Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Lee Memorial

Lee Memorial is Karl Smith’s new band.

Lee Memorial is also the latest signing to Remote Control’s Dot Dash label, home of Wolf & Cub, New Buffalo, Snowman, St Helens and Ned Collette. Their debut album The Lives Of Lee Memorial will be released late March 2009.

Karl was one half of Sodastream, who were based first in Perth and then in Melbourne. Between 1999 and 2006 Sodastream:
- Released 4 albums, 5 EPs and a live recording
- Signed with Rough Trade US and Tugboat Records (part of Rough Trade UK)
- Toured Europe 7 times, as well as the USA and Japan
“Quite wonderful” said John Peel, “A blindingly beautiful beam of light” said the Sydney Morning Herald

Lee Memorial is named after a guesthouse in Kolkatta, India where Karl’s family used to stay when he was a child. (Karl lived in Bangladesh and India until he was thirteen).

With Lee Memorial Karl wanted to try something a bit different to Sodastream, to present his new songs with a full band.

Joining Karl in Lee Memorial for the debut album are:

- Laura MacFarlane, one time drummer with Sleater-Kinney and founder of Melbourne outfit Ninety Nine
- Tom Lyngcoln from Nation Blue plays lead guitar, a perversely appealing notion given the somewhat diametrically opposite sounds of the two bands
- Madeline Spawton who has no ragged pedigree, which in many ways is a good thing, but plays clarinet and cello which is exactly what Karl was looking for
- Matt Bailey (ex-Paradise Motel) plays bass (Matt has now departure to pursue his solo project, and Steve Thomas from Zond has taken over bass duties)

Lee Memorial is a band - and a band with genuine chemistry, more than evident by the fact that they recorded eleven of the album’s songs in four days.

The debut album The Lives of Lee Memorial will be released late March 2009 through Dot Dash.

Berlin is a hint of the treat in store [mp3]

They will be launching the single at Melbourne's The Tote on Friday 13th March, supported by St Helens and Lakes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

such a good album...
and such a good live show.
i saw them in Sydney at The Hopetoun Hotel on 13/6/09 and they were so great on stage, and so humble and kind to talk to...

June 16, 2009 11:03 AM  

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