole the boy's jerry". Ow.

bodybuilder armwrestle many guys same time: How many arms has this guy got, anyway?

stealing womans panties: Hey, I was young and stupid, okay? *ahem*

shhhhhhhh boob: Noisy boobs can ruin your whole day... especially if they sit behind you at the movies.

fukig boys: Live tonight, for one night only... Ytunnel Boot Smasher 5 and the Fukig Boys!

porno of kurt angle's butt Our Olympic Hero's secret shame...

pearl necklace rectally Those crazy guys from

Jackass are at it again!

necro nurse Troma Studios is bidding on the film rights to THIS novel as we speak...

twinkle twinkle little star rap remix "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, I'll cap your ass like the b!tch you are! Peace!"

gruff ducks Don't feed those ducks, they're... grouchy. (Dramatic chord)

toilet laser light waves Now that's a wierd place to hold a rave.

boobie milk drinker man He was apprehended while sneaking into a maternity ward carrying a box of Oreos...

gay blade wrestling Zorro's would make a fine luchadore... he already has his own mask!

hot twat duc Served in all the finest Thai resturants that specialise in Bad Phun cuisine.

psycosis cure england Crazy? Move to England! You'll still be crazy, but at least we won't have to put up with you any more!

female wrestling in feces I refuse to believe there's ANYONE who wishes to see this...

goth chicks on gas masks No, not IN gas masks.. ON! Go on, balance on this.. it'll be fun!

wrestling butt fart That's one hell of a submission manuever!

the jackhammer of the ear is for the putting of the earring The long-lost "Dirty Hungarian Anatomy Book" sketch.

fuk yu man sum dum chick Yu so bad, go blo dhog kok. And some lychees, thanks.

hot sassy hitchhiker bad bitch The voice-over for a Globan-Golus trailer... "A hot, sassy hitch-hiker... a bad bitch... together.. they're unstoppable!"

250 pounds skateboard Whoa... heavy, man.

porn star measured And she had the WORLDS BIGGEST BOOBS! (And the thread instantly gets 200 hits an hour...)

thunder+wrestling+7feet Thor needed specialised limb-grafting surgery before his pro-wrestling debut.

embroidered ironing board cover y;know, after all the pervese, demented fetish-searches, THIS is the one I find the most disturbing! How strange...

irresistable oil wrestling You know you want me.. SQUECH.. Ooh, yeah.

moose butt canada See, Moosehead beer would be a much bigger seller if they drew THAT end of the moose.

how is mozzerella cheese aged quicker A cheese-specific time machine... don't tell anyone, or we'll have to kill you.

mad sex pardy Mad Magazines' latest attempt at boosting its' circulation.

bob smacks cheese "Naughty cheese! Evil, wicked cheese! Now get in the time machine with the rest of the mozzerella!"

mary mary why you buggin Don't look at me, I don't een know what "buggin" means...

drawf tossing Followed by efl bowling, golbin throwing and orge lifting.

give it to me ghost in the shell I don't remeber Ghost in the Shell HAVING a hardcore sex screne... damn those censors!

describe a wrestling lariat Stick arm out. Watch our guy run into arm and fall down. Want me to desribe a "punch" next?

seexxz Your tax dollars at work, America... Giving you smart bombs ans stupid frickin' kids.

tantrum trainers spanking videos Hosted by Tantrum O'Neal.

mudhen sailboats Other birds fly south for the winter... those damn pampered mudhens make crude cruise liners instead!

mom takes temp rectally And this guys thirty-seven years old! Tonight on "Springer"!

her arms triumphantly What? Detach? Spontaneously combust? What? WHAT?

nurse enema temp Nurse Temp dated Major Boobs for a while, but it was never meant to be.

nose art and the pin up of nurse Okay, setting mind to "Maximum Boggle" now... [Future Skeeter: Apparently, it's to do with WWII Bomber nose art. That makes sense.]

pit stains Umm, not a pleasant image, dude.

boy bare-foot kick-to-the-groin Why do freaky fetishes have to be this specific? Someone explain that to me?

aw nutbunnies I am SO going to use this phrase from now on!

asian dwarf wrestling Finding that will be no "small feat"... ha! I kill me when I steal Mike Myers lines!

he's/6'8+huge+pounds Yeah, it's demoralizing to be weighed in "fairly small pounds".

leeches/why Leeches. Because. Here endeth the lesson.

nipples wrestling pinned Whatever yanks your crank, my friend.

mandatory fracas pandemonium The English phrase printed on a packet of Japanese snack food...

buddy icon with headbang against desk Yep, headbang your desk for a while, buddy. Your searches might make more sense afterwards.

add to cart t-shirt black limp bizkit When did I get into E-commerce, and how much are my knock-off concert T's netting me? Call my accountant!

pepsi symbol looks like the ying yang Well, stop looking at my ying-yang, you perv!

in the movie one two three what pop song did the germans use as a form of torture An endlessly repeating tape of the Spice Girls "Wannabe", I'm guessing.

giving me a wedgie Well, buy bigger underpants, you schmuck!

losers extreme wrestling seattle Their first Pay-Per-View will be called "LEWS: LoserMania I"!

black people having sex or fukig each other The frst album from The Fukig Boys!

kids pee-pee my urine wet pants Okay, I'm calling the cops! Again.

women wrestling breast flashing oops Is this a rap? "Women wrestlin'! breast flashin'! Oops, yo, there it is! Peace!"

joanie and chachi gerbil I must have missed that episode... thank God.

muddas boots Ahh, your mudda wears army boots too, ya mug.

funny sumo Yep, obese men slapping the crap out of each other cracks ME up, huh?

sutible punishment for talking too much Watching a Pauly Shore Film Festival? No, that's WAY too severe...

disgrunted flimsy "Hey, someone disgrunted my best pig! Flimsy, speak to me! Noooooooo!"

whoa i'm going to barbados pop I'm not your dad, kid... but bring me back a T-shirt and some duty-free rum.

club med naked hat dance Whoa, now I'M going to Barbados!

alabamaman One of the least-respected members of the Justice League of America...

pinned by hardcore porn Hulk Hogan vs Danish Teenage Lesbians in Leather.. this Sunday on Pay-Per-View!

fat lady beatdown video clip Rodney Kings video ain't go NOTHING on the sight of the LAPD night-sticking Roseanne...

martin luther king plagarize I have a dream... but oddly, it's about taking an algebra test in my underwear.

poop vacuum PLEASE reassure me this device doesn't actually exist!

boyz in tight jeans with open zips Overly-Specific Perversion Example #284

japan cartoon classik Go Speed racer, go Speed Racer... Go, Speed racer, GOooooooooo!

kiss that butt Thanks for the offer, but I'll take a raincheck.

cowboy jobbers boot fetish Overly-Specific Perversion Example #285

girls chloroform an molested How do I keep attracting these freaks?

inflatable oil wrestling ring Well, maybe I won't be hiring a bouncy castle for my neices' birthday this year!

deep salad helmet I am NOT eating anything tossed in that...

beware the dwarf foul play Illeagal passing to a midget downfield! Five yard penalty!

masturbation sitting on his shoulders I call the shower first! I mean it this time!

free naked sportsman locker room pictures Thanks, if I need some, I know who to call...

cardboard cutout of patrick stewart Now I KNOW this was someone on the BMMB... own up!

funny noises like is some body is taking a dump Yes, bodily functions ARE amusing, or so the last few years box-office figures seem to indicate.

pisher of man feet How drunk do you have to be to slur your TYPING?

don't search for shizzbit Fine, if you don't search for "Underage German dominatrix"...

rabbit butthole For the love of God, WHY?

what does infuego mean It's Spanish for "Get a life". Honest.

mauling bitch Infeugo, dude.

lbj soon i won't have to worry about those fucking kennedys Lyndon B. while selling his stereo... He always hated the Dead Kenedys.

icelandic bodyguards Just hire Bjork, she'll scare off anyone.

crack grudge match pool "Rumble in the Crackhouse", this Sunday at 8!

broke the pool table We'll get off the net and fix it before your dad gets home, man!

sweedish wrench Because Scandinavian tools are SEXY tools!

xxxtreme barbie Comes with new "Powerbomb the Fuck Out of Ken" action!

velvet smoking jacket buy Finally, a gentleman on my site! Of course, he'll probably wear the jacket while watching Chloroformed Gay Rape videos...

schoolboys pinning schoolboys Netsurfer annoying webmaster.

baseball in the nads Which could win you ten grand if you catch it on videotape and send it to Bob Saget...

costume contest sheep lover Oh, this gives me some Baaaaaaaaa-d mental images.

funny t-shirt i have the body of a god it's budda That IS a funny t-shirt. Has nothing to do with my site, but it's funny nonetheless...

a sixty nine is Something this loser will never, EVER experience.

wrestling funk takedown unorthodox "Dr Bootylicious takes down the Velvet Pimp! WHATTAMANUEVER!"

the bitch's bikini I think that's the title of the next Jewel album.

whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat lyrics Well, whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat song are you thnking of? You dorkdorkdorkdorkdorkdork.

red footed boobies enhancers Perfect for the Lord of the Anal Ring Toss in your life...

zilla sends his regards Right back atcha, big G! Have fun stomping on Osaka!

papsi cola No thanks, I'll stick with my Corka Cola...

who are the main competitors for pepsis Dr Popper, Sprat, and Mintin Dough I think.

asian boys scissors wrestling Someone's gonna lose an eye...

scaggsville now THERE's a place I wouldn't want my blind date to come from.

down stacy kiebler's boobs Down boobs! DOWN! Bad boobs!

whats the meaning of hirohito the name Japanese for "Hit him, Hiro!".

