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50+ Stunning CSS3 Articles, Cheat Sheets and Tutorials Collections

Wed, Aug 26, 2009


css 3 resources

CSS3 is introducing loads of new and exciting functions and features like text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image. It is expected that CSS3, once it is fully developed and supported, will leads to greater flexibility and make it simpler to create complex and dynamic visual effects. Even though it is not currently all the leading browsers that support new CSS3 features some of them has been introduced in latest versions of browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

It is time to start investigating CSS3 and get familiar with it but be aware that CSS3 features are not yet accessed directly in most browsers and in some it is not even implemented at all, ex. Internet Explorer. Firefox use a prefixed with -moz-, resulting in fx. -moz-box-sizing. Safari 3 / WebKit uses -webkit-box-sizing and Opera just accepts plain box-sizing. Coding CSS3 is therefore currently a bit irritating as you have to write the same code multiple times with different prefixes. Anyway playing with and understanding the opportunities that new features in CSS3 will offer is is worth the effort. In this article tripwire magazine provides a large collection of CSS3 resources, Cheat Sheets and Tutorials to get web designers started.

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30+ Essential Javascript Framework Supported Navigation Techniques

Wed, Jul 29, 2009


Navigation is key to any web site or blog. Good and user friendly navigation making it easy for your visitors to get around fast is simply one of the most elemental elements of web design and development. It is possible to create user-friendly horizontal or vertical navigation menus using CSS and there are hundreds of scripts and tutorials available online to learn this technique. By adding Javascript it possible to create more interactive, more dynamic and more flexible navigation but even if you find working with both CSS and Javascript pretty simple you’re facing the never ending browser compatibility issue. It is simply too hard for most web developers to create a dynamic navigation solution that is fit for purpose in all relevant browsers. The obvious approach to solving this issue is to use one of the very popular Javascript Frameworks as anyone else. jQuery, prototype (and script.aculo.us), Dojo and mootools are all free to use, very mature and commonly used and there are tons of brilliant scripts available for addressing your navigations needs. This article covers a wide range of Essential navigations scripts where most of them are supported by Javascript Frameworks.

By the way. tripwire magazine have provides several articles covering javascript frameworks that I will recommend you take a look at:

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Mega CSS Resource Roundup

Sat, Jul 25, 2009


Mega CSS Resource Roundup

In this article you will get access to one of the largest collections ever of CSS Tools, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets etc. You may have seen some of these before but here they are all put together

CSS is a key part of web design and it is really essential for web designers and developers to be comfortable with it. CSS is not too difficult to code and at the same time it is extremely powerful if you know how to master it. On the other hand getting started can be quite hard as you need to understand how CSS integrates with other web technologies and how the most fundamental parts work fx. CSS selectors.This article will give you techniques and tools enough to get started and to also to start using more advanced stuff. New to CSS? First thing you need to do is to pick a favourite cheat sheet and print it for quick reference. There are many details that can be hard to remember in the beginning and this is where cheat sheets comes in handy. Then dig into some of the Getting Started Resources to get yourself ready for the many really useful CSS Techniques found here.

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160+ Mega Web Design Tutorial Roundup

Sat, Jul 25, 2009



Designing websites is a creative process and it isn’t easy at all to get started if your don’t have the right ideas, inspiration and tools available. There are several different ways you can approach the design process and depending on what type of design task you’re facing some have pros and some have cons. If you’re designing a lot of pages for a complex application for a customer that requires to approve the usability and easy of use early an ongoing it may be a good idea to start with a mock-up (simple html page hierarchy with minimal design to start with). If on the other hand you’re designing a blog theme with a very sophisticated layout containing many textures and images it may be much better to start the design process in an application like Photoshop. This is the approach this article covers end to end by presenting you with more than 160 high quality Tutorial that guides you step by step in building up a web interface all the way from scratch. The article will take some time to download because of the many images!

Actually I don’t think that most people will have to be attend design courses or Photoshop training any more to learn the basics; most people can be self-taught thanks to the many generous experts willing to share their tricks in free online tutorials.

Once your design is finished you need to get it sliced up and converted into web markup. This is where it gets though for people that are not programmers and professional web designers. These articles may help you in that phase so check them out:

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35 Extremely Useful Free Online Tools for Web Developers and Designer

Tue, Jul 21, 2009


Creating Web Sites is not a simple task at all and the value of getting some help from useful online tools should not be underestimated. Creating web applications requires deep knowledge and experience with many different tools, techniques, standards etc. and it is hard for developers and designers to keep track.

The purpose of this article is to provide a one stop resource introducing Web Developers and Designer to the most important tools found online. The article provides a large collection if Extremely Useful Free Online Tools that for sure will make their work a bit easier. It is important as it will allow me to add it to the article making it even more complete. So far you will find color scheme inspiration, tools for working with icons, css, fonts, domains, even tools testing compliance with standards, testing load, browser support etc. Also you will find various code and Lorem Ipsum text generators etc.

What tools are you using to finish your work faster and with higher quality – please share your experience and favorites! If something important is missing I hope you will post it as a comment.

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30+ CSS and Web Site Design Showcase Sites any Designer MUST Know.

Sun, Jul 5, 2009


A really great source of inspiration is CSS Gallery and Web site design Repository sites. Looking at the successful work others created is one of the best ways to get ideas and kick start the creative process. This article provides a large compilation of web sites that specialize in collecting great web designs and making them easy to browse. All web sites are presented with screenshots and I hope you will easily find the sites that matches your needs. Get started with your creative journey with 30+ CSS and Web Site Design Showcase Sites any Designer MUST Know.

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150 Worth Knowing Web Developer Tools and Techniques

Sat, Jul 4, 2009


Creating state of the Art Web Development in reasonable time requires access to quality resources, tools and experience. You simply cant afford to start over from scratch all the time when everyone else is taking advantage of all the free goodies making advanced Web Development a easier.

This article combines tools, scripts, solutions that I have stumbled over over time and that I find worth knowing. You will find different types of Ajax scripts and tricks ready to use, menus, navigation and tabs, auto completion, form and button enhancements, table and grid aid, powerful stuff you can do with images windows and much more. Get started and boost your development with 125 worth knowing Web Developer Tools and Techniques.

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30 Essential Tools for Web Designers

Wed, Jul 1, 2009


For designers nothing can be more handy than effective and time saving tools supporting their creative process. Of cause dependant on the specific needs free web-based tools can significantly help you accomplish tasks such as color selecting, color palette, creating own and unique fonts, editing images, and testing typography.

In this article tripwire magazine presents 30 essential Tools that hopefully will be useful for most Designers.

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7 New Essential CSS 3 Techniques Revealed

Sun, Jun 28, 2009


There are several new and exciting functions and features being thought up for CSS3: text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image, etc…

This article presents 7 New CSS3 techniques that every web designer and developer should be aware of. CSS3 for sure will leads to greater flexibility and make effects that was previously complex and difficult to create much easier. Unfortunately it is not currently all the leading browsers that support CSS3. In some cases other techniques are available making our life easier while waiting for CSS3 to break through and these will be briefly covered as well.

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20+ CSS Data Visualization Techniques

Thu, Jun 25, 2009


In this article you will find more than 20 unique and worth knowing CSS Data Visualization Techniques. The techniques show in this article reallt takes CSS to a new level and even if you’re not going to visualize data you may get inspired from investigating them.

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