In 1992, Georgia experienced most horrific and tragic outcome of her long lost independence from Soviet Russia. Separatism and terrorism took place in northern Georgian region of Abkhazia. Terrorist acts were committed against civilians and death toll of dead became unbearable. Georgian police and anti terrorist swop teams couldn't handle situation and Georgian military troops were deployed to stop mass killings and terror. Due to this action, Georgia found herself in bloody civil war and genocide of its people on their own land. Read more about this tragedy and personal memories of witnesses of ethnic cleansing and mass destruction.

Abkhazia-Georgias deepest pain

Before Abkhazia, Separatism was felt in so called "South Ossetia" ( name was renamed from Samachablo to South Ossetia by Bolsheviks). Well sponsored Ossetian terrorist group began their raids on Georgian villages. Ethnic hatred toward Georgians turned into Ethnic nightmare on this ancient Georgian land. Ossetians kidnaped and murdered more then 2000 Georgian civilians living in Samachablo/ Inner Kartli. Georgian special forces began to evacuate Georgian civilians. Tskhinvali ( capital of the region) was heavily bombed by Russian air forces to prevent evacuation and crack down of the terrorists. This well planed act was again successful and Separatist band with Russian support, occupied Samachablo/Inner Kartli region. Read more about this conflict.

Ossetian Terror in heart of Georgia

" Bagramian" battalion which gained its fame as most murderous battalion in Abkhazian civil war, became shameful image of Armenian chauvinism and hate toward Georgians and Georgia. The refugee Armenians, who found cozy shelter in Georgia ( Tbilisi, Lower Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti ) during the Russian Tzarism and then during the sovietization of Georgia, inspired by the imperial Russia's covered or obvious protection and help undertook the shameful anti Georgian acts of terror in Abkhazia and expansion dreaming about the restoration of " The Great Armenia" between the black and Caspian seas at the expense and ravishment of Georgian territories. For this reason the chauvinist Armenian groups must ones forever give up unreasonable claims on the Georgian land and culture.

Armenian Terror

who was all behind these tragedies? who created separatism and terrorism in Georgia? who gave and even participate in shameful acts of Genocide and Ethnic cleansing? who desired to brake down Georgian state? all answers are pointed at Russia. Read about History of Russian political ambitions, believes in nonexistence of Georgian state and imperial claims toward Georgia.