old school ky jelly wrestling match Okay, glad I never saw THAT flick. Foywonder, did YOU pay to see it?

slut stud megamix All da studs in the house go "HO-OH!" All the ho's in the house go "YO-OH!

soft stinky nikes When did my cat learn to Google?

kilt wrestling "Even ma KILT's tooffer than yoo, lahdie!"

old mat wearing tutu Oh Matt, you crazy nut! The things he'll do to get laughs...

the comedic stylings of mr bean Funny show, bad movie, neither on my site.

can you get pregnant 3hree day after your period Sex Ed for Dummies. Yee-haw.

breasts exposed naked wrestling girls fight crowd What, they fight the WHOLE crowd? With like, their breasts hanging out and all? Excellent!

teenage boys being beaten up at wrestling by muscular women Vince tried it with Chyna, it sucked, let's move on.

pictures from the movie no holds barred zeus RARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH! (Note: Page 1 of Google results: A Foywonder link, page 2: Megalemur, Page 3 Ken Begg page 6: Me.)

chick on the toilet Someone's acting like a cock-a-doodle-doo. Right, Hen? Oh, that was a fowl search. (I'll stop the bad yokes, now.)

the funky white honkys Yo yo, we be da Funky White Honkeys! Word to your Parental Unit!

her abs are so hard punch I tried that last Christams... Needed more tequila. Next year I'm making "His hair is so red punch" instead.

man enough pussy wrestle I agree... That's ENOUGH with the pussy wrestling, man!

are you man enough bikini wrestling See above.

buy girls low cut pans and underwear That's the sexiest kitchenwear money can buy...

aborigine porn Thank you, Mr. Specific Fetish 2003.

what button we have to press when we see the screen says wf in wwe raw game on pc Press Ctr, then Space, then type "I Am a Gullible Moron" for the cheat menu, dude.

lyrics+crazy+julio eglasias Cray-si.. Cray-si for want-ing zis song....

black screen gimp fink We brought out the Gimp, only now we can't find him... he's like a chameleon!

the attack of the limey sheepies "Baaaa, old man! Charge, eh what! Baaaaaa!"

i want to see boy's empty with big penis Engrish? Or Crass Stupidity?

nude drunk celebration PACKKKKERRRS!

britney spears kicks balls Justin Timberlake feels the wrath of a spurned woman.

picture of a mouse flicking off an eagle "Up you..*Snap*!"

pertty sex Duh. She perty. Umm. Brain hurty.

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scrotum nailing pictures Oh, fuck off you freaky fucking sadist!

funny sniper mentos commercial "Mentos... the Corpsemaker!"

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albino midget wrestling porn Tonight on Spike TV's "You Sick Freak Friday Night"!

teens named grace with boobs Because the 37, 000 topless women on the net NOT called Grace are just not doing it for him these days.

jeffhardy is sexy boy He rove you rong time!

people who orgasm when wrestling No wonder no one will wrestle Taz any more...

how to fuck a bitchgame Triple H is the only one who knows, and he's not telling.

scalded dog art Next week, Mutilated Monkey Sculpture.

kane's proper face from wwe please Sometimes Google pouts until you ask it nicely.

cobra cartoon left arm turns into a bio weapon G.I Joe saves us from International Terrorism.

wrestling + sasquatch + lucha Those crazy masked Mexicans beat the snot out of the Missing Link.

upper arm bracket keeps breaking tj Well, stop screwing around with it, butthead...

mongolian porno stars Three words. No. Such. Thing. I hope.

awesome fakes pictures of britney spears that are appropriate Ummm.. for what? Actually, forget it, I don't want to know.

hahahaha shut up sound bite Ha ha ha... shut up. Happy?

pregnant and milking ppv Oh great, Bovine porn. Content not suitable for the lactose intolerant.

martha stewart t-shirt acquit stock No hang her! Hang her like a set of lacy drapes! It's irony, see? I think..

lap dancers strippers and massage girls clive young One of these things, is not like the other...

sasquatch skateboard No WONDER the photos always come out blurry!

how do you say can i have a beer in spanish *points at beer tap* *points at himself and friend* "Dos! Gracias."

stock floor bodydrop The market didn't drop, it was powerslammed! Unless that's a breakdance move...

war ironys "We bombed France? And no-one cares? Oh, isn't it ironic.. dontcha think?

cuban missle criss Best. Wrestler name. Ever.

rottisserie chicken Sounds appetising and yet.. not.

chairswings table stand Chairs swing, table stands, Skeeter snickers.

samoan porn stars That gives a new meaning to "Fancy a lei?"...

wrestling leatherface "Ref, he cut my arm off with a chainsaw? DQ him!" *THUD!*

mud wrestling rulebook Oxymoron of the Week.

the wizard was interrupted abby Gee whillikers, was she Toby?

hot pokers women's asses Preperation I through X required for THAT one...

asama with a penis on his head Naw, he's just giving Dick Cheney a piggyback.

thugz hire "Yo, yo... we be Thugz Hire! We gots homies, gangbangers, dirties, niggaz, whateva you need, yo?"

huge dangling boobs The Chesty Morgan Fanclub goes on-line.

terminator boobs bigger "I'ff got bigger boobs dan boff you two..."

the way to create nwo and the new rock on smackdown2 Hmm, try "imagination" and "Originality" by, y'know, doing it yourself, dude. Nope? okay, find a cheat site for the schmuck.

see britney spears pee Please, I'm begging you... tell me even Justin Timberlake hasn't seen THAT!

zeuss satellite In space, no-one can hear you go "RAAAAARRRGHHHHHH!"

a chanis children suck my dick Halfway through the search and he gets discouraged...

toking women Smmmmmmmokin'!

women bleading Then pleading while kneading...

multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of someone who wears their underwear on their head Excellent, a Terry Pratchett quote on my search results! it's from Maskerade", BTW.

stuff made with puncuation marks On-line Origami?

skeeter beater screen Is someone plotting against me? *SWAT!* Ow!

jeff hardy and vampire fan fictions Why am I NOT surprised?

99 silicon boobs Wierd Al's lost 80's parody...

boobs+ouch+sport Well, WEAR the sports bra, lady! You're going to black your eyes!

slutty ass Can you sue it for Sexual HarrASSment? *rimshot*

womens fishy smell Tastes like rottisserie chicken...

whore patrol I can't WAIT for this show to debut on Fox!

john lee poontang The secret shame of a blues legend.

poontang patrol Wow, a spin-off from Whore Patrol already?

exposed testicles pictures This guy's nuts...

biggest boobs in britain Two guys in Liverpool called "Neville" and "Charlie"...

battling boobs And I though Hungry, Hungry Hippos was a fun game!

low budget rappers "Yo, yo, don't look at me, like I was dumb. I can't afford a microphone, so I'm rapping to my thumb! Peace!"

mc gold chain "Word up, I'm MC Goldchain, and this is my homie, DJ Pairofpearlearrings! Peace!"

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo So you DON'T like my site, then?

hillbillies inbreds deformed Yep, that's my demographic, all right!

knockers suds Please do NOT immerse your boobs in the washing machine.

sheep are related to Is this start of one of those "Kiwis shag sheep" jokes? if so, I've heard 'em all already.

wrestling shows camouflage Vince McMahons "Inserrection in Iraq" tour gets off to a rocky start.

baby knockers Tell me that's some sort of educational toy?

jennifer aniston's breasts from above INCOMMMINGGGG!

72 oz steak You've heard of Death by Chocolate? This is Suicide by Cow...

anal ring toss

'dominatrix smilies' Whip it! Whip it real good!

kelly osbourne's new wristwatch What time is it? Time to get pissed!

crapped his pants in Nope, I'm not game enough to complete that phrase.

wax statue nude Madame Tussards ups the ante this year.

jim duggan nazareth "Watch as I turn this water into a 2X4! Hooooooooooo!"

she killed a turkey Look, leave Martha Stewart alone, people!

powder puff footbal Guess we won't need the pads and helmets for that one...

japanese ball squeeze wrestling Ooh, grabbed him by the Osakas!

empty noogin Google by way of Belfast...

barry windham's ass Look, even Barry Windham doesn't want to see THAT!

simpsons i am the angel of death Ned Flanders dark secret revealed at last!

custard wrestling men Makes a change from Jell-o wrestling, but I'm still not convinced there's a market for it.

who's the boss mud wrestling commercial Man, has Tony Danzas stock dropped, or what?

bucket boss super bob apron Perhaps this is a "Scrambled Word" puzzle? Or an anagram?

low budget knight's "Saddle my donkey, squire and fetch my balsa-wood lance! Charge!"

kill'em all wrestling federation I bet THEY have trouble maintaining a full roster.

vampire lestat spanking knee Don't give Anne Rice any ideas, please...

low hangers testicles This guy suffers from recurring broken shinbones.

i got a boner while arm wrestling Well, I'm happpy for you. Please go away.

vegetable murderer Somewhere, somehow, this person is trying to cook a rock.

females wrestling in socks I'm no longer amazed by the specific fetishes out there. Have I become jaded?

photos of big bellies on bald headed men Nope, I was wrong... there's ALWAYS something that freaks me out!

mutumbo finger-wag picture A Masaai warrior is Hulking Up, it seems.

fat miner video Mind boggles. Again.

hot seex hot mix and long poop Great, now I need hot water, a long shower and a stiff drink.

barbie mixed wrestling balls Someone swapped this kids Ritalin for E.

cow boys with low hanging balls That re-defines "Saddle-sore".

fuck and scuk with animal Sometimes I think Darwins' theories were wildly inaccurate, guys.

hairless ommas Some bald Indian dude meditating? "Ommmm... Ommm..."

taliban torture The US Miltary is making them watch "Little Nicky" again...

martha stewart you must acquit If the oven gloves do not fit...

dachshund stock footage Jungle Hell III: We Ran Out of Elephants.

free short shorts and flip flops toe sucking video clips He forgot "...In pudding with obese fat men.".

cindy brady tag team wrestling If her partner is Danny Bonaduce, I'll watch it!

thesarium Can I get a definition of that?

human game of chess wrestling "Knight to D4... powerslam the King!"

weighing machine dangle That would be a "scale", then? *sigh*

flucky luke cartoon Later he bacame "Flukey Luke", the "Wild, Zany Coincidence Luke".

geocities underoos girls gallery Great, now I'm attracting Catholic priests...

erin moran rape scott baio ANOTHER episode of "Happy Days" I must have missed!

bigboss vibrator if that's shapped like a nightstick, I'm outta here!

yellow springs michigan Don't drink the water!

preteen bootyhole Oddly, this sounds like a new Nickelodeon show...

chili picker "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled chilis... damn, that line still needs work."

punch my ballsack You don't get offers like THAT everyday!

private investgation school We're not telling you the address, but if you find it, you're qualified!

black gestapo scooter There were major budgetary cuts in early '45...

totally naked fat sumo wrestler pictures There goes any hope of a good night sleep tonight!

