Doctor Who and Torchwood schedule as of July 31 2007

June 18 TW "Everything Changes"
June 25 TW "Day One"
June 28 DW "The Runaway Bride"
June 30 DW "Smith and Jones"

July 2 TW "Ghost Machine"
July 7 DW "The Shakespeare Code"
July 9 TW "Cyberwoman"
July 14 DW "Gridlock"
July 16 TW "Small Worlds"
July 21 DW "Daleks in Manhattan"
July 23 TW "Countrycide"
July 28 DW "Evolution of the Daleks"
July 30 TW "Greeks Bearing Gifts"

August 4 DW "The Lazarus Experiment"
August 8 TW "They Keep Killing Suzie"
August 11 DW "42"
August 15 TW "Random Shoes"
August 18 DW "Human Nature"
August 22 TW "Out of Time"
August 25 DW "The Family of Blood"
August 29 TW "Combat"

September 1 DW "Blink"
September 5 TW "Captain Jack Harkness"
September 8 DW "Utopia"
September 12 TW "End of Days"
September 15 DW "The Sound of Drums"
September 22 DW "Last of the Time Lords"

On July 31 2007 TEN announced a schedule change for Torchwood via a press release to SFSA.

"Although Torchwood launched to an impressive number it was not able to sustain rating up against particularly tough competition. We thank loyal fans for their support and we will play out the series, albeit on Tuesday's late night."


Last updated 2007-08-07