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1950 By Election Results


Sheffield Neepsend

  DATE:       5th April 1950

Rt. Hon. Sir F Soskice Labour 22,080
Lt. Col. J P Hunt Conservative 8,365
Mr E L Moore Communist 729

Majority 13,715

Labour hold



Dumbartonshire West

  DATE:       25th April 1950

Mr T Steele Labour 20,367
Cmdr. R A Allan Conservative 20,074

Majority 293

Labour hold



Brighouse & Spenborough

  DATE:       4th May 1950

Mr L J Edwards Labour 24,004
Maj. W E Woolley National Liberal 23,567

Majority 437

Labour hold



Leicester North East

  DATE:       28th September 1950

Mr A L Upgoed-Thomas Labour 18,777
Mr H A Taylor Conservative 13,642

Majority 5,135

Labour hold



Glasgow Scotstoun

  DATE:       25th October 1950

Mr J R H Hutchinson Conservative 18,494
Mr W Bargh Labour & Co-op 17,175
Mr D W Gibson I.L.P 680

Majority 1,319

Conservative hold




  DATE:       2nd November 1950

Mr H F L Turner Conservative 27,583
Mr S K Lewis Labour 20,385

Majority 7,198

Conservative hold



Birmingham Handsworth

  DATE:       16th November 1950

Sir E C G Boyle Conservative 22,083
Mr C R Bence Labour 13,852
Mr S W Keatley Independent 453

Majority 8,231

Conservative hold



Belfast West

  DATE:       29th November 1950

Mr T L Teevan Ulster Unionist 31,796
Mr J Beattie Irish Labour 30,883

Majority 913

Ulster Unionist hold



Bristol South East

  DATE:       30th November 1950

Hon. A N W Benn Labour 19,367
Hon. J L Lindsay Conservative 12,018
Mrs D M Gorsky Liberal 2,752

Majority 7,349

Labour hold



Monmouthshire - Abertillery

  DATE:       30th November 1950

Rev. L Williams Labour 24,622
Mr R B Body Conservative 3,839

Majority 20,783

Labour hold