The following options are FREE, but require time and dedication.
If you need immediate results, a Researcher in the right field could save
you the time and effort, while providing you with professional reports.


ALLEXPERTS.COM is a free service that features thousands of volunteers
in the areas of medicine, arts, TV, sports, music, travel, humanities,
love, education, business, religion and more waiting to answer your
one-on-one questions, and all for free!


BULETIN BOARDS (BBS) A list of your local buletin boards is located at the end of your free copy of "Computer User", or any other popular computer publication. Contrary to the National (generic) Internet Service Providers (ISP), they especialize and dedicate their resources to their especific interests; chances are you may find a BBS with the same interests you have. The Buletin boards you can find in your ISP, act more like Mailing Lists, where the participants may post questions or answer to questions posted by other subscribers. MAILING LISTS Sending the e-mail message: LISTS GLOBAL /XYZ to: LISTSERV@WWW.AAD.BERKELEY.EDU you will receive the list of all known lists whose name or title contains 'XYZ', including the instructions of how to subscribe to them. Apart from questions and answers, the subscribers may post announcements, jokes, forwarded messages, or any other material related to the topic of the list. PUBLIC LIBRARY Search by subject in your computer library computer, or ask the Librarian about your interest; if they don't have the information you request, I am confident that they will send you to the right place where you can find the information you need. A good book is always a good source of advise.

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