"Journey to the Darkside of the Mind"

Journey to the
Darkside of the Mind





Interview recorded June 9th 1999 outside Detroit.
Excerpts from the interview with Steve Farmer.

(From booklet contained in the CD)

Interviewer: The title 'Journey to the Center of the Mind', sounds like a drug induced adoration.

Steve Farmer: It sure does! (grin)

Int: The idea for "Journey to the Darkside of the Mind". How did this come about?

SF: It is based on my perception of psychedelia from the first "Journey...". However, on this version to the 'Darkside'...I wanted to create an experience of insightfulness of dark psychedelia through the human levels of travel through the mind.

Int: The story of 'Amboy Dukes'... their creation?

SF: There was this rivalry between the lords from Chicago, they wore renaissance style outfits and us the gang from the motor city we wore the black leather! Well one thing led to another and eventually we united and the "Amboy Dukes" were born!

Int: The Motor City and it's place in your music?

SF: Ah yes, Detroit, the music scene in Detroit created "Journey" to the center of the Mind" and it is my perspective on the Detroit music scene in the 80s and 90s that created my desire to do "Journey to the Darkside of the Mind"!

Int: The Amboy Dukes and the Psychedelic 60s?

SF: Oh yeah, gigs were great, Iggy, SRC, The Who ...Even the high schools were happening!

Int: Hendrix... You toured with Hendrix, what was that like?

SF: It was definitely an "experience"! (smiles)...You have to take into account the 60s drug culture, before and after the shows, playing support for Hendrix as the "Dukes" was a real....

(continued in booklet)


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