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Beria's Men

Bogdan Kobulov

Bogdan Kobulov



Born in Tbilisi (Georgia) 1 Mar 1904. Died 23 Dec 1953. Born into a tailor's family. (Had older brother Amiak Z. Kobulov.) Armenian. In Communist Party since Jan 1925 (member of Komsomol 1921-1937). Candidate member of the Central Committee of the ACP(b) (18-19 Congresses). Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the second convocation.

Education: gymnasium (college-oriented secondary school), Tbilisi 1911-1922.

In Red Army:
private in a cadre-training brigade, in political work in 66th cavalry brigade 1921-1922;
took part in founding of the "26 Baku Commissars" unit of the Tbilisi gorkom of the KP(b) of Georgia;
one of founders of unit.

In organs of the VCHK-OGPU-NKVD-NKGB-MVD (see glossary of Soviet terms in Appendix):
worker Georgian CHK 05.22-05.23;
worker of the Politburo of the CHK of the Akhaltsikh district 05.23-01.24;
information worker point CHK Georgia, in Borzom 01.24-15.25;
information worker point CHK Gruzii, city of Akhalka-laki 05.25-07.25;
information worker point CHK Gruzii, (special district of?) Manglis 07.25-02.26;
worker Transcaucasian GPU and GPU GruzSSR 02.26-?;
senior plenipotentiary of SO of the Transcaucasian GPU ?-03.31;
director of 1st department of SPO GPU GruzSSR 03.31-01.32;
assistant to the director of SPO GPU GruzSSR 01.32-?;
worker UGB NKVD ZSFSR and UNKVD GruzSSR 07.34-1935;
on mission to Persia 1935;
deputy director of SPO UGB NKVD ZSFSR 1935-17.02.36;
director E^KO UGB NKVD ZSFSR and UNKVD GruzSSR 17.02.36-11.36;
deputy director of 4 department UGB NKVD GruzSSR 19.03.37-03.04.37;
director of 4 department UGB NKVDGruzSSR 03.14.37-16.02.38;
i.o.(?) deputy people's commissar of internal affairs of GruzSSR 12.37-16.02.38;
deputy people's commissar of internal affairs GruzSSR 16.02.38-15.09.38;
director 4 department of the 1st directorate of the NKVD SSSR 15.09.38-29.09.38;
director 2 department GUGB NKVD SSSR 29.09.38-29.07.39;
deputy director GUGB NKVD SSSR 17.12.38-04.09.39;
director of the investigative unit of the NKVD SSSR 22.12.38-04.09.39;
director GE^U NKVD SSSR 04.09.39-25.02.41;
deputy people's commissar GB SSSR 25.02.41-30.07.41;
deputy people's commissar of internal affairs SSSR 30.07.41-14.04.43;
1st deputy people's commissar GB. SSSR 14.04.43-04.12.45 [Footnote *1];
deputy director GUSIMZ (for Germany) in the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the SSSR 1946-04.47 [Footnote *2];
deputy director GUSIMZ under the SM SSSR 04.47-10.51;
1 deputy director GUSIMZ under the SM SSSR 10.51-03.53;
1 deputy of the minister of vnutr. del SSSR 11.03.53-29.53.

Arrested 27.06.53; sentenced by a Special judicial presence(?) of the Supreme Court of the USSR 23.12.53 to VMN. Shot.
Not rehabilitated.

Captain GB 13.01.36;
major GB 20.12.36;
senior major GB 11.09.38;
komissar GB of the 3rd rank 28.12.38;
komissar GB of the second rank 04.02.43;
colonel-general 09.07.45.

Order of the Red Banner (Labor) of the GruzSSR No 280 10.04.31;
Badge "Honorary Worker VCHK-GPU (15)" No 202 20.12.32;
Order of Lenin No 3587 22.07.37;
Order of the Red Banner No 4448 26.04/4-;
Order of the Red Banner No 4215 20.09.43;
Order of Suvorov, 1st step No 128 08.03.44;
Order of the Red Banner No 771 07.07.44;
Order of the Red Banner No 427 03.11.44;
Order of the Patriotic War, [?] step No 106423 03.12.44;
Order of Kutuzov, 1st step No 370 24.02.45;
Order of Lenin No 59220 30.04.46
Order of the Red Banner (Labor) No 25560 24.06.48;
Order of Lenin No 111969 29.10.49;
Order of the Red Banner No 293 10.06.51;
6 medals.