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speed racer porn remix midi Come, Speed Racer! Come Speed racer! Come, Speed racer, COMMMME!

locker room pictures women Share 'em if you find 'em, pal.

wwe dives women in nude and naked Hmmm... That's taking "skin diving" a mite literally.

firetruck driving lawsuits American, land of opportunity. For lawyers to become very rich.

cheap skateboard trucks without pp so, hold the pee-pee on your skateboard this time? Gotcha.

practise staredown This guy has a mirror and a LOT of spare time!

gasoline and fire play trick mat Matts' so gullible...

sushi jokes Some comedian I am, I can't think of any right now.

biggie boobs Hopefullly not Biggie Smalls boobs. That wouls be gross.

leg scissor fetish Now, honestly dude... IS there such a thing? No, there isn't is there. It's just you.

male fight groin The groin insulted his girlfriend, apparently.

hulk vs ironman pencil draw "Hulk SKETCH!"

free online curtian patterns What am I, the Living Channel all of a sudden?

+hurts it good Some Japanese karaoke fan's into Bryan Adams, huh?

slutty interviews Justin bent you over a coffeetable and made you bark like a dog, huh? Thanks for sharing.

chris's pussy exposed Will someone get Chris's cat a sweater?

fetch me a shrubbery knights How dare you go "Ni! at an old woman!

jefferson davis budweiser karate You Yanks get all the FUN adverts...

www bizzy bone alcoholic talk Let's get bizzy, and talk about bourbon... Or something.

small/delorean shell Hey, I brought that flux capacitor through legal channels, man!

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stewey pictures family guy Cool show. Wrong site.

doa huge boobs: "These Double-E's are flatlining! CLEAR!" ZAPPP!

britney spears passing urine "Pass, de urine on de left-hand side.... yeah!"

diving springboard one-and-a-half +how to Coaching via Google, huh? I will pay good money to watch his first attempt.

slam host boobs "I'm Bob Barker and welcome to..." SLAM! "Ahhh! I've been boobed!"

jumping boobs icon That'll liven up your desktop...

phlemco For all your disgusting bodily fluid needs, call 1-800-HOICK!

albert nipple ring nipple slip Definition of futile... searching for nipple slips on a guy who doesn't wear a shirt.

bloody happy face t-shirt I'd be bloody happy to own one.

sousapro Three cheers for Sue!

da low budget house boys: "Scratch it and give me a beat!" "Scratch what? We don't got no turntables..."

he her abs she six pack Translation: "I just had an episode, let's go get a beer."

persian poontang Looking for a little pussy tonight?

how do draw lennys pretty How to draw Lennys pretty WHAT, I may ask?

brutal biting woman wrestling -wind -dog -pet Juts one question. What does "wind" have to do with the price of herring in Lithuania?

curling and jurgen and 1980s Canadians, wanna help me out with this one?

commandments of backyard wrestling Thou shalt be young, and stupid.Thou shalt not tell thy parents about this. Thou Shalt worship no other gods besides Foley.

flubble butt My new favourite cutesy cussword. "Aw, nutbunnies! Flubblebutt!"

horny guys with a watermelon I do NOT want to know what they're going to do with it!

i will smack you in the mouth What the heck did I do THIS time?

furry bush italian It's a tourist attraction in Milan... I hope!

fuckityfuckfuckfuck This one gave me the giggles... He sounds so... peeved.

knucle boom Street Fight 2 move? "Knuuccclllllle...BOOM!"

jerker elite desk Perfect for the bust exec with too many things on his... uh, hands. (Ick, I grossed MYSELF out...)

is reginald veljohnson a homosexual I don't know! Leave me alone!

wrestling match and preschoolers Vince McMahon has GOT to be stopped!

bum brawlers My second favorite search of the night...

atomic sillicone tits I'm stunned into silence. Make that hilarity. My favourite of the night. BOOM, baby! Very, BOOM!

bycycle spelling change Yes, change it to the CORRECT spelling of "bicycle", please.

hate hairy chests And I hate Pauly Shore. But thanks for sharing.

tights the splits photo Dude, gymnasts are like, twelve years old! Freak.

carton nude oops Hey, that box is like, naked!

99 silicon boobs Didn't Nena sing this song in the 80's?

japanese womans frog party You say "Jump!", I say "What the hell?".

seeex gallery Heeeeey! Who got someeeeeething sticky on theeeee keeeyboard?

erin moran and scott baio doing it Man, that show was a LOT more fun than I remembered!

nelsons column hardy "kiss my column, Hardy!"

pro wrestling dark underbelly The dark side of sweaty men rolling on the floor together.

photos of post coitial sex Awww, he just wants to see them snuggle...

bird federscom Russias' greatest jazzz pianist.

horny father-in-laws Bet HE livened up the wedding reception.

micheal hutchence naked The poor guys dead, you sick freak! Leave him alone!

+charlie browns +london +lap Missing word="+dance", I think.

wrestling bikini sleep Yes. Sleep good. Go sleep now.

wrestlers with boners David Hasslehofs' character in Revenge of the Cheerleaders got a spin-off!

nude laddies "Donald, where's ya troosers?"

black+women+giant+afros Wacka-chicka-wacka-chicka...

undertaker nude picks "I pick YOU, Nude Undertaker!"

mus wrestling Something to do with cows with speech impediments? "Muuuuu!"

i saw mnky blue Jaques Cousteau discovers the fabled Blue Sea Monkeys of the Atlantic!

watermelon size boobs He found them too... too bad they were also watermelon COLOURED boobs!

gay seargent "Forwarrrrrrrrrd....MINCE!"

respect ma authoratah [Cartman] Goddamn hippie tree-hugger! [/Cartman]

+my wife +sitting on his lap +cock Well, he better stopcock!

wwe chynas history "We now come to the Playboy Dynasty, followed by the Age of Unemployment..."

nightmare in painesville GREAT slasher-film title!

song ecky breaky heart "Don't tell me heart, lad. Me ecky-thump, brecky-thump heart. Put wood in hole!"

freaky freaky fishy freak I'm stealing this name for when I form an improvised jazz trio.

glowstick pussy What, are you helping her ovaries read at night? STOP THAT!

wild whacky nuts Yep, we're attracting the wild, ZANY freaks today!

kids pee-pee my urine wet pants Perversion as a Second Language.

superslow and breathing Two less-interesting comic characters.

american idol fan signs fan signs "From Justin to Kelly Sucks!" "From Justin to Kelly Sucks!" Repeat as needed. (Why DID he double the search?)

man humping snowman commercial Does this one actually exist? And who's got a link to it?

listen to kriss kross will make ya jump I listened to Kriss Kross and was moved to change the radio station... does that count?

turkey dick I feel vaguely insulted.

brain claw "Look, if I squeeze this bit here, his arms go up and down!" SQUELCH! "See!"

charlie's angels 70's tv catfight clip Must have been Sweeps Week.

goober and bobo AKA George Dubya and Big Bill Clinton...

buy spinning bow tie One of the TWO WILD AND CRAZY GUYS stops by...

englsh football hooligans pictures I feel inspired to create "".

free pictures lesbian bearhug wrestling Oh, pay for them like everyone else does!

lil jon get low mb It's The Merry Men in the Hood! *rimshot*

midgets dwarfs -xxx -sex wrestling Redefines "Dwarf TOSSING', I guess.

queer boxing match Should be a gay old time.

bruce lee chickenwings Failed Franchise Operation of the Month. I knew I should have gone with the Chuck Norris Ribs instead...

lumberjack shoe wash This was LAST months idea. *sigh*

comedy- chin clipping "Don't you get it? I cut my chin off! It's FUNNY!"

priest of aries Job Vacancy, apply the Senate, Rome, before 45BC.

real boolsheet image Nope, but I have a genuine reproductions of them.

midget hire sumo For WHAT exactly?

bubba whooo whoooo A lesser-known Andrews Sisters number from the war years.

heidi mighty thighs EXCELLENT pornstar name!

ta carwash Didn't Dr. Freex already review "T and A Carwash"?

nh comicbooks "I am NEWHAMPSHIREMAN!"

phrases good call good idea good guess Good gravy...

super grover picture burger Stoners always get the munchies when they Google.

trashcan robert wrestling His frineds call him "Trashcan Bob", though.

i want to see if a car will shill drive in a junkyard photos I want to see your last pysch report, bozo.

