Single news broadcast, large markets: Newscenter 10 at 11, WCAU, Stephen Doerr, news director.

Single news broadcast, small markets: Fox 43 News at 10, WPMT, Jim De Pury, news director.

Spot news: "Quaker Lace Fire," WTXF, reporter-anchor Rich Noonan, reporter Dave Schratwieser, photographers Elliot Feinstein and Kevin Flatley.

General news/single report: (tie). "School Security: Are We Watching Our Kids?" KYW, Walt Hunter, reporter; "Wildwood Senior Week," KYW, Paul Moriarty, reporter.

Service news: "Can You Believe It?" KYW, reporter Paul Moriarty, producer Karen Teitelbaum.

Investigative journalism: "Target Violence: Reynolds Elementary School," WCAU, reporter-producer Andrew Glassman; photographer-producer Phil Houser.

Documentary program: "A.K.A. Judy Garland Park," WHYY, producer-director Glenn Holsten, associate producer Rich Baniewicz, director of photography John MacElhenney, executive producer Trudi Brown.

Live sports coverage-series: Philadelphia Phillies Baseball, WPHL, Ray Tipton, executive producer-director; Jon Agree, studio producer; Harry Kalas, announcer; Pete Toma, associate producer.

Live sports coverage-one time-only: "U.S. Pro Cycling Championships," WCAU, Dan Sitarski, program director; Al Meltzer, host; Mark Jordan, producer; Jim Malone, technical director.

Sports program, one-time only: "The Color of Our Game," WTAE, Philip Skender, producer-director.

Sports series: "Eagles Hour," WCAU, Mark Jordan, senior producer; Al Meltzer, host; Bill Carroll, producer; Burt Grossman, reporter.

Sports feature: "Little Big Men," WCAU, Mark Jordan, producer; Jeff Sydner, host; Mark McMillan, host.

Feature, single report: "The Truckers' Lament," KDKA, Dave Crawley, reporter.

Features, series: "Can You Believe It?," KYW, Paul Moriarty, reporter; Karen Teitelbaum, producer.

Health-and-science, single report: "Forever Young," WCAU, Cherie Bank, reporter; Lulu Laubenstein, producer; Fran Harty, editor.

Health-and-science, series: "Fire-Safe Jet Fuel," Inquirer News Tonight, Dan Fiorucci, producer-reporter.

Health-and-science program: "The Inside Story," WQED, David Gerber, producer-writer.

Talk program, one-time only: "Randall Cunningham's Celebrity Rap," WCAU, Mark Jordan, producer; John Johnson, editor.

Talk program-series: "State of the Arts," NJN, Amber Edwards, host- producer; Susan Wallner, producer; Nila Aronow, executive producer.

Magazine format: "Time Out," WCAU, Kathleen Quaid-Weisz, producer; John Bolaris, host.

Entertainment broadcast: "The Middle East Presents Happy Rhodes," Prism, Harold Gronenthal, producer; Lenny Piazza, producer; Robert J. Ayars, director.

Children's program, one-time only: "Kidside," WCAU, Eileen Matthews, writer-producer; Nick Satiritz, editor; Dan Sitarski, executive producer.

Children's program, series: "Fast Forward," WPVI, Tracey Washington- Bagley, producer; Steve Rogalinski, editor; Joel Schwartzberg, photographer.

Cultural program: "Stuff That's Gone," WQED, Rick Sebak, writer-producer; Allen Rosen, editor.

Live programming: "Airline Tragedy," KDKA, news director Sue McInerney, producer Chris Jadick.

Public-affairs program: "An Uncommon Vision," Teleduction Associates, Sharon K. Baker, director-producer.

Public-affairs series: "Children First," WPVI, Tracey Washington-Bagley, producer; Steve Rogalinski, editor; Joel Schwartzberg, photographer.

Reporter: Paul Moriarty, KYW.

Host: Steve Adubato, Rutgers University/NJN.

Sports reporter: Burt Grossman, WCAU.

Sports play-by-play: Marc S. Zumoff, Prism.

Weathercaster: Frank J. Cariello, WTXF.

Writer-news: Dick Hoxworth, WGAL.

Writer-programming: Rick Sebak, WQED.

Director: Michael Angelo Di Lauro, NJN.

Producer-news: Richard Scott, KYW.

Camera-news: David Korstate, KDKA.

Camera-programming: Mark Fallone, WTAE.

Editor-news: (tie) Thomas R. Magill, KYW; David Sauls, Inquirer News Tonight.

Editor-programming: John C. Johnson, WCAU.

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