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A. The League shall be the smallest unit of organization and shall be governed by those active in the program which make up Managing Personnel, such as officers, executive committees, team managers, volunteer umpires, sponsors, and player agents, serving as the volunteer operating personnel.

B. A league shall be composed of no less than 36 players and no more than 90 players (this number does not include 8 yr. olds), depending upon conditions within a particular community. Each team shall play a regular schedule of games and a total of not less than 12 nor more than 25 for the season.

C. Small nearby towns unable to field a league within their own territory limits shall be permitted to form leagues provided the combined population does not exceed 15,000.

Exception: The Commissioner shall be empowered to make exceptions for justifiable reasons to the population limit as stated above. Exceptions, however, shall be on file at the Commissioner's office prior to the beginning of the local league season.

D. No new league shall be franchised 'in the territory of an existing league or leagues without the written approval of the existing league or leagues.

Organizations franchised with TEE BALL BASEBALL the previous year shall always have first refusal of franchising in succeeding years except as noted below.

Exception: Under certain circumstances the renewal of a franchise may be denied if it is the opinion of the National Committee members and the Commissioner that it is for the best interest of TEE BALL BASEBALL. A full statement as to the reasons for rejecting franchise renewal must be given to the league in question and a copy of said statement must be on file in the Commissioner's office.

E. Tee Ball Leagues franchised by Tee Ball Baseball may not participate in any tournaments not sanctioned by Tee Ball Baseball prior to the Tee Ball World Series and Five & Six Year Old Tournaments.

Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of Tee Ball World Series and Five & Six Year Old Tournament privileges.


A. A team shall consist of no more than fifteen (15) players (thirteen (13) is recommended) whose ages are five (5), six (6). or seven (7) years. If the 5's, 6's, and 7's are all playing together, the 7's are to be placed evenly among the teams before the 5's and 6's are placed. Five-year-olds may play in a separate program, but must be counted as part of the 90 players that make up a league. No league of only 5 and/or 6-year-olds will be eligible for a TEE BALL BASEBALL Franchise unless there are no 7-year-olds in the community or league boundary limits available.

NOTE: 8-year-olds may play at the local league's discretion, but will not be eligible for tournament play.

Players shall be registered with the League President prior to the first regularly scheduled game of the league season. Team membership shall not be in conflict with the Rules and By-Laws of TEE BALL BASEBALL.

B. The local TEE BALL teams shall not consist of more than 15 players. No more than 90 players may be assigned to one league. If more than 90 are registered, (not including 8 yr. olds) two leagues would have to be formed, which would mean two all-star teams instead of one. In the case of two leagues or more, the 5-year-olds are to be evenly divided among the different leagues.

C. League age is that age attained by a player prior to August 1 of the season in question.

D. A team shall have one manager and one coach assigned to it before the selection of players is made. After this, other coaches may be added.

1. On Offense - One coach may assist the batter from the batter coach's box, one may coach at 1st, and one at 3rd. Others must stay in the dugout with the players.

Coaches may not physically assist a baserunner.

PENALTY: Runner is out.

2. On Defense - One coach may stay in a coach's lane in front of the dugout, one may assist players from the outfield or from outside the playing area fence, and the remainder must stay in the dugout.

E. League officials may adapt their own rules in regard to the replacement of players on team roster.

NOTE: League officials shall not allow managers to drop players from their rosters without cause regardless of the playing ability of the player. Reasons for the replacement of players shall include moving out of a community, sickness or injury, disciplinary measures, failure of the player to attend practice or games, and safety precautions. The reasons for replacement of players shall be included in a written statement by the team manager filed with league officials.


A. Anyone whose eighth birthday falls on or after August 1 of the current calendar year shall be eligible to compete in and complete the current TEE BALL season and compete in tournament competition.

B. Dates of birth of players shall be certified by birth or baptismal certificate or other legally accepted proof of age to a designated league official prior to the league's first regularly scheduled game. All birth and baptismal records shall be signed. A photostatic copy shall be acceptable if signed by proper authorities as a true copy of the birth record.


A. Each league shall determine its own method for the selection of players for team rosters. However, any system used shall be under the direction of a player agent who shall see that all teams have equal opportunity in the selection of players.

B. Those who do not register in time to participate in the player selection system shall be ineligible, with these exceptions -- any who were sick or injured or any who became new permanent residents of the community after the selection. Those who were sick or injured shall have their disabilities confirmed by a physician's notarized affidavit. A new resident arriving after the selection may be assigned to a team provided all managers of teams participating in the player pool and the League President approve the assignment. Managers shall not drop a player from their rosters in order to sign a new player.

