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Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks Volume 5

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Bruce Cervonís≠ Castle Notebooks Volume 5 - the final volume includes a complete index of all 5 volumes.

Bruce Cervonís Castle Notebooks are a holy grail for students of close-up magic from the golden years of the Magic Castle. Within them are held countless tricks, sleights and secrets that were kept exclusive by Cervon for many years, and are still ahead of todayís cutting edge. Respecting Bruceís desire that this information remain exclusive, his wife, Linda Lipps Cervon, in conjunction with L&L; Publishing, is releasing Bruce Cervonís Castle Notebooks in a facsimile set of hardcover books. Each page scanned from the original hand-written notebooks. Volume 5 containing Cervon notebooks 12 and 13, composed from 1967 through 1986 ó 403 pagesó is now available in a limited edition ójust 500 copies will be sold! A must-have for the serious student of fine, advanced, close-up magic. $200

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