martin luther king plagarize I better not have... his family are BASTARDS for suing!

weezing the juice Self-abuse Metaphor of the week!

midget drags queens High heels are a must for these folks...

men stomping other mens nuts CRUNCH! "Bob, are you SURE we can make cashew nut wine?" CRUNCH!

arn anderson sexual fantasy Mental Picture BAD!

wrestling bean bag brawlers They'll beat the crap out of your beanie babies!

girl wrestling crotch and penis holds I bet they don't stand for THAT in the Olympics!

how to make exploding props for backyard wrestling Darwin Award Winners.. of the FUTURE!

how do u fingerbang a girl sitting down Ummm.. how about you ask her politely to STAND UP first?

weezing smiley Hmmm... 8>[= No, he looks like he's puking. 8>0:::::: Nope, that's dribble.

wrestling pouches Skippy the Badass Kangaroo!

bionic woman chloroformed She is SO going to kick your ass if you try that...

dudes sack Oh, bollicks... here we go again!

shit soiled jock I always ask this... but WHY search for this?

underraged porno Nope, all my porno rages to the MAX, dude!

luchador figures for sale I take a gross of Silver Kings and a six-pack of El Dandys, thanks.

dean's wine cellar Thanks for the tour, buddy!

sex exxxx Umm... Fork dork, Mork.

defenseless wrestling women WWE: Spousal Abuse! Sunday on Pay-Per-View!

xxxtreme boos Only in BOB could you get hurt while vocalising your displeasure.

enema excitiment Actually, having one of those would do NOTHING for me... but to each his own, huh?

ramboleeches "We're your slimiest nightmare!"

size difference gay porn No, I will NOT research this for you...

pillow humper Chambermaid, please service this room...

jason camp crystal lake lifeguard So THAT's what Jason was doing from 1958-85!

movie the roc pro wrestler The Scorpion King II, starring a giant mythlogical bird and some guy in a loincloth.

boobs stuck in car doors Okay, that's GOTTA hoit! (And oddly, it's the most-requested search on the new BOB Wrestling server. Go fig.)

stacy keibler's p*ssy being f*****d Aww, poor puddy tat, it didn't deserve that.

torrie in boobs Either that's a new magazine, or she got stuck there in a bizarre comsmetic surgery accident.

my work here is done tv hero That sounds like a great catchphrase if you say it in a deep enough voice. Just not within earshot of your co-workers.

funny i want to have sex with you e-mails Can't wait for the equally funny sexual harrasment lawsuits.

roleplay cybersex That's not the type of "roleplaying" we require at BOB.

jobber sex wrestling If you lose... you're screwed!

urimania sex "Welcomne to the Incontinent Wrestling Federation... and welcome to "URIMANIA 1"!

ding ding +boxing +girl Is "Ding-Ding the Boxing Girl" a Japanese anime character? Sounds like it.

necrophil and sex It WOULD be gard to have necrohilliac masturbation, I guess.

catfight biting Stacys' p*ssy is NOT happy!

bloody vixens wrestling "Bloody vixens are wrestling again, mother. I'm off down local for pint."

budget +truck +stick figure I'm rendered typeless. (The on-line version of speechless, yeah?)

sweaty muscular wrestlers Wouldn't want to watch Monday Night Raw with THIS person.

boobs Well thank God SOMEONE just said what everyone else just implied! Bravo.

edge/christian rape fiction Sadly, he'll probably find fifty pages of it.

i got those happy feet And I got twinkle toes! We should make a fortune in vaudiville!

male roleplay rape gay Oh, go away...

naked female brawlers And take this guy with you.

gay wrestling beatings And this guy can drive.

dan yoo oregon Yes, dan yoo, Oregon. Dan yoo to heel!

goth kentucky hazard Beware of morbid teens eating fried chicken!

wath my boobs Yeth. Wath them thlowly, with your tongue. Thuper.

heidi's spanking And ANOTHER of my childhood memories bites the dust.

bikini styles of the 1960's polka dot bikini There's one on my site, but the picture is itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny. And yellow.

bikini wrestling matches in france I see Paris, I see France, I see EVERYONE'S underpants. (C)Joel Hodgson, Manos episode.

law greased pig wrestling If he's in Alabama, he's probably not breaking any laws.

dyslexic bob Heck the who he is?

brandon's cyberslut Lucky old Brandon.

dicksa Sounds like a slightly smutty soda pop.

+six feet eight inches tall +gay +man He's HUGE! Probably... I'm not checking to find out.

how to use a bathroom bedee This schmucks bathrooms to look like Old Faithful wen off in it.

depants in public pictures "Boss! De pants! De pants!"

amayzin Yeah, it's aw3s0me, d00d.

chatting up disco language contest Hey baby... ever seen the leaves of a Califonrnia redwood? No? Well, how about a root?" *slap*

bobsters riding glasses Saddle up the Ray-bans, boys! Yeee-HAW!

japan schoolgirl groper This isn't Interpols' site, but thanks for coming.

crappy bob That's us, baby! "Crappy Pro-Wrestling Parodies Since 1999! And Proud of It!"

nukie movie Even _I_ won't watch that one, thanks.

u mcintosh copyrights lyrics No, me Skeeter Copycat Lycros. Mac lives next door.

15th century peasant+clothing Is this that guy who ran out on the track at Silverstone during the British GP?

kneedrop driver I prefer the term "Kneedrop Chauffer", actually.

belvedere ladies of wrestling That butler guy gets wackier every year.

surf hold wrestling Fun Fact: Brian Wilson invented the figure-four leglock!

usa spanking 1990 wrestling Todays' special... four searches for the price of one!

all sexxxys com Can we stop selling stupid people computers? Please?

balled lizzie borden did she give HIM forty "Whacks"?

wedgie banana atomic wet Say that out loud. Doesn't make any more sense that way, but sounds a LOT funnier, yeah?

macon whoopee jerseys What a terrible pun. I want one, of course.

diarrhea by dr demento lyrics Thank God he put "lyrics' in the search, or I don't know WHAT I would have been imagining.

gay wrestling claw balls Get your ticket and hire a tux for the social event of the year!

brawlers hat Just down the road from Medicine Hat!

lowblow kick photos I honestly didn't know how many freaks were on the Net before I started my site.

shape candy cantaloupes Candy shaped like cateloupes? There's a niche market.

banana pudding wrestling Appetizing, yet strangely distasteful.

erect wrestling Well, you look sloppy when you slouch in the ring.

plexiglass chamber gloves Nope, I'm confused. Again.

chh ahh horror movie Well, you may as well crack open a beer if you're going to watch a Scary Movie. *cch* Ahh...

cartoon bunny inflating boobs I hope Babs and Buster haven't be reduced to cartoon porn since their show was cancelled.

mongolian goulash Great, I'm the Food Network all of a sudden.

bmmb bad Yep! Bad to the Bone!

nikki cox wearing boxing gloves I mentioned this to Leary, his response was "Yummy". Dare I ask who Nikki Cox is?

underoos spank But Underoos can't hold a paddle! How's that work?

pictureshow 2 hibernation A brief review of

Cradle 2 the Grave, I think. Watch film, go to sleep.

sweedish chainsaw label "Please to not stop chainsaw with putting face by blade. Spank you."

kens real face in wrestling Kamikazie Ken from BOB? Pretty battered by now, I'd imagine.

gigantic boobs on tv The search returned pictures of 90% of reality show hosts.

reno rednecks "C'mon seven! Daddy needs a new trailer!"

david hawk gay Another one for Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Shelter

candy stinkyface "Dude, this candy tastes like my ass..."

sudeen strike 2 "Operation Black Hawk Dooooooon!"

raven vs spawn Only one problem... one's a wrestler, the other's a cartoon character. I don't think it's likely to happen.

skateboarding biffs I'll biff you with a skateboard if you don't leave me alone.

kendo glascow The ancient art of "See-Yu Pally!"

pushed in the pool Well, don't drip on my Crab Chips, please.

tuckers partner Can't help you, although I have a memory of Tuckers daughter.

the schmucks from canada Eh?

+mom +slapfight That's the trials of raising teenage daughters for ya.

sushi poison And fugu to you too.

eye poke self-defense Bruce Cambell teaches Self-Defense against Undead Three Stooge Impersonators.

fat lady beatdown The Bearded Lady made a run-in to save her, though.

doll mask rubber I'm not even game enough to ask...

aunty boobs I hate visting Aunty Boobs, she always pinches my cheek.

veronica lodge nude Veronica Lodge is situated on the picturesqe shores of Veronica Lake.

drawf hamster for sale No need, I have an ablino rbabit...

nazi bikers Seig, WHEELIE!

apartment catfights The first Disturbing Search from Marxos "Crab Chips" pages! Nice going, buddy!

caddyshack tits Sadly, they were Rodney Dangerfields.

i'm naked Thanks for sharing. Hopefully Marxo wasn't when he wrote that page.

hulk vs godzilla The spin-off we DIDN'T see coming.

godzilla webs Hey, Spider-Kaiju!

penis cylnder It's not mine, honest! Those things aren't my bag, baby!

real hellraiser box prop He is SO going to get his face ripped off...

amanita and its allies poisonous mushrooms The Mushrooms are gathering their forces! (PS: Now Cliffies pages are drawing 'em in!)

man lived to 135 on sardine diet But lost all of his friends except the guy with no nose.

transformation stories + aquatic + mermaid He forgot "+chrolorform +gay rape +edge and Christian".

monkey stock prediction If an infinite number of monkeys played the stock market for an infinite number of years... they'd STILL have less money than Gates.

shark sufing Hang flipper, dude!

mexican surf monkey Paddle faster, amigo... the shark is catching up!

