Take Short Branch at Meally,Ky. At the Y take the left
branch and go about quarter mile, turn right at
Dead Fall Branch, go another quarter mile, cemetery is on
right on top of the hill. Mrs Beecher Hayden lives at the
foot of the hill on left in 1999. There is about 100 to
125 graves here 70% of which are sandstones markers and
Read March 23 1998 by Jeanita Lewis and Alice Lauderback.
Submitted By:by Jeanita Lewis and Alice Lauderback

Names this Cemetery has been called over the Years are:
(Kestner-Music-Hayden Cem.)
(Kestner Cem.)
(Music Cem.)
(Hayden Cem.)
(Childers Cem.)

  William Henry, MUSIC              Nov.09 1877    Oct.29 1960    (Online OBITUARY) Margaret "Maggie"(Hurt) MUSIC     Jan.-- 1864    Feb.17 1970    d/o-Isaac & Emmaline Bowling Hurt   William Henry Music Tombstone reads:1865 -1970  Clint, MUSIC                      Aug.15 1903    May 26 1974    s/o-William H.& Margaret Louise Hurt Music 1.Lula May Fairchild 2.Lillie Salyers World War II Veteran  Willie, MUSIC                     Oct.09 1918    Sep.19 1972    s/o-William H.& Margaret Louise Hurt,Music 1.Hazel Allen  2.Dorathy Pack World War II Veteran  Earl, MUSIC                       Dec.26 1919    Jun.01 1974    s/o-William H.& Margaret Louise Hurt Music Arbutus Davis  World War II Veteran  Goldie (Music), KISTNER           Nov.12 1905    Jul.05 1974    d/o-William H.& Margaret Louise Hurt Music 1.Sam Kistner 2.William (Bill Dock) Preston  3.John Huff .  Norma, KISTNER                           1926    Aug.14 1968    d/o-Sam & Goldie Music Kestner never married Laura M.(Music), CHILDERS         Nov.27 1908    Jul.04 1982    d/o-William H.& Margaret Louise Hurt Music Forest Childers Married Jan.24 1934 J.C. Forest, CHILDERS                  Jan.21 1911    Jun.03 1970    s/o-Wallie & Ruehemma Short Childers Laura M. Music Married Jan.24 1934 J.C. Wallie, CHILDERS                  Dec.02 1882    Dec.13 1934    h/o-Ruehemma Short Ruehemma,(Short)CHILDERS          Jun.13 1881    Sep.10 1930    w/o-Wallie Childers Rosina,(Music)SHORT               Apr.02 1879    Aug.10 1960    d/o-Abraham & Mahala Ann Webb Music w/o-J. D. Short  J.D., SHORT                       Jan.29 1868    Aug.12 1944    h/o-Rosina Music Married March 28, 1895 J.C.  Silas J., SHORT                   Aug.28 1830    Nov.03 1896    s/o-Thomas & Rachel(Gobble)Short  h/o-Elizabeth Powers Born in Wash.Co.,VA  Elizabeth (Powers)SHORT           Jun.15 1842    Nov.11 1930    w/o-Silas J. Short Born in Wash. Co.,VA  Billie, POWERS                           1858           1942 Lucy (Roberts),BLEVINS            -----------        ca 1932     Lonza Blevins Headstone craved in sandstone in 1960 by grandson: Jack Hurt  _________, ROBERTS                -----------    -----------     Brother to Lucy Roberts Blevins  Davey, MUSIC                      Aug.31 1892    Aug.17 1914     s/o- John E. & Orpha Jane Franklin Music John D., DAVIS                    Mar 21 1899    Jan.08 1948     h/o- Ethel____  Lawrence, MURPHY                  Feb.02 1926    Nov.10 1946     World War II Veteran  Albert, MURPHY                    Oct.23 1924    Dec.21 1948 Ransom, WARD                      -------1971    -----------     h/o-Zora Hall  Shug, PICKLESIMER                 ------ 1897    -------19_3  Vina F., SHORT                    -------1903    -------1904 John R., CRUM                     Jun.08 1889    Jan.10 1983    h/o-Barbara Ellen Kistner Barbara K., CRUM                  Jan.04 1885    Feb.19 1974    w/o-John R. Crum  d/o-Christopher Columbus &  Louisa (Short) Kistner A  family member states Barbara's middle name to be "Ellen"  Crestine, CHILDERS                Mar.-------    Apr.   1929 Ed H.________                            1944           1968 George (Dock), MUSIC              Mar.19 1900    Jul.09 1976    brother of Polly Music Childers Frankie, HAYDEN                   Apr.03 1963    Sep.11 1963    s/o-Beecher Hayden & Opal Music Hayden Unas, HAYDEN                      Nov.06 1958    Jan.12 1959    ?/o-Beecher Hayden & Opal Music Hayden Jerry D., HAYDEN                  Jun.11 1949    Jan.06 1968    s/o-Beecher Hayden Killed in Car Accident in Florida  Beecher, HAYDEN                   Nov.11 1925    Jul.30 1996    s/o-Mike & Emma Adkins Hayden   Isaac W., SHORT                   -------1870    -------19__ Nannie J., SHORT                  -------1873    -------1940 _______, SHORT                                   -------1866 Louise, SHORT                     May 29 1873    Nov.10 1935 Willie F., HALL                   Feb.   1894    -------1959    s/o-Jeremiah Hall & Mary J. Short Garner, HALL                      -------1917    -------1979 Jerry V., HALL                    Nov.   1866    -------1950    s/o-John M. Hall & Susan Goble  . Real name is Jeremiah Hall he married Mary J. Short   Rev. James L., HALL               Sep.17 1941   84yrs8mos26da   Martha Short was known as Jemes s/o John M. Hall & Susan Goble  Everett, MURPHY                   Apr.28 1887    Dec.03 1960 Ada, MURPHY                       Jun.26 1896    May 19 1978 Paul Edward, BROWN                  Only date    Jan.27 1948  Thelma, MURPHY                    Aug.22 1930    Jun.25 1932 Onda, MURPHY                      Feb.22 1916    Jun.06 1944    PFC 16 Inf 1 Inf Div.World War II