"Welcome to our

filled with ghosts and devils!
A pinball sort of Haunted House with 3 challenging levels.
Downstairs lurks the cellar deep, the attic is on top,
in between the main floor waits with trap doors set to drop.
We've been waiting for your visit to our pinball home,
Come inside - but please be warned - you'd best not play alone."

  • Manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co.
  • Game # 669, Sytsem 80 Series
  • Released: January 1982
  • Production run: 6'835
  • Design: John Osbourne
  • Artwork: Terry Doerzaph & Rich Tracy
  • Programming: Allen Edwall
  • Theme: A spooky Haunted House!
  • IPDB Entry: 1133

Haunted House is an iconic pinball game. With its industry first of 3 playfields and an array of 8 flippers it's already staking "most of" claims but there's much more to its appeal than this. The magic is the inspired combination of the fabulous artwork and organ music, and of the inter-connection between the 3 playfields utilising some simple but stunningly effective means, that are all so perfectly matched to the game's theme. It is not then so much a pinball game with the theme of a haunted house, but rather a haunted house in the guise of a pinball machine!

Haunted House has been called the perfect pinball package in some quarters, although it is often criticised for the lack of both speech and multi-ball, and for waning interest in it's gameplay after a while. The ball can only be lost from the main playfield, as the ball draining on the attic or cellar playfields will always be returned to another playfield for play to continue. (Bach's Toccata & Fugue is the famous refrain when the ball is on the main playfield, and the Game Over tune) and wonderfully clich├ęd graphics really do make the game an outstanding package though, and it is no surprise that Haunted House is so sought after and, consequently, so highly priced.

Criticisms levelled at Haunted House are the lack of both speech and multi-ball. The 3 playfield levels however, coupled with the organ music

For the trivia fans: Haunted House is one of 3 System 80 pins in the spoilt rich kid's playroom in the 1982 movie "The Toy", starring Richard Pryor (the 2 other pins are Volcano and Mars God of War). Both Haunted House and the Amazing Spider-man share the same spider-web design drop-targets.

Haunted House is one of 7 Gottlieb pins recreated on Microsoft's "Pinball Arcade". The game's graphics and sounds are faithfully reproduced and it gives a great idea of game play. Download the free demo version!