FemaleFirst Exclusive Stephen Beard Interview

09-10-2007 09:01

Stephen Beard is about to beome a household name when MTV's new show Living On The Edge launches on 14th October.Based on the O.C and Laguna Beach and will follow a group wealthy teenagers from Alderly Edge as they go on holiday, drive expensive cars as well as deal with everyday teenage issues such as exams and insecurities.I caught up with Stephen when filming had finished to discuss how he got involved in the show and just how far relationships were pushed.
How did you get involved with the show?
Basically a few of the other cast who were members from my old school Manchester Grammar, people like Henry, Oz and Judders, I found out that they were doing the show and then basically I got a call asking whether or not I would like to do it.So I just thought that it would be a great opportunity to go back and see my old friends that I haven't seen for years. But MTV basically set it up with Lion Pictures and Lion Pictures obviously went round Wilmslow asking eighteen years old who they thought would come across all right.
And how keen were you to be a part of it?
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