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Arinbjorn Gudmundsson
Arnold is a retired member of the Logan City Chess Club and still occassionally pops in. In his hay day Arnold represented Iceland in the 1956, 1958,1960 & 1962 Olypiads and competed at Reykjavik in 1953, 1955, 1957, 1960, 1964 & 1969. He was good enough to be an IM or even a GM, but never sought a title. His most famous game was against Bobby Fischer at Reykjavik 1960 a game Fischer fondly records in his book "My 60 Memorable Games"
FM Dr.Jonathan Sarfati
Dr Jonathan Sarfati was born in Ararat, Australia in 1964. He later moved to New Zealand and was awarded the FM title in 1988. He was New Zealand Champion in 1987-88 and played for New Zealand on three Olympiad teams. He has been with the Logan City Chess Club since 1995 and is currently our director of play. Johnathan regularary preforms blindfold simuls often againt 6 or more opponents. His most rememberable game was holding ex-world champion Borris Spassky to a draw at Wellington NZ in 1988.
IM Stephen Solomon
Stephen John Solomon was born on the 24th of July 1963 in Melbourne, Australia. Gained a FM title in 1986 and later an IM title. He was joint Australian Champion in 1983-84 and has agian won the title in 2008. He has represented Australia on seven Olympiad teams. He has been Queenslands top rated player for many years. Stephen plays at Logan City Chess Club and is our board one in teams competition.
IM David Smerdon
David was born 17th of September 1984. His first chess club was Logan City Chess Club. At the age of 9 he was beating most the people in the club. David achieved his IM title at age 14 and achived his 3rd GM norm on the 28th of July 2007 he only needs to reach the rating of 2500 to be awarded the GM title. David has also represented Australia in the 37th Olypiad at Turin, Italy in 2006 and at various World Juniors Championships.
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