If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these, taken by photographer Costas Kyriakides and reproduced here by kind permission of "Selides", Cyprus' leading weekly magazine, are a testament to the barbarism of the Turkish "peace-keepers" that the international community remains impartial to for the last twenty two years in Cyprus.

Follow the hooded executioner in the red circle as he homes in with clear and definite intent, raised baton brought down with force and precision on the neck of the surrounded and immobilised victim on the ground. After the bloody deed is done (above) he looks bewildered at the UN soldier who seems to have spoilt his fun. Try mastering the dignity required to admit that such incidents do not belong to the world order that humanity is striving for at the close of the twentieth century, at least not from an ally of the west and definitely not from an imminent member of the European Union.

Follow the red circled hood and try to look deep into the eyes of the uniformed men and others bending over the helpless body of the Greek Cypriot protesting for Justice and respect forHuman Rights. Ask yourselves whether you have witnessed such an exhibition of brutish and cruel behavior before - horrors of nazi Germany and South Africa's apartheid years- perhaps?

Look deep into those eyes and ask yourselves how many more years will such thugs be allowed to abuse your tolerance and apathy and how many more innocent deaths will it take till the resolutions adopted on Cyprus by the international community are implemented and end the tribulations of this island 's peoples?

Take another careful look at the circled neanderthal in green as he enforces the kind of peace that he has been delegated to uphold for the "civilised" man. He has been around since time immemorial, unchanged and unchallenged, expediting his primitive will throughout his blood-stained history with an equal vehemence and cruelty as he exhibited against the Armenians and Greeks of Asia Minor in the past and as that he is currently utilising unhindered against the Greek Cypriots and Kurds. Unless he is checked or reformed, he and his generals will continue to take the liberties that the world will allow. Perhaps he is already too large of a monster to contain.

"ecce homo!"
Dead from the noblest of aspirations
Dead by hands of the most ignoble