monster movie island drinks acid Better than watching monster mnovies ON acid, I guess.

csi friday the 13th Let's see Grissom make a casual quip about THIS crime scene...

friday the 13th part iv sex scene Uhh, which one exactly?

friday the 13th nude scenes I repeat, let's get specific here.

i love robbi morgan I'm sure he's very happy to hear that.

kevin bacon speedos Darn, I already made the "Degress of Seperation" crack in my review.

famous actor who played in friday the 13th CRISPIN GLOVER! What, wrong film?

friday the 13th plot summary spoiler Now THERE'S the oxymoron of the month!

great boobs Next on Discovery... "Great Boobs of History", narrated by William Shatner!

slobby sweatpants Comfy enough for even the flabbiest ass!

fling v guitars Great, Ozzys' pissed again! DUCK!

godzilla vs krab At least it wasn't "Godzilla WITH crabs"...

movie motorcycle joust And strangley, I've never even SEEN "Knightriders", let alone reviewed it.

bikers with boobs Followed by the Dykes on Bikes.

mentos sheep advert Australian farmers ALWAYS freshen their breath before they go a'courting.

hellraiser meaning It's meant to be a scary movie... want me to sum up the plot intracies of "Freddy Got Fingered", too?

wwwangelfirecom/ny/henshin Who stole this guys "dots"?

a nightmare on elm street part 3 with dokken Thank you for visiting, former lead singer of "Dokken"...

hallway mirrors scary movie AHHHHH! Oh wait, that's just my reflection again. AHHHH!

plot spoilers for nightmare on elm street Is this even POSSIBLE?

arrow through kevin bacon picture Six degrees of Ouchie.

ned's hilarious phone calls Stop calling me, Flanders! it's not funny anymore!

nude friday the 13th girl Uhhh, want to pick one of the two dozen or so eligible choices?

sex inflatable raft Tell me he's not wanting to have sex WITH an inflatable raft...

male strip parties gone wild Next on FOX's "All Porn Friday Night!".

60's fashions stock footage Whatever's your bag, baby.

friday the 13th breasts script He want to read AND ogle, it seems.

blood surf tuna Now THERE'S an eye-catching brandname to put on the can.

tanlines underwater No matter how hard I think about this, I'm still not sure what he was hoping to find.

king kong is racist Fun Fact: His father formed the Klu Klux Kong.

plantative definition [Whiny]Oh, go onnnnn... tell me what it means! C'monnnnnn![/Whiny]

demon encylcopedia "For this unique, human-skin bound volume of the Enclyopedia Demonica, call NOW! Doomed Souls are standing by to take your order!"

girl gets possessed by demons So THAT's what makes Bjork sing like that!

the things they carried clip notes Random words the sentance foghorn.

crab claws injury "Herbies' hurt! Im going to need a scalpel, some boiling water and a butt-load of garlic buter!" (Ducks things thrown by Cliffie)

transformation stories + aquatic + mermaid Yes, Miss Fish, this freak DID find one of your reviews...

gory shark attack video clip I'll only watch if the shark is attacking Casper van diem.

roaches hate light Really? No duh.

tampax inside panties probably not going to do a hell of a lot of good there, but your in the neighbourhood. So to speak.

sex y fukig What language is this schmuck speaking? Anyone?

topless fist fight Right after "Male Strip Parties Gone Wild", here on FOX!

biker gang nicknames I nicknamed MY biker gang "The Fancypants Lads". So they beat the shit out of me.

whoo proceed speed lyrics jc I think the operative word here is "speed'... Googlers shouldn'tdo drugs before net-surfing.

erik estrada's package "The name's Ponch, and I got a delivery for yo mama!"

jason vorhees characteristics Scorpio, likes cadlelit dinners, walks on the beach and occasional beheadings.

wwe smackdown photos from the first ever bourbon street bikini contest I love how uber-specificly he phrased that... Jim Ross would be proud.

breasts reviled Ewww... boobies! Yuck!

breasts are so small gratuitous see them What are you on, and how much are you paying per ounce, dude?

guy girl transform sequence Hmm... a Wonder Twins reference, perhaps? "Form of... a chick!"

what does the ending of a nightmare on elm street mean It means they really, really wanted to make a sequel. Any other queries?

bond girl holly goodhead character analysis Expressions of Futility, part 47: Analysis of a Bond Girl.

movie trampoline cliche That's a new cliche if I've ever heard one...

imdb aliens are already here That WOULD explain the occasional postive review of Tom Green movies, I guess.

freemans kilt hire "FREEEMANNNNNN!" "Great, William Wallace is pissed again..."

moose knucle Canadian cusine must be a treat, eh?

the lair of the crab Cliffies secret identity REVEALLED!

sorority strip bare breast FOX's Friday Night just keeps rolling along....

ta movie "Ta, movie... luvverly jubbly! Now I'm off to the old rub-a-dub for a pint!"

valiant hiting Later, Valiant was seen to be bitting, too.

b-movie drinking game Rule One: One drink every time someone says "Master! NOOOOOOOOO!" in a Kung-fu Flick".... "You bastard! AHHHHHHGH!"=2 drinks.

ikon +lock -camera -ford I'm stealing that name for a film noir script. "Hello, I'm Ikonlock Cameraford!" *BANG!* Thud.

evil kanevil + costumes Only worn once, bloodstains optional.

leif garret bald Well, is he? Anyone seen a picture of him lately?

belly punching lolita Nope, sorry... although my 12-year-old cousing delights in hitting me on the arm....that any good for ya, freak?

ghetto brawls dvd covers If that's a real DVD, why the hell is IT out and we're complaining about great movies NOT getting re-released?

red noise pitbull Too. Much. Surrealism. Today.

bum girl wrestling "It's the dreaded Bumincanrana! WHATTAMANEUVER!"

wrestling her leather pants Whatever lights your lavalamp, my friend.

evil lyn's hair But is her HAIR evil too?

hellraiser totem pole So Pinhead was a Native American? Who knew?

mushroom head circumcise Eek.

godzilla happy dance "I got those hapy feet!" *CRUNCH* "Making holes in the street!" *SQUIDGE*

barneys' coffee and tea company "I love you! You love tea! Let's have some-thing with caf-fine!"

raptor chopper If that's a thinly-veiled reference to a dino-Dinky, I'm outta here!

delicates of a hog Ditto this, only in a porcine sense.

descibe a scene of a movie Least.Specific search. Ever.

justin timberlake piggyback on his shoulders That's it, my brain exploded.

head explode inflatable raft Told ya. (Drifts off into the sunset.)

skeeter kerkoves movies for sale Uhhh, wrong "Skeeter", I'm afraid. Thank you, come again.

auto fellators People who do it with their cars, or just exceptionally limber men?

tonsil-cam Next on "Reality Dentistry"!

purgatory heaven humor script It's wacky, zany, quasi-religious laughs on "Where the Hell am I, God?"!

school girl catfights Obligatory Perverted Search, Part 1

big laughing gym "Ha ha haaaa... Me Heap Big Laughing Gym. Ancestors mis-spell "Jim" on birth certificate. Ha ha haaaa!"

seventies themed clothes Thus making it an "AHHHH, my EYES!" Theme Party.

fear factor in socks Obligatory Brain-Imploding Bizzareness, Part 1

trish status flashing thong I wonder if you can buy that on WWE Shopzone, and what color it flashes?

underage lolita seeex What, not seeex f#################cking?

+ultima +online +doom "Repent! The Time of the Restricted Bandwith is at hand! We're all doomed!"

picture of surfer being chased by shark As seen in all cheesy, toursity Australian photoshop booths.

bond jaws moonraker apollo air Sounds like a gnarly thing to pull at the X-Games.

inbreds photo freaks Tom Greens looking to research his family tree again.

woman staked out and raped by campfire PLEASE tell me it's only a movie! It's only a movie...

1950's outboard motorboats Sensible search... stupid site to look for it, though.

scooby high and elm So THAT's the secret ingredient of scooby Snacks! Hallucinogenic Elm Bark!

sex orgasm marathon running The only real reason to tune into the next Olympic Games.

boys camp skinny dip Obligatory Perverted Search, Part 2

tree fungus that tastes like chicken And smells like... no, let's not go THAT lowbrow. Yet.

las vegas pancakes topless nude What a load of crepe.

seargent major estrada He was once plain old "Private Ponch".

john f kenedys childhood What am I, a Discovery Channel Special all of a sudden?

free nude pictures of stacy keibler of playboy no bull You heard him, Stace. Lose the bikini... and the cattle.

gary neville foreskin WHY are you searching for an English soccer players dangly bit? WHY? Whywhywhywhywhywhy?

friday the 13th references jason runs a marathon Yes, the SEX ORGASM MARATHON! Next on ESPN!

i am a breast man Thanks for sharing, but I'll have a wing and some stuffing.

mafia killers silenced pistol Well, the pistol shouldn't have squealed. He was asking for it.

study notes rats saw god But when asked to describe him, simply nibbled the mic.

sand kicked in your face picture Charles Atlas would be so proud.

humans turning into pigs What do you mean "turning into"? Ever been to a Sizzler recently? It's already happened.

cousteau mermaids -forgotten "Sheet. Where did I put ze mermaids?"

name for oversexed girl At my school, she was called "Sheryl". Your mileage may vary.

sound effect + ch-ch + jason Hack, slash, cha-cha-cha!

camp crystal lake friday the 13th teddy horror 1980 "AHHHH! The cutesy stuffed toys are coming! RUN!"

farm cousin skinny dip The cousin in question weighed 300lbs. It's more an "Obese Dip".

