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1962 By Election Results





  DATE:       8th March 1962

Mr D Taverne Labour 19,038
Mr W P Grieve Conservative 11,386
Mr P Furnell Liberal 6,856
Capt. A Taylor Independent 412

Majority 7,652

Labour hold



Blackpool North

  DATE:       13th March 1962

Mr N A Miscampbell Conservative 12,711
Mr H Hague  Liberal 11,738
Miss S Summerskill Labour 8,776

Majority 973

Conservative hold



Middlesbrough East

  DATE:       14th March 1962

Rt. Hon. A G Bottomley Labour 18,928
Mr G Scott Liberal 7,145
Mr F A S Wood Conservative 4,613
Mr J Hamm Union Movement 550

Majority 11,783

Labour hold




  DATE:       14th March 1962

Mr E R Lubbock Liberal 22,846
Mr P Goldman Conservative 14,991
Mr A Jinkinson Labour 5,350

Majority 7,855

Liberal gain from Conservative


Many thanks to Orpington Liberal Democrats for providing the election leaflets from Orpington.




  DATE:       22nd March 1962

Mr J Harper Labour 26,461
Mr P Dean Conservative 6,633
Mr R E Eckley Independent 1,146

Majority 19,828

Labour hold



Stockton-on Tees

  DATE:       5th April 1962

Mr W T Rodgers Labour 19,694
Mr G J K Coles Conservative 12,112
Mr J H Mulholland Liberal 11,722

Majority 7,582

Labour hold



Derby North

  DATE:       17th April 1962

Mr N MacDermot Labour 16,497
Mr I Irving Liberal 8,479
Mr T M Wray Conservative 7,502
Mr T Lynch Independent 886

Majority 8,018

Labour hold




  DATE:       15th May 1962

Mr H E Hooson Liberal 13,181
Mr R H Dawson Conservative 5,632
Mr T Davies Labour 5,299
Mr I F Elis Welsh Nationalist 1,594

Majority 7,549

Liberal hold


Many thanks to Micheal Main for providing the Hooson leaflets.



 Middlesbrough West 

  DATE:       6th June 1962

Dr J W Bray Labour 15,095
Mr B Connelly Conservative 12,825
Mr G Scott Liberal 9,829
Mr R E Eckley Independent 189
Mr M Thompson Independent 117

Majority 2,270

Labour gain from Conservative



Derbyshire West 

  DATE:       6th June 1962

Mr A M Crawley Conservative 12,455
Lt. Col. R Gardner-Thorpe Liberal 11,235
Mr J Dilks Labour 9,431
Mr R E Gregory Independent 1,433

Majority 1,220

Conservative hold



West Lothian

  DATE:       14th June 1962

Mr T Dalyell Labour 21,266
Mr W C Wolfe Scottish Nationalist 9,750
Mr W I Stewart Conservative 4,784
Mr D Bryce Liberal 4,537
Mr G McLennan Communist 1,511

Majority 11,516

Labour hold



Leicester North East

  DATE:       12th July 1962

Mr T G Bradley Labour 11,274
Mr D Bond Liberal 9,326
Mr R G Marlar Conservative 6,578

Majority 1,948

Labour hold




  DATE:       22nd November 1962

Mr D E Awdry Conservative 13,439
Hon. C W Layton Liberal 11,851
Mr R W Portus Labour 10,633
Mr K Jerrome Independent 260
Mr J P Naylor Independent 237
Mr M J A Smith Independent 88

Majority 1,588

Conservative hold



 Dorset South 

  DATE:       22nd November 1962

Mr N G Barnett Labour 13,783
Mr A E U Maude Conservative 13,079
Mr L I Norbury-Williams Liberal 8,910
Sir P K Debenham Anti-Common Market 5,057
Mr P Burn Independent 181
Mr M Fudge Independent 82
Mr J C O'Connor Independent 45

Majority 704

Labour gain from Conservative



 Glasgow Woodside 

  DATE:       22nd November 1962

Mr N G Carmichael Labour 8,303
Mr N M Glen Conservative 6,935
Mr J House Liberal 5,000
Mr A Niven Scottish Nationalist 2,562
Mr G A A Aldred Independent Socialist 134
Mr R Vallar Socialist Party of GB 83

Majority 1,368

Labour gain from Conservative



Norfolk Central

  DATE:       22nd November 1962

Mr I H J Gilmour Conservative & National Liberal 13,268
Mr G Bennett Labour 13,048
Mr G M Goode Liberal 7,915
Mr K Coleman Independent Liberal 909
Mr J Andrews Independent 79

Majority 220

Conservative & National Liberal hold



Northamptonshire South

  DATE:       22nd November 1962

Mr A A Jones Conservative 14,921
Mr I Wilde Labour 14,004
Mr N Picarda Liberal 7,002
Mr P Buchan Independent 332

Majority 917

Conservative hold