NOTE: Once a player is officially registered with a league, he must play the remainder of his TEE BALL years with that league unless he is officially released by the league he is registered with.

Players may not play in another TEE BALL franchised program without an official release. This release must be dated in the present calendar year and signed by the present President of the Park the player is being released from.

PENALTY: Loss of tournament eligibility for the player illegally picked up and legitimate grounds for protest in local league games. This offense can also be grounds for loss of tournament eligibility for the local league involved. Anyone who registers or tries to register with a league and is not accepted or who is not assigned to a team after being registered, shall have the right of applying in any other TEE BALL BASEBALL league. Those thus affected will be required to secure the written release of the league which they first approached and they will be obligated to play with the league that accepts them for the remainder of their eligible years unless allowed to transfer under proper TEE BALL BASEBALL regulations.


All leagues participating in tournament play shall file a roster of players and managers and coaches of each team in the league with the Commissioner of TEE BALL BASEBALL on or before June 1 of the current year. The registration on the official registration forms shall include the full name of the player, his date of birth, and residence in detail.

PENALTY: Loss of tournament eligibility for any player and/or manager or coach not registered.

NOTE: Should there be changes to these rosters, the Commissioner must be notified in writing of the change.


A. All teams shall play a schedule of not fewer than fifteen (15) games nor more than twenty-five (25) games exclusive of championship games.

B. Two or more leagues shall be permitted to play an interlocking schedule of games, but all such games shall count in the won and lost column of each league.

C. Games may be scheduled at night.

D. Exhibition games shall be permitted. Permission for exhibition games must be secured from the League President or his delegated authority.

E. It is recommended that each team play a schedule of two games per week.

F. No games shall be considered official by TEE BALL BASEBALL until a league fully complies with franchise renewal requirements such as payment of annual fees, completion of forms, etc.


A. A team failing to field at least nine (9) players within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled game time shall forfeit the game. The score shall be entered in the records at 6-0 in favor of the winning team. The game shall be played after a forfeit is declared in Local League play if at least 18 total players are present as the primary purpose in the Local League is participation.

B. The playing of ineligible players may result in forfeiture of games in which the players participated illegally if protested by any of the league managers.

NOTE: Read Rule 3.21.


A. TEE BALL BASEBALL teams shall be sponsored only by organizations whose activities or products are not detrimental to the welfare of youth.

B. No firm or company whose advertising reflects the sale or use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products shall be permitted as a sponsor of the TEE BALL BASEBALL program, either locally or nationally, and shall not be permitted to display any form of such advertising in connection with the program.


A. TEE BALL BASEBALL recommends that no admission be charged at local league games. A free-will collection may be taken up at each game.

B. Admission shall be charged at the TEE BALL World Series and other post season tournaments. Proceeds shall be used to defray expenses of the tournament and for promotion of TEE BALL BASEBALL.


A. Members of one team shall not ride, kid, heckle, poke fun at, or in any other manner do anything that in the opinion of the umpire distracts the opposing team. This does not include normal baseball chatter unless words like "batter" or the like are included.

PENALTY: Removal of the guilty player, players, and/or coach or manager from the game and from the dugout after one (1) warning by the umpire.

B. The umpire shall be empowered to call a baserunner out or safe for an act either by him or by a fielder that in the opinion of the umpire is unsportsmanlike conduct.


Pre-TEE BALL BASEBALL is a program for 4 and 5-year-olds that are basically too young and/or immature for the regular TEE BALL program.

RULES: TEE BALL BASEBALL rules are modified to fit this age group. Copies of these rules are available upon request at $.25 per copy. (No charge to leagues franchised by TEE BALL BASEBALL.)

THE PLAYING FIELD: The outfield may be any distance between 60' and 75'. The baselines are 30' and the pitcher's circle has a radius of 2 ½' and its center is 35' from the point of home plate (batting tee). A foul strike arc from baseline to baseline in front of homeplate has a radius of 5'.

Write TEE BALL BASEBALL for rules or additional information.


Pro-TEE BALL BASEBALL is a program for 5 and/or 6-year-olds that are basically too young and/or immature for the regular TEE BALL program.


THE PLAYING FIELD: Same as TEE BALL BASEBALL except that the outfield fence is between 75' and 100' from homeplate.

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