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Here is a list of characters that appear in
Cutie Honey.
Appears: episode 1-25
Kisaragi Honey - A 16 yr. old girl who discovers she is an android after her father is killed. Inside of her body is the device Fixed System of Air Elements. With it, she can changed into any persona she desires. Honey uses it to get revenge on Panther Claw. Honey is a very mischiveous girl, often sneaking out of school, and pulling pranks on her teachers. Even in battle, she loves to toy and tease her enemies. Honey also cares deeply about those around her, and grows a strong bond with the Hayami Family. 
Appears: episode 1-5, 7-25
Hayami Seiji - A journalist, he is the first to discover Honey's secret. Seiji aids Honey in her quest for revenge. His father is Hayami Danbei, and he has a younger brother, Junpei. He finds his father and brother to be over dramatic, despite the fact he's very dorky. Seiji is often at times, referred to as Honey's boyfriend.  Later in the series, he works for  Paradise School.
Appears: episode 1-25
Hayami Junpei - Seiji's perverted little brother and the self-proclaimed Koi no Senshi (Soldier of Love). He's over dramatic, and has a huge crush on Honey.  He also has also girlfriend the cute yet, vicious Mami-chan.
Appears: episode 2, 4-6, 8-9, 11- 25
Hayami Danbei - Seiji and Junpei's father, Naojiro's uncle. He is skilled with martial arts, and ninja-like skills. He becomes quite helpful in battle. He's very old school, and overly dramatic. Danbei acts as a parental figure to Honey. He takes her in after the destruction of The Saint Chapel school.
Appears: episode 22-25
Hayami Naojiro - Hayami Danbei's nephew, and leader of Paradise School. Naojiro bosses everyone at the Paradise School, even the teachers and principal! After Honey's first day at the school, she takes over Naojiro's position of leader. Naojiro is a very strong, and vicious fighter.
Appears: episode 1, 5-6, 13, 16 (Cameos)
Kisaragi Takeshi - Honey's father, and creator. The genius inventor of the "Fixed System of Air Elements". A device that create anything out of thin air. He is killed for this device. He left behind a robot in his image, with a tape set in it. It tells Honey about her true origins, and about Panther Claw. Honey often remebers her father's spirit and wise words.
Appears: episode 1, 3-7, 9-10, 14-15, 21-23, 25
Tsuneni Miharu - The mean old teacher of Saint Chapel. She's not well liked, due to her strict ways. At the beginning of the series Miharu-san hates Honey, but near the end she grows more respect for her. After the fall of Saint Chapel, Miharu goes to work at Paradise School. Her nickname is "Histora" or "Histler", which is a pun on the words Histeria (Hisu) and Hitler (Hitoraa) creating Hisutora.
Appears: episode 1-7, 9-11, 14-16, 25
Alphonne - A teacher at Saint Chapel, who has a huge crush on Honey. She's a comic relief character, appearing from time to time for comedy. After Saint Chapel was destroyed by Panther Claw, Alphonne and Miharu tried to get donations to build another school. In episode 16, Ms. Alphonne wins a ton of money at a casino, and does not appear again until the final episode.
Appears: episode 11, 14, 21, 25
Pochi - The principal of Saint Chapel School. A fat little woman who's money hungry. When Pochi's not counting money, she's beating up Alphonne. She teams up with Miharu later in the series in a Mt. Fuji rally. They planned on using the prize money on rebuilding the school. In the last episode, she works with Miharu and Alphonne at Paradise School.
Appears: episode 1, 3-6, 9-11, 14
Aki Natsuko - Honey's best friend and roomate. She's a cute girl, sometimes getting into trouble with Histler. Nat-chan is good at helping Honey sneak out of school. Unfortunely, Natsuko falls victim to Sister Jill during an attack on Saint Chapel. This was a great loss for Honey.
Appears: episode 4-5, 7, 10, 16
Mami - Junpei's girlfriend, she is very jealous of Honey. She beats up Junpei whenever he looks at Honey. Quite vicious for a little girl! She's the only supporting character that doesn't appear in the last episode.
Appears: episode 22-25
Goemon - Teacher at Paradise School. Goemon is a big pervert, having quite a thing for Honey. He's constantly trying to look up her skirt. He doesn't play a major role in the series.
Appears: episode 22-23, 25
Principal - A little man with a acorn shape head, and yellow teeth. He's very ashamed of his school. 
Appears: episode 6
Dirty Marie - The young queen of Toreador. She is invited to the opening of the theme park, Scissors Land created by Panther Claw. They invited her in a attempt to steal her Queen Ring. Who ever has the ring can rule Toreador. Dirty Marie has a crush on Junpei.
Appears: episode 6
Nurse Mastodon - Dirty Marie's nurse who accompanies her at Scissors Land. She's a very fat woman who loves Danbei for his so-called manliness. Mastodon cares alot for her queen, despite the fact Dirty Marie treats her very badly.
Appears: episode 16
King Monaco - Ruler of  Monaco, a kingdom famous for it's great casinos. He is a very silly character, not taking his leadership too seriously. When the King meets Fancy Honey, he instantly falls in love. He tries to propose to Fancy Honey, but of course Honey wasn't interested. He needs to get married soon, or he will lose the throne.
Appears: episode 16
Adviser - The adviser to the king of Monaco. The king puts this poor man through much stress.
Appears: episode 19
Johnny - An American shrieff. His girlfriend Susan is kidnapped by Puman Claw. Honey and the Hayami family found him wounded in a ghost town. He helps Honey by distracting Puman Claw. In the end, Johnny is reunited with his beloved Susan.
Appears: episode 19
Susan - Johnny's girlfriend. She is kidnapped by Puman Claw, but is rescued by Honey and Johnny.