camoflague sports bra Yep, I've got hundreds but I can't find any. *rimshot*

friday the 13th pee "Friday the 13th Part P: We Finally Ran Out of Numbers!"

friday the 13th part 2 skinny dip clip You want chips with that dip? Don't slip or I'll flip.

friday the 13th+boy in wheelchair is killed Aww, he gave away the plot! This is just like that guy who told me about "The Sixth Sense". Kind of.

crispin glover at playboy party "Go Crispin! It's ya birthday! Gonna party like it's your birthday!"

jason voohees who is he "Crap, man.. I just realised I slept right through the entire 80's! Bummer."

cock or dick or penis because he has a bigger Obligatory Brain-Imploding Bizzareness, Part 2

lyrics to ya'll are brutalizing me I agree, y'all IS brutalizing me. So go away.

creepy akira scene sound Could you be a LOT more specific?

sumo suit tactics win This guys taking the games at the office Christmas party WAY to seriously.

ending battlefield earth Was probably the best descion Travolta ever made

how to tell if shrimp is bad Leave your wallet out and see if they steal the money is my advice.

horror movie makeup tips Here's a tip... If the movie is made by Nu Image, find another film. Pronto.

stinkhorn squid stinky They're still better pets than the Pusshorn squid or the Vomithead Crab.

my creature from the black lagoon summary Your summary. Cliffies summary. Descion? Cliffie wins. Yay, Cliffie.

vagabondia iii AKA, The Ideal Bums and Hobos Roadshow.

fishtank murky water Get off the net and CLEAN IT, then!

luminol spray for hunters CSI Alabama rolls into pre-production with the long-awaited "Who Shot Bambis Mom?" episode.

how to be a hermit I'd come over and tell you, but it'd defeat the purpose.

loony tunes flash intro Daffy, PLEASE put your pants back on!

the sculpture weeee by patrick mcdonald This is called 'Weeeeee!'. My next work is entitled 'Waaaaaaa-hoo!' I love my job!"

football hooligans pictures RateMySkinhead.Com?

hellraiser virtual hell game To make it authentic, Virtual Hell: The Game has a score consisting of MIDI-based Bee Gees Muzak... and no volume control.

video game + rape + homeless people Obligatory Brain-Imploding Bizzareness, Part 3

comedy headlice pictures Look, I'm infested with parasites! Aren't they HILARIOUS!

horror movie gates planet worms "Planet of the Worms", starring Bill Gates! This summer from Microsoft In-House Video, Inc!

buford cornpone Why am I imagining Colonel Sanders neighbour right about now?

hamster fist Obligatory Perverted Search, Part 3

cans movie irresistable monica Sadly, we'll never get to see if "Irresistable Monica" would have lived up to its title. Damn network suits.

cyprus streaker "Man, Cyprus has a few beers and WOOSH, off with the clothes. Sicily, Greenland, see if you can get him out of here."

dennis hopper word man Yo Dennis. Word. Man.

excorsists I USED to be a corsist, but I've reformed my ways.

star trek v controversy Some say it sucks, others think it blows. The debate continues.

star trek target audience Mainly, fans of... large men who... pause... at odd times... in their... speech.

independance say movie "IS4: The Dearch For the Dchmuck Who Dwitcheds the Letterd on My Keyboars!"

godzilla movie the 20's He was defeated by Elliot Ness and his Unstompables.

satues naked Hooked on phonics for "Is that you without your apparrel on?

mr magoo pants If he wants to "get into" those pants, I'm outa here.

dtv monster hits "...And our new number one single this week... "Raargh", by the Direct-to-Video Monster All-Star Band!"

frigs meaning Haven't got a friggin' clue.

octopus sex woman suck Okay is this "Obligatory Brain-Imploding Bizzareness" or "Obligatory Perverted Search" material?

bum feeler "Mr Aphid, I'm afriad we goofed on the Antenna Realignment Surgery..."

erotic alien lesbian photo shoot clone planet I have nothing to say that could be funnier than this. :)

suicide of a munchkin video clip Weeee' to cack the Wizard! Or ourselves. Same diff.

soiled underoos poop wet Yep, that's the reason I prefer to be an uncle, rather than a dad. The kid's coming back your way, brother-in-law.

psychopath political assasins Nope, all the political assassins on MY page are totally normal, thank you.

what's the genre of the book drivers ed I haven't even READ the freakin' book! Why are you asking me?

90's porn titles Ahh, the heady days of "Honey, I Blew Everyone!".

what movie sterotyped black people Whatever it was, I blame it on Spike Lee. Damn! That is wack! Damn!

paul took off his shorts friday the 13th part 4 Gratutitous MALE nudity? Wonders will never ceae.

cprbad acting Look,

Friday the 13th, Part 4 wasn't great, but you shouldn't need oxygen afterwards.

i want he bra skinny dip He Bra: Supporter of the Universe!

halleluijah diet: Burger King giveth, the Lord taketh away the pounds.

what does teehee mean: Let's all point at the Googler and laugh, children.

fbi hiring method "Eeny, meeny, miny... MO! congratulations, here's your gun."

dino flintstone boxers: They're punching Dino? Call the ASPCA, stat!

bonkeroonie: Booker T's latest gimmick fell foul of the censors pretty quick...

wrestling breast attack: So did Torrie Wilsons'...

mouses tits: Mickey, I think Minnies had too much to drink... you better take her home now.

kill bugs flamethrower chainsaw What, a can of Raid was just too sedate for ya?

csi nude female corpse It's part of the new "Necrophillia Friday Night" line-up!

giant water bug vs cockroach The premiere program on the "Xtreme Hardkore Discovery Channel".

gratuitous nude scene On my sirte? that's pretty much ALL of them, then.

tom green horse scene Four words I REALLY didn't need to see in the same sentance. Ever.

gothic russell gay Well, that's entirely up to Mr. Gothic Russell to decide.

crabs for your fishtank Here's some ointment for your fishtank, then.

infiltration rate and beach Yes. Really? Ummm. Okay. Thanks for stopping by. I think.

french quarter vampires coffin Next on "Designer For the Undead", right here on the Formely Living Channel!

two teenage girls streetfight It's a whiny, badly-dressed rumble!

virtual skateboard I tried it... now I have a virtual concussion. I need a virtual helmet.

chestermolesther Yes, good old Chester.. the LORD OF THE ANAL RING-TOSS!

donkey cart missle iraq Well, no WONDER they lost!

family photos of julio eglasias You're cray-ci... cray-ci, for making zis search....

dangle sound file reno 911 What the HELL was he looking for?

axe ladies room teddy bear Ditto this one... three things that have NO relation to the other! Was it a full moon?

friday the 13th piano ending Ahh, Chopins' "Ode to a Torso" in B-flat minor.

friday the 13th part 1 music in quick time player "Chhchhchhhaahaahaa"... that's as quick as I can do it.

frolicing nude Stop peeking at me! It's my house, I'll frolic nude if I want to!

give a rat's ass originate I couldn't give an originate for this search.

one-legged women in the 1960's Surrealism is so osprey...

monica lewinsky +hot +tub +photo +shoot Okay, my large intestine just attempted to throttle my brain to preven t me even THINKING of that mental image.

hamster death cartoon shoot Hamster Anime Snuff Porn? Oh, the HAMSTANINTY!

bikini spider women from mars If this is a real film, I'm fucking well seeing it! Seriously!

the cook in mr magoo Peter Greenaways' "The Cook, the Thief and the Near-Sighted Unfunny Guy"?

hellraiser pinhead costume patterns How to fuck up your kid this Halloween in one easy step.

what does open sores on your face mean It means I'm not inviting you to dinner anytime soon.

what was in the briefcase hire where was linda trapped What are you talking about why ask two questions at once with a random sausage between?

gunning down with an ak-47 film If it's a Tom Green film, pass me the gun, I'll do it for you.

complete movie cast of blood surf Let's see... Nobody, Nobody, Nobody with Bad Australian Accent, Nobody, Nobody Who Does Gratuitous Topless Shot...

foot feet female fetish video toe ouch torture midget table My night is complete. Don't know what it means, but I laughed my ass off reading it.

snuffleupagus ornament: Available at

armed robbers rape fat granny: Dear freakey Google-r. Please sever your modem cable with garden shears and take up knitting. Yours, Skeeter.

cheapest lego destroyer: Fun Fact: A three-year old boy on a sugar rush can usually destroy up to four Lego scultpures every ten minutes.

marathon and runner and ornament: AND fridge and xylophone and ocelot and indiso and goiter. NOT gymnsaium, though. That would be weird.

movie clips exorcist crab walk: Linda Blairs dance number was eventually excised from the final cut, sadly.

jokes marathoners: "Welcome to The Annual Boston 26-Mile Comedy Jam!"

spanky gang never same 60's film: An "Our Gang" search, or a bondage and discipline reference?

pictures of the 50's and 60's men sucking women's breasts: "Damn, this is FAKE 60's porn from the early 70's! Gotta keep looking!"

breakdance animation for buddy icon: Thanks for visiting my site, Mr. Icon. Or can I call you Bud?

sluts treated like shit sorority hazing video: The Farrely Brothers spitball for movie ideas.

sluts wearing boxing gloves: Uber-specific fetish number 34, 761.

apartment female wrestlers losers spanked and paddled: Uber-specific fetish number 34, 762!

swamp sluts: Blonde, busty and born on the Bayou. Yee-ha.

clown slasher school 80's: Alternative Title "Bonzo Goes Bonkers".

ameoba hentai: You gotta be fucking kidding me...

battle monkeys breakdance picture: Dude, if you find it, send it to me.

evil demented republican fiend: Links to the same page as Googles "miserable failure" page, I believe.

