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Here is a list of characters that appear in Go Nagai's
Cutie Honey manga.
Honey Flash!
Kisaragi Honey - A super android created by Kisaragi Takeshi. Honey swears revenge on Panther Claw, after the murder of her father. Inside of her body is the device, Fixed System of Air Elements. With it she can transform into various personas. When her energy is low she is unable to transform.
"Just friends?!" Hayami Seiji- A journalist who assists Honey in her quest for revenge. He was with Prof. Kisaragi at his time of death. His father is Hayami Danbei, and he has a little brother named Junpei.  Even though he really likes Honey, she has made it clear that he is just a friend. Seiji often helps Honey, giving her leads to Panther Claw's activity.
Hayami Danbei- Hayami Seiji and Junpei's father. Very skilled martial artist. Danbei also has alot of ninja skills that come in quite handy. He's also a huge perverted, often he and Junpei would spy on Honey in the bath.
Honey Oneesama!
Hayami Junpei- Hayami Danbei's youngest son, Seiji's little brother. Junpei has a huge crush on Honey, and loves to spy on her in the bath. Very silly and goofy like his father.
I'll get you Honey!
Panther Zora- Goddess of Panther Claw, and Sister Jill's elder sister. She wishes to own the rarest items in the world. She is very intested in Prof. Kisaragi's invention, the Fixed System of Air Elements. She never fights Honey face to face.
Sister Jill- Panther Zora's younger sister. She is the head of Panther Claw's Japanese branch. Very greedy and ruthless, she only wants the finest riches. Although Honey is her enemy Jill has a crush on her (!!). She is killed after a final battle with Honey. After her death it's revealed Jill was really a panther.
Bring me Honey's beautiful body!
Alphonne- Honey's homeroom teacher at Saint Chapel. She's a very hideous, and hairy woman. She is having an affair with Principal Pochi. During the destruction of Saint Chapel, she is killed.
*vomit again*
Tsuneni Miharu- Nicknamed Histler (Histora) by the students due to her strict ways. She viciously whips any students that don't follow the rules. She is killed during Panther Claw's attack on the school.
It's called a diet kids.
Principal Pochi- Principal of Saint Chapel. Not much is known about Pochi, other than she is having an affair with Alphonne.
Lesbian in training.
Aki Natsuko- Honey's best friend at Saint Chapel. Her nickname is Nat-chan. Like the other students, she has a crush on Honey. She teaches (or rather warns) Honey about everything at school. Natsuko is killed by Dragon Panther during the destruction of  Saint Chapel.
Sukeban Naoko- The boss of Saint Chapel. A very hairy and ugly girl. Naoko never knew she was hideous because her mother never let her look in a mirror. Naoko tried to fight Honey. However, Honey shows Naoko her reflection and she runs away scared.
Aunt Naoko!
Paul Tamamoto- A rich pro wrestler. His life size golden Buddha statue is targetted by Panther Claw. However, Honey foils their plans by putting herself in the statue's place. He's a very crude character, as his head is shaped like a penis and testicles....
Detective Kogorou- A detective hired to guard Paul Tamamoto's Buddha statue. He's a complete idiot, assisted by other morons. He doesn't wear any pants due to his hemmoroids.