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Puerto Rico Council, BSA

1997 Summer Calendar
Guajataka Camp
Puerto Rico Council, B.S.A.
June 8-14 First Week
June 15-21 Second Week
June 22-28 Third Week
June 29 July 5 Fourth Week
July 6-12 Fifth Week
July 13-19 Sixth Week - International Week
July 20-26 Seventh Week
July 27 August 2 Eigth Week


Where is Camp Guajataka?

Camp Guajataka is located In the Central Highlands of Puerto Rico between the municipalities of San Sebastián, Lares and Camuy. It's size is about 340 acres in total and borders Lake Guajataka in it's south and west sides.
How do I get to Camp Guajataka?
Camp Guajataka is located about 65 miles from San Juan. If you are arriving by plane, you would land at the Luis Muñoz Marín Intl. Airport and head west on PR toll road 22 until you arrive at the town of Arecibo. From there you would take the PR 129 exit and head south on PR 129 towards the town of Lares. On this highway you will take PR 455 and head west until you intersect PR 119 at which time you would turn north and follow this road for about 200 yards until you arrive at the Camp entrance to your right.
What is International Week?
International Week at Camp Guajataka is primarily reserved for stateside and international troops from out of Council. In-council troops can also attend but must first clear their attendance with the Camp Director.
What about meals?
Meals at Camp Guajataka are served in a buffet style cafeteria setting. The meals are prepared by excellent cooks and are hearty and nutritious. The menu is latin and the flavor is great.
Are there any sightseeing areas near camp?
The camp is sorrounded by many impressive landmarks. About 20 minutes away are the Camuy River Caverns which are considered to be an incredible world class natural wonder where the underground Camuy River has created and incredible mountain ecosystem. Also near camp you will find the Arecibo Observatory, Las Cascadas Water Park, great beaches in Aguadilla, and the Mayagüez Zoo.
What about cabins, tentage and sites?
Camp Guajataka has several tent sites with the standard BSA Lodge tent but due to the high humidity of the rain forest atmosphere that sorrounds the camp the mainstay are well aired hard roofed cabins. Resembling tropical barracks from the 1920's these cabins hold from 10-12 persons plus equipment, have electrical lighting, and can even hold a fan (if you bring one). Beds are standard top/bottom rack bunks and comfortable (if no one snores). There are four cabins per site and each site has it's own enclosed shower and toilet facilities. There are also shelters with picnic tables at each site.


This form is only for a tentative reservation of your unit's summer camp experience. It will be processed by the Council Service Center and you will have to call in and send your deposit, for this reservation to be confirmed, until then it is just tentative. All funds sent in for this reservation are applied to the total of your unit's summer camp fees.

The Camp Fees are:
$90.00 per scout
$60.00 per scout leader
(1 free leader per unit)

The required deposits per scout
and cabins are:
$10.00 per scout
$50.00 per cabin

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