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Baumgärtl "HELIOFLY"
1/72 scale, PRICE US$7 (plus P/P)
1/35 scale, PRICE US$15 (plus P/P)

An Austrian inventor Paul Baumgärtl worked on a development of a backpack helicopter before the WWII and his first project "Heliofly I" was finished in 1941. RLM encouraged him (though the official contract was never signed) to produce a special military version of his helicopter - the "Heliofly III/57". It was a two opposed single blade rotors backpack helicopter powered with an Argus As.8 engine. The further development was called "Helio- fly III/59"; it was powered with even more powerful 16hp engine, its dry weight was only 35kg and the takeoff weight was about 120kg. Baumgärtl had made several flights, but the desperate military situation by the end of the war put an end to his extraordinary project.

Boxtop art
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Parts photo, 1/72 kit.
Parts photo, 1/35 kit.
Parts photo, 1/35 kit.

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