About Thunderduck Inflatable Inc

Thunderduck Inflatable Boats Inc. entered the U.S. inflatable boat market in 1995. Our target market was a burgeoning industry known simply as "performance inflatable boats". These pickle fork catamaran inflatable’s were highly successful in their native country of South Africa, and had also picked up momentum in Australia, New Zealand, and many parts of Europe. As the boats began to arrive in the U.S. the expected direction of the product was no surprise and the APBA (American Power Boat Association) established a trial category of organized racing, which eventually lead to a more permanent status for the boats. Thunderduck played a key part in pioneering this new racing class of inflatable boat, and established a very positive reputation of producing a quality product. As within many start up industries, there are many directions a product and its company may take. Thunderduck developed its product towards a more universal market by bringing in a round nose version of the catamaran racing hull. This boat although more traditional looking, still had performance and stability which was unmatched in the U.S. inflatable boat industry. These round nose boats caught the attention of the United States Navy and Thunderduck was awarded multiple contracts with NAVSPECWARCOM (Seal Team Command), and EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). We also have on going relationships with state and private rescue companies throughout the United States. Thunderduck continues today developing the most advanced catamaran inflatable boats on the market.
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