Piggie Pie!

by Margie Palatini

Piggie Pie! is a 1997-1998 Hoosier Nominee for Kindergarten through Third Grade.

Piggie Pie! is about a hungry witch who decides she wants to eat Piggie Pie. The only problem is she doesn't have the eight pigs that are needed for the recipe. She finds Old MacDonald's Farm in the yellow pages and flies on her broomstick over to the farm. The pigs have disguised themselves and she can't find any pigs for her recipe. Then a skinny hungry wolf comes along and tells her to forget the pigs because they can't be caught. In the end she invites the wolf to lunch. . . but what plans does she have for the wolf?

Rating: 3 stars

We do not usually read books about witches, because we really don't like them. I guess that is why we didn't rate this book very highly. Because it is a Hoosier Nominee, there are people who liked this book. It can be purchased through Amazon's secured order site!



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