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Reconstructed Tract Books

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This a consolidated index for the Reconstructed Tract Books for all Florida counties west of the Tallahassee Meridian. It also includes the portions of Leon and Wakulla Counties located east of the Meridian. There were no Federal grants in Franklin County, because all of that county was located in the Forbes Tract, which was already private property when the United States purchased Florida from Spain. The Forbes Tract also encompassed the majority of Liberty County and Wakulla County and large portions of Leon County and Gadsden County.

The Reconstructed Tract Book for each county is divided into Ranges. (In some cases two ranges are combined into one book.) A Range is 6 miles or 6 Sections wide and extends north-south from the Alabama State line to the Gulf of Mexico. They are numbered from the Tallahassee Meridian, so the higher the number the farther to the west.

This consolidated index includes the grantee's last name, first name, and middle initial (if given), followed by the location of the land: county, range, township and section. Where the County name is followed by an "*", the Section lies in two counties or it is difficult to determine which county it is in, and the grant may be partially or totally within either county. Some grantees have multiple entries in a Section. There is no indication of that in the index. Check all possible spellings in the index.


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