Ah, Sega Master System. the system i grew up on. My bro had one when i was a little kid and eventually sold it. Christmas 1999 my friend, C, got a sega on ebay for my x-mas gift. plus he gave me a whole lotta games, games that i always used to play.
Look, a map!
This is the first level. punch them blocks! if you punch that paticular little Question mark box, you  get chaised by a ghost, which is bad. but some question mark boxes have extra lives in them
mmm.......rice cake thing.
Alex in Miracle World: ah, a wonderful game. you go around punching things with your oversized fist (no stupid yoyos for alex) and you beat 3 of the major bosses my doing "rock, paper, sissors" cool, yes?  you don't get to save, but a good trick is: after you die, and the screen says game over, push the up button and press button 2 a whole bunch and if you have 400 credits you should be able to continue. to get money bags you punch the blocks that have stars on them. the only problem in this game is that the jump control is way weird and you often over-jump somthing and end up killing yourself. you also get to use motorcycles (shown) and helicoptors (not shown). it's a fun game. it used to be the game that S always played, but when C got my sega for me i started playing it. Go ALEX!
Motorcycles can crunch through blocks and go really fast. they are fun. don't go in the green stuff.
this is what happens when you die. you float up off the screen. he looks like a lace birdie.
I would like to apologize for the fact that the above discription sounds like it was written ether by or for 5 year olds.
Possibly the BEST game on the sega. it takes a long time to play, but it's ALL fun. it's your basic RPG game, you go around killing things, gaining hit points, magic points, and money. you get 3 compainions, whom you find at different points during gameplay, and you get to fly to other planets and go through REALLY hard caves and Dungeuns. it's a blast. this game is so addicting. i beat it twice. right after i beat it the first time i almost imediatly started playing from the beginning again. it's THAT fun. if you ever have a sega you HAVE to get this game
Here is just a small sampling of the monsters you get to kill in Phantasy Star
This is a fishman. i loved killing these.
man, i bet he got all the girlies.
This is a Crawler........yeah, it does look  very pahllic This is a zombie. the attacks looked exactly like this, only slower. it took for-fucking-ever to kill them, because they always took their sweet time.
For more Phantasy Star goodness go to Phantasystar.net i got the monster pics from there
this is a cool game. it's similar to stuff like legend of zelda, i think, and it's really fun (duh). you're this guy whose name is unimportant and you go through this land getting cool items and killing things. in each level you kill a big demon and then you get access to a new area. you get to do cool stuff llike, you get to buy these boots that let you walk on water, and later on you get to buy boots that let you walk over trees.  i guess you'll just have to play it to see how cool it is, I'm really bad at describing things...hmmmmm.....when you buy bibles, that means you can carry more money. just a note. hee hee, bibles....ok, this description has gone the wrong direction, i shutup now.
i like his expresion
Wonder Boy
the first in the great seris. in this one (from what i remember) you just run and jump over whatever is rolling towards you. i think you might get to jump ON some things to get stuff, but i really don't remember. oh, and you can jump and catch stuff too (i think) as you can tell, i never actually PLAYED this game. when S and i were kids, we always wanted our babysitter (katie?) to play it for us so we could watch. i wish whoever i babysat bullyed me into playing sega, that'd be fun. S might've learned to play this game as well, but I'm not sure. in one level, inside a volcan i think, if you got hit by lava you died, but beforee you died you turned all burn-colored, like a toast-boy. it was funny. although I'm sure it wouldn't be funny to burn victems.
Wonder Boy 2: wonder boy in monster land.
i never actually beat this game. sigh. i tried a bunch though. this was you're basic platform, kill things with swords, buy new swords, kill things quicker with new sword, catch the coin that flys out of your newly killed enemy game. doesn't it sound fun? it was, very fun indeed. i haven't played that game in so long....
Wonder Boy 3: the dragons trap
wonderful game this one is. you start out as a human, but after you kill each dragon (5 of them in all, i think) you change to a different being. a dragon, or a mouse, for instance. I've beaten this game a few times, only the most recent attempt has failed. i can't get past the second-to-last dragons level *sob* actually, i think what's more proof of my failure is that I'm sitting here typing about games you will probably never play. i bet you don't appreciate my effort. well, IT'S A GOOD GAME, DAMMIT!
there, showed you.
last and least.....
the most ghetto game on the planet?
perhaps. i played this when i got bored of all the other games. i like how it tells you what you just did, see in the picture? "kick" just in case you couldn't tell. this game took next to no talent or skill. basic game play: step one- approach opponant. step two- press them buttons, baby!
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