*1: Upon registration as a candidate for deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 01.46, was named deputy narkom GB SSSR.
*2 Simultaneously in the period from 26.05.47 to 05.11.79 was the deputy of the principal leading SVAG on questions about the activity of Soviet joint-stock enterprises in Germany. From 1949--deputy chairman of the Soviet Control Commission in Germanii on matters of joint-stock companies.


A Glossary of Soviet abbreviations (in *English* alphabetical order, not Russian)

Notes on Russian transcription:
C is pronounced "ts" (except in "ch," a distinct letter)
X, often transcribed "kh," is pronounced like Spanish "j," distantly related to English "h."

CHK -- Chrezvychajnaya Kommissiya -- Extraordinary Commission --"CheKa"
CK -- Central'nyj Komitet -- Central Committee
E^KO -- ?
GB -- Gosudarstvennaya Bezopasnost' -- State Security
GE^U -- ?
gorkom -- gorodskij komitet -- city committee
GPU -- Gosudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie -- State Political Directorate (successor to Ch.K.)
GruzSSR -- Gruzinskaya SSR -- Georgian SSR (see)
GUGB -- ? Glavnoe Upravlenie Gosudarstvennoj Bezopasnosti -- Main Administration of State Security
inform. -- informacionnyj -- information (adj.)
KP(b) -- Kommunisticheskaya Partiya (bol'shevikov) -- Communist Party (of Bolsheviks)
KPSS -- Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza -- Communist Party of the Soviet Union -- (official name after 19th Party Congress, 1952).
MVD -- Ministerstvo Vnutrennyx Del -- Ministry of Internal Affairs
nach. -- nachal'nik -- director
narkom -- narodnyj kommissar(iat) -- people's commissar(iat)
NKVD -- Narodnyj Kommissariat Vnutrennyx Del -- People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs
OGPU -- Ob"edinënnoe GPU -- Unified GPU (see)
otd. -- otdel -- department
RKKA -- Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya -- Workers' and Peasants'
Red Army -- renamed "Soviet Army" after WW II (I do not recall date offhand).
SFSR -- Sovetskaya Federativaya Socialisticheskaya Respublika -- Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
SM -- Sovet Ministrov -- Council of Ministers
SO -- ?
sotr. -- sotrudnik -- co-worker, worker
SPO -- ?
SSR -- Sovetskaya Socialisticheskaya Respublika -- Soviet Socialist Republic
SSSR -- Soyuz SSR -- Union of SSR (see) -- USSR
SVAG -- Sovetskaya Voennaya Administraciya v Germanii -- Soviet Military Administration in Germany
VCHK -- Vsesoyuznaya Ch.K. -- All-Union Ch.K. (see)
VKP(b) -- Vsesoyuznaya KP(b) -- All-Union KP(b) (see) -- renamed KPSS (see) at 19th Party Congress (1952)
VLKSM -- Vsesoyuznyj Leninskij Kommunisticheskij Soyuz Molodëzhi -- All-Union Leninist Communist Union of Youth -- "Komsomol"
VMN -- Vysshaya Mera Nakazaniya -- Supreme Measure of Punishment -- (shooting)
UNKVD -- ? may be Upravlenie (Directorate) of NKVD (see)
UGB -- ? may be Upravlenie (Directorate) of GB (see)
vnutr. del -- vnutrennyx del -- of internal affairs
zam -- zamestitel' -- deputy
ZSFSR -- ? probably Zakavkazskaya (Transcaucasian) SFSR (see) -- a federation of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaidzhan that was later abolished.

Note: We are currently seeking information about Bogdan Kobulov and other lesser-known NKVD personell. If anyone has photos of the others in the Beria Gang or knows where they are, please let us know!

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