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1977 By Election Results




 City of London & Westminster South 

  DATE:       24th February 1977
  CAUSE:    Appointment of Chris Tugendhat to the European Commission.

Peter Brooke Conservative 11,962
Malcolm Noble Labour 3,997
Angus Scrimgeour Liberal 1,981
Paul Kavanagh National Front 1,051
Peter Mitchel Pro-Homosexual Civil Rights  449
Michael Lobb National Party 364
Dennis Delderfield New Britain 306
William Boaks Air Road Public Safety 61
William Thompson Christian Outreach, Anti-Porn. 43
Ralph Herbert Christian Constitution  37

Majority 7,965

Conservative hold

William Boaks stood as Air, Road, Public Safety, White Resident.
Thompson - Christian Outreach to Britain, Anti-Pornography.
Herbert - Christ, Crown, Country, Commonwealth, Christian Constitution.



 Birmingham Stechford 

  DATE:       31st March 1977
  CAUSE:    Appointment of Roy Jenkins as European Commission President. 

Andrew MacKay Conservative 15,731
Terence Davis Labour 13,782
Andrew Brons National Front 2,955
Graham Gopsill Liberal 2,901
Brian Heron International Marxist Group 494
Paul Foot Socialist Workers Party 377

Majority 1,949

Conservative gain from Labour




  DATE:       28th April 1977
  CAUSE:    Appointment of David Marquand as political adviser to Roy Jenkins

Timothy Smith Conservative 19,616
Michael Cowan Labour 19,352
Hampton Flint Liberal 4,380
George Herrod  National Front 1,734
June Hall Socialist Workers Party 453

Majority 264

Conservative gain from Labour




  DATE:       28th April 1977
  CAUSE:    Death of Mr Anthony Crosland.

Austin Mitchell Labour 21,890
Robert Blair Conservative 21,370
Andrew de Freitas Liberal 3,128
Michael Stanton Socialist Workers Party 215
Peter Bishop Sunshine Party 64
Max Nottingham Malcolm Muggeridge Fan Club 30

Majority 520

Labour hold



 Saffron Walden 

  DATE:       7th July 1977
  CAUSE:    Death of Sir Peter Kirk on 16th April 1977.

Alan Haselhurst Conservative 22,692
Andrew Phillips Liberal 10,255
Ben Stoneham Labour 5,948
Oliver Smedley All Party Anti-Common Market 1,818

Majority 12,437

Conservative hold



Birmingham Ladywood

  DATE:       18th August 1977
  CAUSE:    Resignation of Mr Brian Walden.

John Sever Labour 8,227
Quentin Davies Conservative 4,402
Anthony Reed-Herbert National Front 888
Kenneth Hardeman Liberal 765
Raghib Ahsan Socialist Unity 534
James Hunte Independent 336
Kim Gordon Socialist Workers Party 152
George Matthews Independent Conservative 71
Peter Courtney Reform Party 63
William Boaks Air Road Public Safety 46

Majority 3,825

Labour hold

William Boaks stood as Air, Road, Public Safety, White Resident.



 Bournemouth East 

  DATE:       24th November 1977
  CAUSE:    Resignation of Mr John Cordle.

David Atkinson Conservative 15,235
Joseph Goodwin Labour 3,684
Donald Matthew Liberal 3,212
John Pratt New Britain Party 1,127
Kenneth McKilliam National Front 725
William Boaks Democratic Monarchist  42

Majority 11,551

Conservative hold 

Boaks stood as Democratic Monarchist, Public Safety, White Resident.