how tall actor steven segal: Sorry, "Actor"? Are you sure?

bra conceal nipple no show: But I think that's kind of the point.

trippy a4 posters: Like, wow. And stuff. Groovy. Yeah.

chompy puppet: "Hi, kids! I'm Chompy the Dinosaur! And in the next half-hour, I'm going to disembowel and eat my entire audience! YAY!"

jurassic truck corporation usa: Deliveries made in 60, 000, 000 years or your money back!

raptor cia: "V. Locer Raptor, C.I.A! Grr."

robot prostitue: That'll give you a full-on robot chubby...

how to make a greek mask for kids to trace: The kids must LOVE summer vacation at this guys place. Next year, crochet and doily mking.

bumbumbum sound effects: What sounds DOES three complete asses make? Find out at the next Presidential Debate!

oversexed demoness: Anyone got the Number of the Beast With Two Backs?

star trek ansaphone: So I attract Freaks AND Geeks. Always nice to have a varied audience.

monkey capital of the world: Three towns past the Huge Ball O' Twine and turn left at the Gator Wrestling Show.

how did they save the aligators in the past: By NOT shooting them and making them into handbags?

shagging aligators: Do NOT try this at home. Or anywhere. Ever. Even you, Steve Erwin.

your conventional weapons are useless tommy boy: Prince of Space trials a new catchphrase.

wheelchair invader: Is Hecubus taking up streaking now?

howard stern's lord of the anal rings link: I don't even want to know...

vacuum tits inflating boobs: Do you get a bycycle repair kit in case of blowouts?

movie o strangle: The first Irish slasher film.

shrimp on the booty: The first Australian blaxploitation film.

mtv bare breasts: Sadly, they were Preston Laceys ona "Jackass" re-run.

televised christmas movie about mother getting sick and child who buys her christmas shoes: Welcome to Hallmarks "And You Were Depressed YESTERDAY?" Friday Nights!

seasame street kitchen hero: Super-Grover, Chef de Cuisine!

simpons episode where waiter has had a stroke: Now imagine the untapped comedic potential of a fatal heart attack on "Friends".

honeymooners having sex movie clips: Now try NOT to think of Ralph Kramden getting jiggy with it.

30's movie nudity: Uber-specific fetish number... ahh, the joke is dead.

myst hangs after playing for some minutes: Actually, that's just Mysts gameplay. It just LOOKS like the screen froze.

exploding bomb bags for wholesale prices: Osama brances out into the exciting world of e-commerce.

octopus skank: Failed dance Crazes of the Sicties, part 4.

tickets for antrax train: Just one letter out of place, but I'm betting this guy ended up getting raided by the FBI.

70's helicopter chase scenes: Even the worst helicopter chase scene can be improved by wacka-chicka guitars.

why did they choose friday 13th for their boat trip: Better question... who are we talking about?

pictures ranger arrows archery dork: The growing anti-Legolas backlash gets personal.

how to play friday the 13th on piano: Slipknot spitballs for cover version ideas.

teen growth spurt becomes giant with boobs: Attack of the Fifty Foot WHOA, Man!

hair wigs bangs glue on enhancer: WHAT are you gluing to WHERE as an enhancer, man?

fingerbang you all: The hell you will, pal.

the ugliest hair dialogue: The Obligatory "The HELL?" search.

what does blood gang stand for: Some sort of really long acronym? "Biological Lifeform Originally Of Diverse Groping.... DAMN!"

experiment that makes popcorn look like it is crawling: Leaving under a couch in a roach-infested apartment gets the same results.

cold mountain nude scene butt: Quickest. Pervy Search. Ever.

she had huge eyeballs: Umm, okay. Good. Glad to hear it.

a nightmare on elm street 3 dream warriors porn: Now there's a search that'll give you bad dreams, all right.

mixed wrestling ball squeeze: That guy'll be trash-talking in a high-pitched voice.

brigette neilsen where is she: Tied up in my basement next to Patricia Arquette. Just don't tell anyone, okay?

bum grope: The growing trend in Homeless Person Molestation continues.

in the line of fire plastic gun how to make: The F.B.I will be right over once they've finished with Antrax Guy.

sasqutach sounds: Moo.

mibble cam: "Dude, I can see her mibble! Focus, FOCUS!"

contradictions in dracula: "I never drink... vine. Okay, yes I do. NO, no I don't. Vell, just a little of zer chandonnay..."

crispin godzilla: Proof that Cliffie uses Google!

bad 80's rock: Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome to the stage... Five Guys With Huge Hair!

escorts my site copycat: Man, if even hookers are ripping your web-design off, you KNOW you're good at it!

dog seex: Hey, they're doing it Human -Style!

1950's post apocalyptic scifi movie with seven people: The Magnificant, Mutated Seven! Next on HBO!

loretta bobbitt + genitals: That's an accident just waiting to happen...

jade jackie chan hentai: Does Jackie do his own stunts in THIS flick, too?

wisconsin versus yodel: Next on State Court, Kansas vs Mimes! Stay tuned!

romeo and juliet 1960's topless: "Romeo! Romeo! Check these puppies out, Romeo!"

how many spceship: Gee, I don't know, how many would you like? Moron.

gestapos last orgy: What REALLY happened in that bunker after Hitler capped himself.

orange youth coveralls like what is worn in the movie holes: To get your own pair, try holding up a bank with a water pistol.

lou diamond phillips glasses from the movie stand and deliver: List price on E-Bay, 45 cents.

crocdile greeting: Sorry, I only speak Alligator.

tattoo magoo: "Boss! Boss! De plane! De plane!" "That's not a plane, it's a cloud, Tattoo. Put on your glasses, for God's sake!"

did the cartoon character mr magoo have a first name: Answers should be sent to

i was sent to reform school: Nice to see they let you keep the internet access, though.

a picture of a guy tying up a girl: A picture of a girl tying up a chicken.. SNAP! Oh, darn...

marathon runners raped in foil: Hey, Oven-Ready Victims! (PS. Is there REALLY a market for this fetish? Seriously, is there?)

fantasy transformation amputee pictures women -shemale -transexual: Or this one?

lifeguard beach bunny cutout: Nope, that's not a cut-ot, it relly IS Pamela Anderson. We understand the confusion, though.

crazy indian cut ballsack: Ritual circumcision goes horribly, horribly wrong.

why aniston's nipples always erect: Gues they're closer "Friends" than we thought.

strip mining aliens moon: alt.conspiricy gets a new contributer.

in depth summary independence day the movie: Suck, suck, suck, BOOM, suck, suck, BOOM, plot hole, logic lapse, BOOM, the End.

evil eating fruit young mirror family movie youth: I HAVE to see this film. If it IS a film, not a bad acid trip.

how fast does a kiwi run: Kiwis don't run. They hide. Trust me on this.

chicken shrimp and cow cartoons: Nickelodeon resorts to adding new characters to boost flagging ratings.

pornography: Okay, who really need to SEARCH for that these days? It's all but delivered to your inbox each morning like a newspaper.

teeny tiny girl: The one that lives in my head and tells me to set fire to things? She's sleeping, can I take a message?

does the size of a hermit crab matter when racing: I might have to forward this to Al Unser, Jr. for confirmation, but I'm almost certain the answer is "No".

usefulness of jellyfish to humans: They make very comfortable bathing caps. (Hides from Cliffie.)

never let them take you alive: Thanks for the dvice... don't take any wooden nickels.

3rd degree burns -- scientific pictures: As opposed to the "Erotic" 3rd degree burn pictures, I guess. Bleech.

girl: I think I'm going to cry.

areosmith groupies picture: Sadly Steve Tyler stuck his head in shot and obscured them behind his lips.

superbowl naked man riverdance: MTV's decide to top that Janet Jackson stunt NEXT year, I see.

ian thorpe nude preview: Eww, I can see the "Thorpedeo"!

bad boys bimbo in morgue: "Whatcha gonna do?" Change the channel, i think.

ant timpson+crab boy+photos: Ant runs the Incredible Film Fest here in Auckland. What that has to do with giant crustaceans, I have no idea.

picture motorcycle accident face ripped off: take a letter, Mrs. Johnson. You. Sick. Freak. Messge ends.

muscular women gymnasts trampoline pictures: A future "Awful Link of the day" for, I think...

mannequin sex: How was she? A little wooden...

tina louise in a skin tight dress: Gilligan had a REASON for not leaving that island, it seems.

rubber raincoats in storms: Umm, okay. Live long and prosper, sir.

help fot hedgehog project: Singing... "Help my hedgehog, help, help, my hedgehog.."

russian single crusies: Back in the 80's, they were "Comrade Cruises". You had to queue for an hour to get a drink with an umbrella in it. And then they were out of umbrellas.

history of roys trigger: "I bought t' trigger in 1923. Couldn't afford the gun 'till December of '32, though."

well-hung teenagers: Now appearing at Salem High School.

hanglider building plans: Future Darwin Award Winner?

tying up girls in bed: And that's the LEAST disturbing fetish of the day.

how to write gothic freaky writing: Drink a butt-load of Gothic Absinthe and grab a pen, dude!

untitled jerking off: You mean I should be giving my acts of self-love a name? Okay, I call this "A Salute to the Washington Monument!".

hump buddies: That's tanking friendship WAY too far, IMHO.

rabbit dressed in gangster outfit with gun picture: So "Bugs Bunny" was too hard to type?

lip transplant: "Ith there any chanth of a thmaller thet, doc?"

ahh its godzilla: Copy-and-paste 50 times to simluate the subtitles on any Big G. flick.

cow shocker stick cost: EXTREME Cow Tipping! Next on ESPN!

custard wrestle nude: Don't do it in public, you'll end up in "custard-y"! *rimshot*

nickelodeon +kangaroo -captain +fox +potato chips: Hallucenogenics +Google +bad idea

movie teens carjack 2000: "We've got the Millenium started, man! Drive, DRIVE!"

unexpected sex change: Michael Jackson has one "proceedure" too many...

guys with boners holding up cowboy hats: Greatest. Search. Ever! Period.

man spandex anatomy suit educational: Educational use only, huh? Yeah, right, Freaky Freakson.

his frst huge cock: "That's the biggest chicken I've ever seen! You're a natural at this, Fred!"

boys lowblow fetish: The Vienna Boys Choirs dirty little secret is revealed at last...

spaghetti poncho: Alfredo sauce hat optional.

fiend without a face hentai: That tremor you just felt was John Agar cartwheeling in his grave.

sluts from paso robles: Best country-punk crossover band EVER!

