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::Panther Claw (Hyou no Tsume)::
Panther Claw is an evil organization run by Panther Zora. In second command is her younger sibling, Sister Jill. Their main goal is the accumulation of wealth. However they are most interested in Prof. Kisaragi's Fixed System of Air Elements. With it, Panther Claw can create an endless supply of jewels.
Appears: Episode 1, 3-4, 8-10, 12-13, 15, 18, 21, 23, 25
Panther Zora
- Leader of Panther Claw, and Sister Jill's elder sister. She wishes to own the most rarest treasures and jewels in the world. Her main goal is to obtain the Fixed System of Air Elements and get rid of the meddling Cutie Honey. She has a very large body, and is said to originate in the Amazons. At the end of the series Honey discovers Zora is the true leader of Panther Claw. She swears to defeat her one day...
Appears: Episode 1-21, 24-25
Sister Jill
-  Head of the Panther Claw's Japanese Branch and Zora's younger sister. Very greedy and ruthless like her elder sister. She was behind the destruction of Saint Chapel, and the death of Aki Natsuko. Jill has a strong fear of Zora, and never wishes to upset her. Sister Jill faces Honey in the final episode.
Appears: Episode 1
Black Claw
- Sister Jill's first android. She is sent out to retrieve Prof. Kisaragi's new invention. Black Claw has a golden claw that shot out as a rocket laucher, and can also expand to reach her opponents. Black is Honey's first opponent in her quest for revenge.
Appears: Episode 1 (cameo), Episode 2
Fire Claw
- Second android set out to capture Honey's device. She is able to shoot fire from her finger tips.  Fire Claw kidnaps Junpei and Danbei in an attempt to blackmail Honey. However, the tables are turned when Honey tricks Fire Claw, putting her in a wild goose chase.
Appears: Episode 2 (cameo), Episode 3
Tomahawk Panther
- Referred as the "Red Axe". she tries to lure out Honey by opening a Jewerly Store in the city. Tomahawk later kidnaps Seiji, and tells Honey to battle her at the coal mines.  Her wings are very sharp, and her main attack is sending out lighting bolts.
Appears: Episode 3 (cameo), Episode 4
Badfly Claw
- The fourth android sent out by Zora. She successfully steals the Museum of Antiquties. Badfly also kidnaps Danbei and holds him hostage. Badfly uses him to blackmail Honey.  Her ablities include flying, shooting poisonious needles, and creating deadly tornados. With the help of Danbei, Honey was able to defeat Badfly Claw.
Appears: Episode 4 (cameo), Episode 5
Tarance Panther
- She is sent to steal an Egyptian Crown from a local museum. After a short fight, she successfully captured Honey and hijacked a plane in the process. She planned to hand deliver both the crown and Honey to Panther Zora. Taranche's hair can send out fire, and she can shoot out spider webs. Taranche is killed when she is electrocuted and thrown off the plane while fighting Cutie Honey.
Appears: Episode 5 (cameo), Episode 6
Scissors Claw
- Creator of the Scissors Land park. She invites the Queen of Toreador, Dirty Marie to the grand opening of the theme park. She desires the queen's Queen Ring. Whomever has it, can rule over Toreador. However, her plans are foiled by Honey. In episode 5, and the manga she is called Scissors Panther.
Appears: Episode 6 (cameo), Episode 7
- The only Panther Claw agent whose name doesn't end with Panther or Claw. She is ordered to steal two rare Buddha statues. She is assisted by an android panther Jango. Ironsado hides at a circus after a close incounter with Honey. Both Ironsado and Jango are killed by Honey. The last part of her name, sado means sadist or sadism. So her name is Ironsadist.
Appears: Episode 7 (cameo), Episode 8
Octo Panther
- She was sent to steal the rare Gugai crown of Virgo The 4th. While stealing the crown, she was able to kidnap Kisaragi Honey. Octo Panther can fight very well in the water. She can strech her body to get lengths, and spit out ink. Octo's body is covered with strong suction cups. After having her right arm and left arm cut off, she is crushed to death by scraps of her own submarine.
Appears: Episode 8 (cameo), Episode 9
Jumbo Panther
- Nicknamed a "fat air bag" by Honey, she is a large, fat android. She takes both Alphonne and Miharu-sensei hostage. By whistling, Jumbo is able to control birds. Her whistles also bring great harm in Honey's brain waves during battle.  She can inflat her breasts, which allows her to float.
Appears: Episode 9 (cameo), Episode 10
Cutter Claw
- A shape shifter, she visits Junpei in his dreams and foretells his future. She says he was die in the next 24 hours, and only Honey can save him. This is all a plan to find Honey's home. Cutter Claw is very skilled at creating illusions, giving Honey a hard time in battle. Her hair is also used as a weapon.
