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Here is a FAQ for the Cutie Honey series. WARNING! SPOILERS!

Q: Where can I find the original Cutie Honey series?
A: You can get the three DVDs at cdjapan, Amazon Japan, and Yesasia.

Q: Where can I get the Cutie Honey Premium boxset?
The Cutie Honey boxset is out of print, so you can't find it on online stores. The boxset is always popping up at Yahoo Japan, you can use Rinkya to bid on Yahoo Japan.

Q: Is it true that were a Cutie Honey movie in 1974?
A: Surprisingly, yes! But, It was actually episode 12 of Cutie Honey, The Eternal Red Pearl. It was apart of the Toei Manga Matsuri (Toei Film Festival) on March 16th, 1974. It was showcased along with the flims Yaemon The Locomotive, Mazinger Z vs. Dr. Hell, and episode 5 of Miracle Girl Limit-chan.

Q: Is it true Cutie Honey was meant to be a shoujo anime from the start?
A: Yes. It was suppose to be a shoujo series, that focused more on the relationship between Honey and Journalist Kazama Shun (We all know him as Seiji). It wasn't suppose to feature any nudity, or alot of violence. The manga was even planned to run in the monthly Ribbon magazine. The series was suppose to air every Monday at 7:00 P.M. on NET TV (Asahi TV). This timeslot previously aired all mahou shoujo series since the first, Sally The Witch. However in the end, the timeslot was lost to Miracle Girl Limit-chan (which got poor ratings) and Cutie Honey was modified to appeal to a preteen male audiance. It aired on the hour show, Majuu Kaijin Daihenshin!!! which had previously aired Micord S and Devilman.

Cutey Honey Flash is what Cutie Honey was suppose to be like.

: What is the meaning behind the term "Honey Flash"?
The "Flash" in "Honey Flash" is most likely from the term to "Flash" someone. (Since Honey's clothes come off, flashing the audiance) That isn't the original pharse for her transformation however. Quite a few terms were thrown around. "Idol Change", "Honey Change", "Cutie Change".