1950s virginia mass murders: "Yes, Virginia, I CAN taste the bitter almonds... GACK!"

kung fu porn movie: "Drunken Molestor"? "The Five Diddling Venoms?"

killer clams attack: "The clams are coming! Run! We only have a couple of months to escape!"

women covered with tarantulas: The latest look from Versace didn't go down well with PETA.

pictures of girls tourtured and tied up: Freaky Freakson returns to my site.

where to find the most revealling x rated pictures: Well, if this search is any guide, in my review of "Moonraker", apparently.

jasons car is dum: Jason drives? That explains how he always catches up with people to kill them so easily.

13th year old girls that want to be seen by boys: "I feel like I'm invisible, Sally!" "Who said that?"

wussy nookie: Is that where you see her naughty bits, scream and run away?

stacking gang signs: At least I'm attracting TIDY gangbangers to my site.

bowels or intestines or scream gutting her: You're under arrest, creep.

+ crazy friday the 13th facts: Fun Fact: It was Jasons' Mum who... oh, you knew already, huh?

+friday the 13th+diner+song: Obscure Hillbilly Song in E-Major, by Inbred Jed and the Y-Chromosomes, I think.

bob barker and huge breasts boobs: The price is Right, the search is so, so wrong...

sin sorority extreme edition anime: Who wants to review THIS film?

escape from cleveland snake: Even Snake Plisken isn't tough enough to go to Cleveland!

pet clams outer space: Cliffies' on-line shopping again...

pictures of beatniks 1950's in action: What action? Like, chill out, Daddy-O. Groovy...

sex girls asphyxia plastic bag: Skeeter. Search. Vomit in Bag.

boobs in workmate: OSHA will be interested in THIS workplace accident.

japanese movie letter identical death: A "Ringu" reference I'm missing, perhaps?

girls kissing girls onle Bad spelling. Should have read "girls kissing girls... OLE!".

woman strip search full view: Man pervy search. Half wit.

skydiving topless: That's gotta play havoc with the wind resistance for fuller-figured ladies.

little gi goe army guys: GOE JO!

danielle steele's genre: Is "Crap" a genre?

picture abouth sex with young woman: A Rob Lowe bio-pic in the making?

is george takai gay: His wife would be P.O'ed if he was, I tellya.

women chloroforming men: Who knew this was such a popular fetish? Not me, that's for damn sure.

oversexed bimbo transformation: Next on

Extreme Makeover... Paris Hilton!

windows clean up utility the strangely green chicken company windows clean sweep: Best. Company Name. Ever.

weenie marines: "Into the Weenie-APC! Charge!"

dessert storm raptor: The Weenie Maribes plot to throw a custard pie at Saddam.

nude scene with randy quaid: There goes a good nights sleep for me...

shannon bug suits mosquito: Another one for the "Th' Hell?" pile...

orange bum tarantula: I'd be a grouchy little arachnid with a name like that...

jewish females naked: Oy, gevalt...

bare mammary: "Mammmmmm-ries... light the corners of my dirty little mind..."

who sang the theme song for robin hood in the 1950's: How old do you think I am? Dr. Freex, want to give it a shot? (Ducks cane shot.)

blaxploitation classic rape videos/blaxploitation rape classic videos: That's a new definition of 'Classic' IMHO.

raisin city dragstrip: Turn left at Sultana Street...

ninjas in the 1950s: Were probably very OLD ninjas...

pen v syphillis: You see, the pen IS mightier than the sores! (Ick..)

david bonkem: An oddly perceptive search, as it turned out.

powder puff drunk topless: Powderpuff porn? Gives a new meaning to "Blowing Bubbles"...

gory anime amputee Fuck off, you fucking freaky fuck...

cross country movie lesbianism: Best. Olympic Sport. Ever.

hentai comics isle of beasts: Planet of the Apes meets The Tentacle-Testicle Monster! Next of VERY Adult Swim.

70's sorority girl porn movie titles Yes, this WAS on Marxo's pages, why do you ask?

mudslide porn If this is a euphamism for a strange practise involving defactaion, I'd rather not know.

running bareass I'd join in, but it's winter here.

30's gestapo props Fun Fact: The Gestapo started off as a touring theatre company before turning to Evil.

mafia movie madness coke film clip The Don later had the head of Coca Cola whacked and stole the film.

tiger woods fiancee naked Sounds ulikely, but good luck searching, dude.

cartoons pictures representing peru Sounds equally unlikely, but ggod luck as well.

the little rascals woodchuck vs. Our Gangs mongoose! One night only!

country and western singer and pinky "Pinky, are you yodelling what I'm yodelling?"

what does school spirit mean It's the white liquid the janitor uses to clean grafitti off the lockers, I think.

byron loves shelley The proposed high-brow follow-up to "Joanie Loves Chachi".

what happens to jaws in moonraker 007 *Ding* An accident involving an oxygen tank, Roy Scheider and a speargun, Alex? *BZZT* Nuts.

manuela moonraker Sounds like an Italian Supervillan.

hellraiser bloodline torture face drill Yes, watching

Hellraiser: Bloodline WAS like having a powerdrill in the face. Thanks for reminding me.

jaws sound effect lurker Words. Random. Hedgehog.

jv head explode jokes Hen Grenade goes into stand-up comedy.

the hitcher stoned Okay, who's tried this? Because it sounds like a really bad idea.

breasts of a 15 Bo Derek was a "10" This chick is 150% better.

how to make a booy trap Nope, I only know how to make gurl traps.

nipple fiber My doctor says I need more fibre in my diet, but that's not the best way to get it.

how hermit crabs behave Depends on how well you train them. No-one likes a rude, six-legged smart-mouthed, soft-shelled kid.

get great cheekbones I have a set of perfect cheekbones, but I can't remember where I hid them.

see up her shorts pictures Requisite Pervy Search #1

women with big booties cocooned "Alien 5: Booty Call!"

sherrif suicide calls Hi, Sherrif Suicide! How are you? Oh, depressed again, huh?"

more intersting facts about mount fuji Sorry, I was supposed to have SOME interesting facts about Mt. Fuji? i must have missed the memo.

linkkvybazas97kjjabootucom/ Calling Ken Begg, it's time one of your readers took his pills.

gag or choke or slap gwen summers Well, pick one! And tell me who Gwen Summers is so I can do it...

clips from porn starlets screen tests Rule 1 of Porn Starlethood. Never act with your mouth full.

auto fellatio wife helps I consider that cheating, then.

liverpool +topless +drunk +photo Typical Friday night, like.

dirty hardcore underraged Requisite Illegal Search #1

pope in crackhouse cartoon I'm sure it was hilarious. Now go away.

80's british rodent and james bond A veiled Danger Mouse reference, perhps?

pic of teen mutilators Nope, but I have some hand-etched lithographs of middle-aged massacres, though.

unexpected lesbian encounter "And then she boinked me! I never saw it coming!"

p funk chainsaw says I DIDmention comedian P-Funk. But I'm ticked that Anubis von Mojos' "Zombie '90" review was on page 1 of Google, wheras I was on page 3!

midget frankenstein movie high school dance wolfman I SO hope this is an actual film...

grafting a bull's testicles onto a man Really Bad Ideas, vol. 2

ballsack grappling Really Painful Ideas, vol 7

1950's 60's and 70's gay porn photos Ahhh, classic Vintage Smut! Grendel, I'm assuming this was you?

peplum armenia movie Coming Soon... "Hercules vs. Crippling National Debt!"

street fighter hentai xylophone Spot the odd word out...

movie jiggling camera real The entire shooting script for "10.5".

horror film nudity screencaps Look, go rent the skinflicks like the rest of us do, cheapskate!

final preperations for running a marathon The athens Olympics Committee tralws the Net for last-minute help.

slugs mannequin I wanted to punch people after "Mannequin 2: On The Move"... Does that count?

giant hanging udders on girls Anyone think we need to pool our money and buy this guy a cow?

cow testicles or nuts or scrotum and pictures Never mind, he's on it...

running chafed skin on the butt If this is a new fetish, I'm going to become a monk.

call godzilla the movie girls Call him whatever you like, he's too tall to hear you.

dj simulators "DJ Simulators in tha HIZOUSE! Simulate throwing your hands in the air!"

photo +webcam +female +sex +my name sitehttp//wwwgeocitiescom Find it at

skeeter the movie screen shots Are probably more action-packed than the actual film, I believe.

naked girls in friday the 13th Yeah, I think there were a couple. Let me check.

guy getting head blown off by rubber raft I think someone won ten grand of Bobn Saget for that video.

what impact does man have on an octopus Depends on how high you drop him from.

joey lawrence shaved head I'd pay to see that...

where dose orange spider "I don't know, George, where da bunnies at?"

im a friggin octopus And I'm grinning inanely at that search.

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