Appears: Episode 10 (cameo), Episode 11
Breast Claw
- She uncovers the underground golden capital in Hakone. It was once a Japanese city but was buried in the earth during a volcanic eruption. Breast Claw has the ability to turn invisible, and her breasts can turn into a pair of arms. When she is killed, dynamite is set off to destory the golden capital.
Appears: Episode 11 (cameo), Episode 12
Sea Panther
- Once a mermaid called "Marara", she has a hatred for humans after her sister was killed by fishermen. After this, Panther Zora turned her into an android. Sea Panther is sent to steal The Mermaid's Tear (a red pearl made by her sister's tears). She is the first enemy Honey does not want to kill.
Appears: Episode 13
Blade Panther
- She targets Honey and the Hayami family during their trip to the hot springs. In an attempt to blackmail Honey, Blade kidnaps the Hayami family. This forces Honey to reveal her true identity to Junpei and Danbei. The two do battle on the ropeway of a cable car.
Appears: Episode 13 (cameo), Episode 14
Dynamite Claw
- She goes with Sister Jill to the Saint Chapel posing as a mother and daughter. She leaves bombs all over the school, but Honey was able to get all of them. Dynamite is captured by Seiji, and is then considered 'worthless' by Jill. Her body is destroyed by Sister Jill, causing an explosion that burns down
Saint Chapel.
Appears: Episode 15
Snake Panther
- She burns down the Hayami House, and nearly kills Danbei, Alphonne, Miharu, and Honey in the process. Snake also sets fire to the Honichi printing company. Her main attack is spitting fire, and using two whips connected to her neck.
Appears: Episode 15 (cameo), Episode 16
Spin Claw
- She assists Sister Jill in Monaco. There she tries to take over the King's famous casinos. Spin can fire needles from her hair. The coins on her belt also work as weapons. She was easily defeated.
Appears: Episode 16 (cameo), Episode 17
Aurora Panther
- She captures and brainwashes Seiji during his visit to the North Pole. She then orders him to steal Honey's necklace. Seiji does so, but Aurora discovers it is just the switch to the Fixed System of Air Elements. It turns out Honey's body is the key. Her main attack is "Aurora Storm".
Appears: Episode 17 (cameo), Episode 18
Coral Claw
- She attacks the Hayami Family on the Panther Claw island. Coral kidnaps Danbei, and holds him hostage to get Honey's device. She battles with Honey in a volcano. Coral Claw can send spikes from her hair, and spit fire.
Appears: Episode 18 (cameo), Episode 19
Puman Claw
- She kidnaps Sheriff Johnny's girlfriend Susan and other women in the ghost town. Puman Claw had missiles ready to bomb New York. She has incredible speed, and her tail is actually a living snake. Her speed gave Honey a difficult time in battle.
Appears: Episode 19 (cameo), Episode 20
Crocodile Claw
- She goes with Sister Jill to find the lost treasure in Mu. Crocodile battles with Honey, and turns the monkeys on the island against the Hayami family. Before she could successfully return the riches to Sister Jill, she was killed by Cutie Honey.
Appears: Episode 21
Twin Panther (I and II)
- They rig the Mount Fuji rally in an attempt to get the Fixed System of Air Elements. One drives the tank, while Two uses the machine gun. Despite their combination, they were barely a match for Honey.
Appears: Episode 21 (cameo), Episode 22
Great Claw
- Hell's Magician. She is sent by Sister Jill to kill Honey. Great Claw is possibly the most lovely of all of Panther Claw. With her magic, she controlled the students of Paradise School like puppets. She is also able to create a mirror image of herself. Honey was able to overcome Great Claw's magic.
Appears: Episode 23
Scorpion Panther
- She strikes down Seiji, and poses as a substitute journalist. After beating Honey in a boat race, she became the new leader of Paradise School. She then used the chance to try to kill both Naojiro and Honey. Her cover was soon blown, and she was killed by Cutie Honey.
Appears: Episode 23 (cameo), Episode 24
Drill Claw
- She wants to have a one-on-one match with Honey. Jill tries to fix the fight by blackmailing Honey with her friends as hostages. Drill Claw is furious by this, and frees the hostages. Honey has for respect for Drill Claw, and didn't want to kill her. Honey declares her as "Panther Claw's Top Warrior".
Appears: Episode 25
Eagle Panther
- She attacked Honey and the student body of Paradise School during their excursion. Her main mission was to kill Honey. Her body dissolves and creates a poisonious fog that blinded Honey and the Hayami Family.